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Save The Crab!

Save The Crab!.  Folks — No need to get worried here, they just want “flexibility!”  Whatever could be wrong with that?  NCSU has offered ‘assurances” on development of Hofmann Forest after the sale, so there’s nothing to worry about there either.  Just be good lemmings, big brother knows what’s best!

We are at risk of losing our park!  RDU Airport Authority has chosen NOT to renew the lease for the majority of Lake Crabtree County Park land to Wake County Parks & Recreation.  More specifically, for the section where the multi-use trail reside, which constitute about 82% of what we know as Lake Crabtree County Park today.  Under the management of Wake County – Parks and Recreation, with collaboration of TORC (Triangle Off-Road Cyclist), this lease has allowed us to build and maintain a network of trails for recreational use.  Until December 2013, the lease had been normally renewed every 5 years.

RDU Airport Authority recently hired the Urban Land Institute (ULI), an organization based out of Washington DC, to conduct a study and formulate a plan for the development of RDU’s land.


More Public Land at Risk- This Time Lake Crabtree

RDU eases worries about Lake Crabtree park takeover :: WRAL.comAirport spokeswoman Mindy Hamlin said the airport opted to let the lease lapse to negotiate a shorter term to give them flexibility.

Don’t worry! What is happening to Hoffman Forest “for the students” won’t happen at lake Crabtree.  They don’t want to sell it, they just want more flexibility!  The trails will just end up with more obstacles and hurdles, like roads and fences.  It’ll be fine!  Trust them.  Just like we can trust NCSU’s “assurances” on development of Hofmann Forest after the sale.  Don’t worry, be euphemistically happy!