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Registering gets you on our E-mail List and allows you to Comment on articles. Unfortunately, we had to drop the “anyone can register” policy.  Too many hackers/spammers/whatever have figured out how to trick the system and register numerous bogus names and addresses.  Why?  Who knows?

To Register, please use the Contact Form below.  Copy and paste “Please Register me for the Waterway Stewards US website and put me on the E-mail List.” into the form.  We’ll add you manually.  If you want just one or the other, let us know in the form.  Because this is a manual process now,  it may take a few days before you will actually be registered and can post a Comment.  Comments are moderated.


E-mails are relatively infrequent and will be less frequent with Elmer’s passing.  If you want to receive e-mail from us, please give us an address that won’t consider us spammers.  Also, if you are using spam protection, please pre-approve [any e-mail address]  You can unsubscribe from e-mail as described below.  You can still login and Comment even if you unsubscribe from the E-mail List.

If you are receiving e-mails from us, you have either Registered on this site or requested to be put on our E-mail List (or so we thought).    If you want to unsubscribe, just reply to one of the messages with “Unsubscribe from Waterway Stewards E-mail List” in the body or subject line or let us know through the form below.

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We’ll do our best to keep your information private.  We do not share or sell your name or contact information(1).  We do not track visitors except to keep up with numbers of unique visitors and frequency of use.  We only do that so we can better understand our audience and hopefully provide more of what you want.

(1) In 2011, we did share our e-mail list with the White Oak-New Riverkeeper Alliance, with which Elmer considered merging, but the merger did not happen. All e-mail subscribers shared with the White Oak-New Riverkeeper Alliance were given the option to opt out of e-mails at that time. This author (John) was briefly on the Board of the White Oak-New Riverkeeper Alliance, and greatly appreciates and applauds their complimentary efforts.


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