Reduce Litter

Steps to Reduce Litter:

Increase Awareness

Many people never see the problem or think they contribute.  This is true of many decision and policy makers who never go to the end of dirt roads in our National Forests, paddle litter ridden streams, or participate in roadside clean-ups.  We are trying to increase awareness among all groups.  Let us hear your story!

Eliminate the Incentive

“Pay as You Dump” programs equate to “Litter and You Don’t Have to Pay.” Government entities promote  “Pay as You Dump” as a means to reduce the amount of trash reaching landfills.   As with so many well-intentioned programs, there are unintended consequences.  We agree, “Pay as You Dump” will reduce the amount of trash getting to our landfills.  The unfortunate truth is that it ends up along our roads, in our forests, and in our rivers instead.   “Pay as You Dump” can only hurt litter prevention efforts.

Create an Incentive to Clean-up

For some, the incentive of enjoying a clean road, stream, or river is incentive enough to clean-up these areas.  If we were to establish a deposit on all glass, metal, and plastic containers,  we’d have a lot more Stewards at work!


Clean and Clear Waterways for All!