Elmer envisioned the Waterway Stewards as an informal group dedicated to bringing our Waterways to a trash-free condition and keeping them there.  He knew he couldn’t do it alone, so he sought to engage and inspire others to his cause.  However, he recognized picking up trash alone is not enough.

Prevention is the key.  If people are aware of  litter, they are less likely to litter.  As such, we advocate increasing awareness of littering, try to involve citizens in clean-up, and educate our young people.  The message is simple, if nobody litters, there won’t be any litter. Please do your part!

As time passes, our mission has evolved.  Elmer was the active paddler and trip planner.  Now that he has passed, our efforts are more focused on water quality and habitat protection.   We seek to partner with others to fulfill this mission.  And yes, we do still pick up litter!


Clean and Clear Waterways for All!