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Elmer Eddy (third from right) started Waterway Stewards to build on the success of the Stewards of the White Oak River Basin, which he also founded.  His goal was to clean waterways while paddling for fun.   Waterway Stewards has all the web site content previously on the Stewards of the White Oak River Basin web site.  Now that Elmer has passed on, his family is trying to keep his vision alive.  

John Eddy, Elmer’s son, has stayed behind the scenes on Stewards of the White Oak River Basin and Waterway Stewards, mainly helping with Elmer with website development and maintaining the e-mail list, until Elmer’s passing.  A key event that brought John into a more active role is the sale of Hofmann Forest by The NSCU Endowment Fund.  Long practicing in Geotechnical and Water Resources Engineering, John recognizes the importance and potential consequences of this sale to the entire central North Carolina Coastal Region and could not stand back and let it pass without a challenge.

So with Elmer’s passing, a new chapter begins, one which he approved  and encouraged.  We’re not giving up on Elmer’s vision and efforts.  We are expanding it to include a wider range of Stewardship, one that includes a wider perception of  Stewardship, particularly that of Water Quality on a watershed basis.

Participation by all is welcome and appreciated.  Whether you are new to Waterway Stewards or have been a long-time Steward, we hope you will help in the continued endeavors of  Waterway Stewards!  Thanks!

Please see the Waterway Stewards main page for current events.

The following is a little more about us and how Elmer got it all started!

You can see and hear Elmer in the following video:

Purposeful Paddlers — The Waterway Stewards Story

Now that Elmer is no longer with us, we encourage you to help keep this content current and available for all by contributing your stories and photos.

We would also appreciate donations to help defray the cost of website maintenance.  For more than a decade, Elmer has paid for this website hosting with no ads or tracking (except to keep up with numbers of visitors).  We now need donations to continue this website and the continued work of Waterway Stewards.  Many thanks to those individuals and organizations already having made donations!

Donations to WATERWAYSTEWARDS US can be  mailed to 205 Spann Rd., Trenton, NC  28585.  Thanks!


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