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Elmer Eddy (third from right) started Waterway Stewards to build on the success of the Stewards of the White Oak River Basin, which he also founded.  His goal was to clean waterways while paddling for fun.   Waterway Stewards has all the web site content previously on the Stewards of the White Oak River Basin web site.  Now that Elmer has passed on, his family and others are trying to keep his vision alive.  

elmer waving

Please see the Waterway Stewards main page for current events.

The following is a little more about us and how Elmer got it all started! You can see and hear Elmer in the following video:

Purposeful Paddlers — The Waterway Stewards Story

Now that Elmer is no longer with us, we encourage you to help keep dream alive by cleaning a waterway near you!



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