Are there carnivorous plants in Hofmann Forest?  It stands to reason that because carnivorous plants are known to exist  near Hofmann Forest (personal observations of Jessica Hult, Steve Malay, and John Eddy), there are probably populations in areas of similar habitat within Hofmann Forest!  Development of Hofmann Forest as depicted in the Hofmann LLC Prospectus, may endanger such populations.  This is but one of the many reasons an Environmental Assessment needs to be performed prior to this sale of public land!

Here are some photos of nearby carnivorous plants, Venus Flytraps, Pitcher Plants, and Sundews, courtesy of Jessica Hult and Steve Malay (IWLA). Location info has been intentionally removed to protect the plants!

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Jessica Hult adds:

The NC Museum of Natural Sciences is well aware of the presence of carnivorous plants in Holly Shelter, even hosting Carnivorous plant walks— & even this year– 

That places these plants to the east and southwest of Hofmann.  Very convincing evidence that they would exist within Hofmann, too.

Please help us Save Hofmann Forest and the important habitat it provides!