Trail gets a ‘run-by’ clean

See the article by Brad Rich in the April 16 edition of the Tideland News.

Thanks Daniel! We’ll do a much better job promoting next year!!!


Elmer Eddy was a local guy who loved the White Oak River and showed it, he used to canoe and kayak up and down the river and tributaries picking up trash. He picked up trash in the White Oak until he was 91 years old. When he first started, it took him and a few others about a year to get the river to a point that it wasn’t a trash dump. This group has grown and they are known as the Waterway Stewards and I’m proud to say I’m in an alliance with them. I hate trash in our woods and water! SOOO to bring awareness to Elmer’s Cause!!!! on April 5th at 10 am, I will run/jog/hike/walk/crawl until 10 am April 6th near Haywood and Long Point Landing picking up trash. If you would like to join me, this will be a free event, but I will make personally engraved Machete’s for anyone who does 6, 12, 18, or 24 hours and donates $20.00  to the White Oak-New RiverKeeper Alliance. I will list it as a free race online. It will be a GPS Tracked run, meaning we will count mileage via GPS so think about backup batteries. I will have tents, generator or way to charge backup batteries, camping is allowed at Long Point Landing so we will base camp there. GET PEOPLE TO SPONSOR you by mile say .10 cents or a 1.00 a mile and donate the money to the Waterway Stewards. The money will be used to put some signs along the Weetok Trail. Any questions? Email me! [masked] Aluminum I collect will be sold and the proceeds will be donated to the Waterway Stewards. If you would like to just make a donation contact me but I won’t personally take anyone’s money. IT WOULD ALSO BE NICE TO HAVE SOME CREW MEMBERS FOR ME OR OTHERS WHO DO THE WHOLE THING. You could volunteer to do a block of time.



Ron Sutherland’s News Summary on Hofmann to Date

Hi folks,

I’ve compiled all of the media stories that I could find that have focused on the sale of Hofmann Forest – see attached and pasted below. I emailed this today to the NCSU Faculty Senate, we’re still hoping they will pass a resolution opposing the sale.

We haven’t left anything out intentionally, so if you find something missing, please let me know. There have been a few stories that were picked up by the Associated Press and carried nationwide, we have not attempted to track them all down, as the articles were based off of reporting by the News and Observer.

The most recent press coverage appears in today’s Jacksonville Daily News:

By my count, the totals include:
10 newspaper editorials against the sale
0 newspaper editorials for the sale
35 op-eds and letters to the editor against the sale
3 op-eds and letters to the editor for the sale (2 by former CNR Dean Bob Brown, 1 by current CNR Dean Watzin and Chancellor Woodson)

Organized by source: print, TV, and radio

News and Observer (Raleigh/Statewide NC paper):

News Articles

Editorials against sale

Op-eds and letters against sale

Op-eds and letters for sale

Misc/neutral op-eds and letters:

Charlotte Observer

 News Articles (same stories that were in the News and Observer)  4/2/2014  4/1/2014  10/29/2013  1/27/2013


Indyweek (Triangle alternative weekly paper)


News Articles: 2/6/2013

Op-eds and letters against sale:  2/20/2013

Technician (NCSU Student Newspaper):

News Articles:  2/3/14  1/30/14  1/28/14  12/5/13  11/21/13  11/20/13  11/19/13  11/18/13  11/15/13  11/13/13   10/30/13  10/4/13  7/11/13  5/23/13

Editorials against sale: 4/1/2014 (=endorsement of Student Senate President candidate, for his opposition to Hofmann sale)  11/20/13   11/19/13  7/16/13

Op-eds and letters against sale:  4/9/14  3/3/14  2/27/14  12/5/13   11/25/13  11/24/13  11/22/13  11/22/13  11/22/13  11/20/13  11/12/13  3/13/13

Neutral/misc letters:  11/8/13

Jacksonville Daily News (paper in Jacksonville, near Hofmann Forest, home of Camp Lejeune Marine Base):


News Articles

4/13/2014  4/2/2014 3/19/2014  3/5/2014  1/1/2014  11/25/2013  11/15/2013  11/15/2013  11/14/2013

10/29/2013  5/4/2013  3/22/2013  3/20/2013  3/17/2013  1/23/2013


Op-eds/letters against the sale: 4/11/2014

2/13/2014 2/3/2014  1/25/2013

Coastal Review Online (= news from NC Coastal Federation)

News Articles 4/2014 2/5/2014

Tidelands News

News Articles 3/13/2014 11/20/2014

Wall Street Journal 10/31/2013

WRAL (TV)  11/23/2013  11/17/2013  11/14/2013  11/14/2013  11/8/2013  11/8/2013  10/30/2013  9/28/2013  5/6/2013


WCTI (TV):  11/24/2013  11/15/2013  11/15/2013      1/30/2013  1/30/2013  1/28/2013

WITN (TV)–246254771.html  2/20/2014

WNCN (TV)  12/6/2013  11/24/2013  10/30/2013

WTVD/ABC11 (TV)  12/6/2013

Triangle News14 (Cable TV, may need subscription)  12/6/2013  11/25/2013  11/15/2013  10/31/2013  3/22/2013

WUNC Radio  11/15/2013   7/17/2013  3/14/2013

Public Radio East  4/7/2014

Thank you for your consideration, and I appreciate your leadership on this important issue.

Sincerely, —
Ron Sutherland, Ph.D.
Conservation Scientist
Wildlands Network
919-401-7271 w 919-641-0060 c


Elmer Eddy 24 Hour Run/Walk and Cleanup

Elmer Eddy 24 Hour Run/Walk and cleanup 

A Dedication to Elmer Eddy and all Waterway Stewards!! 

Start: 10 am Saturday April 5th 
Finish: 10 am Sunday April 6th

Daniel Baumgardner will run/walk cleaning up several forest roads and White Oak River landing areas near Haywood landing, as well as part of highway 58 and numerous fields in the Croatan for 24 hours straight. His journey is memorial/dedication to Elmer Eddy and all Waterway Stewards.

He also needs help with the cleanup and pacers for his 24 hour trek! As the night goes on he will be very tired and having someone dedicated to his safety during those hours is crucial. You can even ride a bike while he walks/runs. We are looking for volunteers for pacing from 8pm to 11pm, 11-1am, 1-3, 3-5, 5-7, 7-10 and volunteers for sorting trash and logging other runners miles as well. 

If you'd like to sign up or donate to the race go to:

Proceeds will benefit the Weetock Trail and the 

RSVP Daniel at dbrunzs@gmail or call him at 910 545 1481

Thanks Daniel!

Letter to Onslow County Commissioners

As an Onslow County property owner (302 N. Plantation Ln., Swansboro), I would like to thank all Commissioners who supported County of Onslow RESOLUTION 13-005 SUPPORTING THE PRESERVATION OF HOFMANN FOREST.  I am also one of the five co-plaintiffs in the case against the NCSU Endowment Fund opposing the sale, now under appeal.

Public knowledge and opposition to this sale is growing and I urge you to continue to support the preservation of Hofmann Forest and encourage the growing opposition.   Please consider another Resolution or other action in concert with an open letter recently drafted by a wide coalition of groups.  The open letter:

We the undersigned organizations are united by our insistence that NC State University’s Hofmann Forest be permanently conserved as a publicly-owned forest.

We affirm the world-class value of Hofmann for endowing the faculty and students of NC State University with an unparalleled outdoor laboratory for research, education, and demonstration projects related to forestry, wildlife conservation, ecological restoration, recreation, and other natural resource fields. We also recognize the extreme importance of this 79,000-acre tract for maintaining the water quality of the Trent, New, and White Oak Rivers, and for providing abundant groundwater recharge to the Castle Hayne Aquifer. And we acknowledge the significance of Hofmann Forest for providing abundant core habitat for black bears and other wildlife species, and for serving as a critical linkage to additional conservation areas up and down the coastal plain.

Rather than sell the forest outright to a private buyer for short-term financial gain, NC State University should instead immediately pursue selling a permanent forest conservation easement on the entire tract. This easement should protect all 79,000 acres from conversion to other land uses, and should open up large portions of the forest to the general public for a range of outdoor recreational pursuits, so that all North Carolinians will have the opportunity to explore and appreciate Hofmann Forest in the years ahead.


Dogwood Alliance
Wake Audubon
Environment NC
Croatan Group of the Sierra Club
Wild South
Waterway Stewards US
NC Conservation Network
Center for Biological Diversity
Wildlands Network

Thank you for your consideration.  My co-plaintiffs and I would welcome the opportunity to address this issue and its importance if given the opportunity at an up-coming meeting.  We would also be glad to discuss this on an individual basis, too,  if you have any questions.


John L. Eddy, MS, PE
Trenton, NC