Recreating Some Content

As many of you know, my dad was not at his best when sitting in front of a computer.  He lost files, unintentionally deleted them, created links that would not be permanent, etc.

I’m finally getting around to recreating some missing content, primarily photos.  Here’s the first:

2006-05-04 White River, Quarry Lakes to Haywood Landing

The photos had to be scanned.  The digital copies were lost and the links posted were no longer valid.  The photos are in a large .pdf file (2006-05-05 maysville to haywood landing 01222014).  This particular restoration was selected because it was also the same trip Joanne Somerday and the Twin Rivers paddle Club arranged as a Tribute Paddle for my dad.

Lot of things have changed from May 2006 to August 2013.  Please drop me a note and/or comment on what you notice.