Trip Planned: 2013 -03-21 and 22, this Thursday and Friday Trent River, Jones County, Middle Road to Trenton at Wildlife

Here is a report of our trip in the year 2009 on this section of the Trent:

2009-12-16 Trent River

We did it one day but we had fast high water at 8.5 feet on the gauge.

Now the gauge is just above 4 feet. We plan to take two days to do it now.  We just did it it by motor boaters this Sunday and thanks to them we will not have all this trash to pick up!

Jimmy Ddroze cut 8 foot openings through the blown trees. Should de be an enjoyable two days of paddling with spring busting out all over. The weather for both days is sunny and in the high fifties.

Donnie Brown, my driver, and I will  meet you all at the put-in at Middle Road at 10:00 AM. This is State Road # 1300 and is also known as Wilcox Road. It is a loop road paralleling Rte 58 and  takes
takes off 58 just north of Trenton where Rte  41 and 58 meet.

Your Thursday take-out is off Ayers  Road. Donnie and I will mark it on the river be be there to greet you as you come downstream. It is shown as the red line on the map in the 2009 write up article below.

 2009-12-16 Trent River