11-01-01 Alligator Weed Southwest Creek

Alligator weed is still  here in this New Year!

Bill Norris thinks we have made good progress in

2010 and we  have but we need to do better in 2011

to get rid of it.

Bill has contracted with Jimmy Droze who does excellent

work in clearing our rivers of fallen trees.  This alone will be a giant step

forward too, as it will free hung up alligatorweed to float down with the

current to reach salt water where it will be killed.

Another Giant Step forward  was Hurricane Nichole and the long period

of rain preceding it.  If this fallen tree had been removed before Nichole

all this dead and dying alligator weed have been gone too.

This floating alligatorweed is hung up on on small brush along the shore.

This small batch is hung up on a single stob!

The picture on the left is of small brush hanging up alligatorweed along the shore.

The one on the right is of alligatorweed hung up on the railroad  bridge on the three support piers

on the east end of the bridge. This area is blocked by a huge stump which has been there for years

and two large logs  too.

We found green alligatorweed  on the road surface of this bridge  on earlier paddles after Nichole. .

This is both fallen trees and alligatoweed hung up

around the first bend in the river upstream of the bridge.

In 2010 we did get all floating alligatorweed moving down stream with the current

as far upstream as Rte  17 bridge.

We came close to getting it all down to salt water where it would have  been killed.

In 2011 we plan  to reach that goal befor March 15  when Bill will begin spraying again.

All he will have to spray in the main channel is what is routed on land.

We will  be playing  games to do this.  All with canoes and kayaks and small john boats can participate too.

Larger motor boats and fisherman can  participate too as far upstream as they care to operate.

Stay tuned. Elmer