2010-08-12 North River

We met at 9:30 at the Wildlife Ramp in Lenoxville on Taylors Creek.
Access is now off Lenoxville Road. Formerly access was also from the end
of Front St from Beaufort. You can still get there from Front St but you
have to turn left to Lenoxville Road and then make a U turn back to the
ramp. We set up shuttle for take-out at Wards Creek bridge on Hwy 70

2010-08-12 North River, NC 001.jpg  Front  Row sitting L/R Joanne
Somerday from River Bend, Jim Niedermeyer from Hubert and Bill Murray
from Pine Knoll Shores. 2nd row, Doug Shumate from Troublesome Creek,
Paul Petrosky from Pennsylvania and Jim Morris from Morehead City. In
the rear about to launch their kayaks are Cal Hansen from New Bern and
Al Morris from Smyrna.

2010-08-12 North River, NC 002.jpg  Jim Niedermyer standing,  Joanne in
her kayak and Cal Hansen out in Taylors Creek.

2010-08-12 North River, NC 003.jpg  The Group in various stages of
getting underway.

2010-08-12 North River, NC 004.jpg   Ditto.

2010-08-12 North River, NC 005.jpg   Almost ready to go!

The tide was strong flowing toward North River.A steady S/W wind blowing
up the creek too.

We met a lonesome lady paddler sitting it out on the bank waiting for
the tide to change to get back to the ramp.

We entered North River in short order and headed for the North River
Thorofare which is supposed  to be between Shepperd Marsh and North
River Marsh. We never found it. but we did get through the marshes. If
it were low tide we would have had to do a lot of back tracking.

The plan was to head for the Town of Straits shoreline. The wind had
picked up and white caps were everywhere. Cal Hansen said we were going
2.7 miles per hour with out even paddling.
I changed our course as I was concerned about coming out of Goose Bay
and having that wind and those waves beating us against the shore. Well
it did before we reached Wards Creek.

Paul Petrosky was recovering from an injured ankle. He got very tired.
The breaking waves quickly filled his kayak as he got close to shore. We
went ashore and emptied his kayak. We had him sit in the center of my
17.4 foot  Discovery. This is where I sat when I had my carpal tunnel
operation. Picture by Joanne Somerday.

His added weight seemed to stabilize our canoe and actually made
paddling easier. Cal towed Paul’s kayak We paddled around the point and
entered Wards Creek.

We ate lunch on a sandy beach just before South Leonard Creek. We
paddled past South and North Leonard Creeks and coasted in to our
takeout at Wards Creek bridge, a very nice natural take out access on
the northeast side of the bridge.

Every trip is different. This one was more so. Al Morris is checking out
a possible access for us in Goose Bay. He will plan a trip for us and we
hope it will include the two Leonard Creeks and the section of Wards
Creek above Rte 70 bridge if possible.

To  all who paddled on this trip please send me your pictures for posting here.

Thanks, Elmer