2010-04-22 Earthday Camp Lejuene, Northeast Creek, Paddle #1

Northeast Creek, Paddle #1, Lead by Stewards Joanne Somerday of River Bend.
Pictures by Ed Gruca of Emerald Isle.
2010-04-22 Earthday  Camp Lejuene. This picture of of the whole group at the
orientation meeting place in the Commissary parking lot.
This is Cpl Jones a Combat Photographer for the Globe who accompanied Elmer
Eddy of Trenton and Leo Schmidt of Emerald Ilse in his motor boat. She took
pictures and interviewed participants on all seven trips except the Scales
Creek trip as they were way up the creek as we went by the entrance.
Who is the buffalo and who is she?
Whose back is this?
Francine Popkin and Tess Saunders, White Oak-New Riverkeeper wearing a Pitt hat loaned
by Ed Gruca for the day.
Capt. Orlando Chaparro, Deputy Director of the Environmental Management
Division aboard Camp Lejeune, who handled all the planning and details on
the Camp Lejuene end and Elmer Eddy of Waterway Stewards who did the
same on the civilian side.
This is the put in at Tarawa Terrace on Northeast Creek. This shot and
the next three were taken from the bucket truck by Cpl Jones, Combat
Photographer. These paddlers are doing Paddle Trails #1 and #2. #1
paddlers went east and #2 went west.

Steve and Allen of the Power Company were very gracious in taking
Cpl Jones up in their bucket. They were istalling solar panels to power
the flood light at the ramp.
That is Ed Gruca of Richmond and Emerald Isle who is The Stewards
photographer on this trip for Canoe Trail #1 on Northeast Creek. .
I think that is Joanne Someday, trip leader int my sigle canoe and
Marine Donte in her kayak.
Marines Armando and Donte head up the creek along the north shore
toward the Rte 24 bridge.
Donte Simmons is getting the hang of it
Marine, Armando Martinez, learns quickly
April Clark from Swansboro discovers a bed headboard. We left it for
the Mother Ship but they did not get it so we picked it up on the way back.

Paddlers gather around the Mother Ship piloted by Leo Schmidt with
Elmer aboard to off load from the kayaks.
Cpl Jones gets Armando and Donte picking up litter.
Marine Donte looks at home in Joanne’s kayak.
They are rocking now.
Marrie Donte at a Cable Crossig sign.
A fallen red cedar tree.
Lunch stop at the RT 24 bridge.
There was a lot of trash under the bridge.
April and Armando trashing under the bridge. We picked up several bags of trash here.
Sadly, there were at least 20 tires on the other side near the gas station.
Donte is loaded.
So is April.
Joanne Somerday, using Elmer’s small canoe collected everyone’s bag.
The old railroad bridge which is now a bike and walking trail.
Here is Joanne with a canoe full of litter.
Phil Guardino told us he had 18 days left in the Marines. So where did he get this shirt???
We have no idea! Good luck Phil in Law Enforcement. Has Ed pulled
some trick photography here?
Heading back to Tarawa Terrace dock.
This green heron was curious about my whistle and emerged from hiding.
Ed Gruca with the headboard picked up on the way back. Good thing we
were paddling directly into the wind when it kicked up briefly.
The two Northeast Creek groups and their collection of trash.
Armando holding what we believe once belonged to an alligator.
This photo was taken from high above in the bucket truck by Marine photographer.
As published in The Globe April 29, 2010 Edition.
That is Elmer on the dock. Joanne Somerday to the right and
Ed Gruca getting ready to shove off April Clark.
Thanks Ed ;and Cpl JOnes for the excellent pictures.

It was a  great day on the water. This Earthday paddle
accomplished in one day what it would have taken us

seven days to do without the Marines.

Thank you Mainres who volunteered. And thank you
Capt Chaparro and Cpl Jones. And thank all you Stewards.

All of you who participated automatically become Waterway
Stewards.We have no dues, no officers, and no meetings.

The only meetings are when we meet on the water to paddle
and pick up trash wherever we paddle.

If you want to get notices of all trips plesae send us your
e-mail address and we will add you to our address book.

You can even start a small group where you live and do the
same thing for your local waters.

We plan to continue cleaning up all waters in Camp Lejeune
as we have for the past nine years. We hope to have many
volunteer Marines as swe did today. Thanks, Elmer