2010-04-01 Trent River Tar Landing to New Bern

We put in at Tar Landing at 10:15 after setting up
our shuttle at Jacks Island in Lawson Park.

A view from Tar Landing. WE couldn’t ask for a more
beautiful day with excellent conditions for padding.
We saw very few people but were greeted by such
as these frequently.
Also ospreys like this.
Spanish moss adds to the scenery.
Francine nets her first piece of litter.
And becomes a Waterway Steward
Lunchtime at 12:00
One of hundreds of beautiful homes along the Trent
The whole trip was worth it just to see them.
Osprey on the nest, his or her’s beautiful home!
Osprey guarding the nest. There was
a home like this on many channel markers.
New Bern Golf and Country Club.
Jim prepares his boat for take off.
Jim turns into the wind.
And fires up the afterburner on the Morris Mach 2
River Eater.
What is this in the water?
It is or was a boat. Will it stay there forever?
Rte 70 bridge over the Trent.
Jim coasts under the dual bridges.
A view of New Bern.
A great trip on a great day on a great river. Very little
scattered trash. But, it did add up at the end of the trip.

We had to pass lots of trash in the marsh grasses in the

last half mile of the trip. It was 3:30. All this trash is very
visible and should be removed. This needs to be done at
high wind tide time to get at it. The water is shallow and
the wind and waves have pushed the trash back into the
marshes. It is ugly and destroys the beauty of this lovely
setting in the New Bern harbor on the Trent.

The trash today was the usual beer cans and bottles plus
two tires, a very large boat seat cushion in good condition,
Jim’s jet engine, and the usual styrofoam and other plastics.

Our participants today were Jim Morris from Morehead City,
Bill Murray from PIne Knoll Shores, Ed Gruca and Rancine
Popkin from Emerald Isle, Harry Paterson from Jacksonville
and Elmer Eddy from Tenton.

Thank you Ed for the wonderful pictures. Elmer