2009-01-14 Southwest Creek Camp Lejeune NC

2009-01-10 White Oak River and Webb Creek, Stella, NC
Here we are at Boondocks at Stella, NC. This is at the new bridge over the White Oak River. Scott Grafton has built a new ramp and dock here.
We were honored today to be visited by Commissioner Richard J. Hunt of Carteret County.He is on the right listening in on what Doug and Elmer are discussing about our video Doug is making. Joanne Somerday is facing the camera. This picture by Cliff Baker of Jacksonville.
Here is Elmer explaining to Commissioner Hunt about how the upper reaches of our rivers are neglected and over looked. Some of the most interesting and enjoyable paddling miles are up in these waters. Either we lack access to get to them or they are blocked by fallen trees. I used the Newport River as an example.

We can’t paddle above Nine Mile Road on the Southwest Prong and on the Norhwest Prong and Cypress Drain the same situation exists. Both extend up into Croatan Forest and look like good paddling to us and possibly an access too on the Southwest Prong.

Deep Creek and Little Deep Creek at Newport also look like excellent paddling water if obstructions were removed. This photo by Joanne Somerday.

That is Doug Toltzman of Oak Street Software in the rear in his canoe and Rob West upfront with the camera an on a tripod. They are making a video of our trip today.

This is a view of the new bridge. That is Gary Scruggs in his Wenona canoe with Jim Morris of Morehead City next to our trash barge.

Bill Murray of Morehead City sitting on the dock waiting for for us to get under way.

This is a concrete ramp on Webb Creek owned by the State of NC. We wish it could be opened to the public. There is no public access in Onslow County from Swansboro to Gibson Bridge above Maysville! This is wrong!

This is the railroad bridge over Webb Creek.

The bridge again. By Joanne Somerday. That’s Doug and Rob up there making their video.

Another photo by Joane Somerday.
Rob West. Photo by Joanne.
Doug Toltzman at the controls in his motorized canoe. Photo by Joanne.
Here we are at our lunch stop. L/R, Jim Morris, Dale Weston of Jacksonville, Gary Scruggs formerly of Newport, Cliff Baker of Jacksonville, Joanne Somerday of River Bend, Julie Miner of Arapahoe, Doug Toltzman of Hubert and Bill Murray of Pine Knoll Shores. Elmer Eddy of Trenton took the picture.

Same picture with Elmer between the two girls and Rob West of Jacksonville taking the picture.

A view of the quarry lake at Silverdale. The alligator was not seen today.
Loads of ducks were. It is beautiful lake as you can see.
This is our most unusual piece of trash found today. It was thrown off the bridge opposite Boondocks. We are asking NCDOT and/or the Coast Guard to remove it.

This is the very worst trash we found today. We believe it is Alligatorweed!
It is not dead. This was found floating just around the bend on the south side of the White Oak River as we headed for Webb Creek.

Dale Weston has taken it to Dr. Diana Rashash for definite identification. This is all of it at this spot. None was left floating on the surface. If it is positive, and we feel sure it will be, we all, everbody, should make an organized scouting trip immediately to find its source.

It did not grow here where we found it. It grew upstream somewhere and high water flushed it out.There is more of it some wnere up there. We must find it now before another growing season.

We certainly do not want the White Oak River to become a
nother Southwest Creek.

It is now the 23rd of January. Diana has identified this weed as Smart Weed. It is a natural local weed which looks very much like Alligatorweed in stems and leaves but its flower is entirely different. We have asked Diana what to do about it if we find anymore in the future.

This is our trash haul for the day. The couch/sleeper is still in the river.
Four Stewards had to leave early afer lunch. There was one tire three ghost crab pots and the usual floating bottles and cans and plastics. Who knows how many bottles and cans sank to be there forever.

Please do not litter folks.

It was as great day on the water. We had loads of fun paddling together and left with a good sense of satisfaction in what we accomplished for the good of our beautiful White Oak Rive Watershed and the pleasure of those who follow where we paddled.

Please come and join us sometime. Everyone is invited.

Jim Morris volunteered to take the trash to the dump. He went through it all and recyled the recyclables and took the crab pots to East Carolina Community College where they use them to keep rabbits off their plants. You deserve a gold star for this, Jim!

Elmer Eddy
Elmer, The White Oak River Trashman

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“If no one litters, there will be no litter!”

More litterbugs were swatted in 2009 than in 2008.

More than 11,700 littering reports were received and processed through the

N.C. Department of Transportation Swat-A-Litterbug program from

Jan. 1 through Dec. 30, 2009 — a 20-percent increase from the 9,600 processed in 2008,

according to an NCDOT news release.

Information required to make a report includes:

the vehicle’s license plate number;

date and time of the incident; street name;

city; county;

and a description of the littering offense observed.

For more information about the department’s anti-litter efforts or to make a Swat-A-Litterbug report online, visit


Call in a report at 1-877-DOT-4YOU. Mail-in Swat-A-Litterbug cards can be obtained by calling 1-800-331-5864.