2010-01-14 this Thursday Southwest Creek Camp Lejeune,NC

Weather prediction for Thursday for Jacksonville is mostly sunny and 57degrees. We can’t pass that up!.

We will meet st 9:30 in the Food Lion parking lot one block off of Route 17 south of Jacksonville. This is across the highway from the Main Entrance to the Marine Corp Air Base. We expect to be off the water by three.

We have made six trash pick up trips on the Trent River recently. We did this to take advantage of the high water from the heavy rains. It worked well as the high water enabled us to navigate through, over or around the numerous blown down trees.

On the last trip we ended up at Pollocksville. From here on down the river is so wide blown down trees do not block it. We can paddled on down to New Bern anytime we want to.

So, we are returning to Southwest Creek this Thursday to, hopefully, get all alligatorweed in the main channels moving on downstream to salt water where it cannot live. We feel sure we will find these same heavy rains have moved tons of it down for us. We plan to help nature get it all moving down to salt water this year. We almost made it last year.

The freezing weather has killed all above water for us. Now is the time to to get the rest of it free and floating down to its death too.

This weed is a horrible, invasive, foreign weed. It is capable of doubling its total mass every two to three weeks in the warm weather. It does this by growing 360 degrees in all directions both above water and in the water. It is the very worst kind of trash we encounter.

Under water its long stems and roots can be five to eight feet long twisted and entangled together into a mass. Fortunately it is a floating aquatic weed. We simply dislodge it from what ever is holding it back and the current transports it for us down to salt water.

We need more canoes and kayaks and motor boats with us to accomplish this before March 15th. Please come and help us get this done. Marines
please come and help us repel this insidious, foreign invader right here in your back yard.! Fishermen come too, Launch your boats anywhere and motor up Southwest Creek to join us. You will see the brown floating mats of stems. Open up these waters to fishing again. Be able to fly fish for those big bream again this summer.

Lawn rakes, garden cultivators, clam rakes and even your paddles can set it free to float. It is a real pleasure to see it happen.

If it is not there that explosive growth cannot take place. Let’s beat it this year. Thanks Elmer