2009-12-22 Trenton to OakGrove Rd, Jones County NC

2009-12-22 Trent River Trenton to Oak Grove Rd Jones County NC
The Quaker Neck Country Club golf course has a ramp they let us use as we pick up trash and litter as we paddle the river.
We appreciate this very much.. We desperately need more access points like this so we can do a better job.
We passed several private ramps along the river. If we could have access to them we could shorten our planned trip and
clean up “strainers” which we had to pass up due to time restriction on this trip.

Any landowners who have access to the Trent that we could use we would love to hear from you.

Also, Jones County owns several parcels of land along the river. Please, send us maps of these so we may explore them
for possible access points. We do not even need a ramp. We just need to be able to get to the water and have a place to drop
our boats in the water.

Franky Howard, Jones County Manager, provided such an access at Chinquapin Chapel Road on his trip with us coming down from
Comfort. We need more like it Franky. Please have the maps of County owned land e-mailed to us.

We met at 9:00 at the Quaker Neck Country Club and left our shuttle vehicle there. We drove to the Wildlife Ramp on Landfill Rd.
in Trenton and launched our boats there at 10:00.

Jason a Wildlife Ranger was there. He had loaded our several bags of trash and the TV and other miscellaneous stuff onto his
pick up truck. We left these here last week. He appreciated this very much. He said he was heading for Haywood Landing.
We told him about the abandoned large boat that was left there just before the ramp.

As we launched our boats hundreds or more blackbirds filled the air.

The trash was light in the river and we made good progress. The water level was about 8′ 4″. The flow was good and made for
good fast paddling.

We came upon this which we thought was construction trash. We now believe it is “land plaster” used to improve the soil.

Construction Trash? N35 03.048 W77 19.481 Perhaps this could be access point for us.

Here is our first major “strainer”. It is a major one as it blocks the entire river completely.
This is actually along the shore of the subdivision at the end of Paul Road. Someone removed the other one at the
dock and park and did an excellent job. We ate our lunch there.
This is the same river obstruction. Notice how it not only prevents all navigation but it has strained or caught everything floating down the river.
That is why we call them “strainers”. This one is loaded with trash. We will have to come back another day to get it.

The trash is thick in there. We are sorry we had to leave it blocking all navigation and destroying the beauty of this lovely river.
We got out of our of our canoe and dragged it over the tree trunk at the left shore.
That beautiful blue sky is full of blackbirds. They just don’t show up in the picture.

Finally, a few to the right.

And now some more. They were awesome! Altogether they made a tremendous noise. Then, all of a sudden all would stop
the noise at once. It was eerie!

After a very productive and enjoyable paddle we arrived at our take-out on schedule.

The participants today were Scott Brown from Morehead City and Elmer Eddy from Trenton.

Boat Ramp N35 03.102 W77 19.345 This is the location of a private boat ramp. May we use it?
Blow Down N35 03.218 W77 18.494 This is the location of the massive blown down tree blocking the whole river.

Jones County: Can you please have this obstruction removed? We hope so!

Elmer Eddy

Elmer, The White Oak River Trashman

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