2009-12-16 Trent River

2009-12-16 Trent River Middle Road to Wildlife Ramp 1.1 mile below Trenton Rte 41 Bridge Jones County, NC

We made it all the way to the Wildlife Ramp. This is 12.6 miles! We did not get all the trash. Probably 80% of it. We made our 3:00 PM take-out time.


All this was possible because the water level in the river was at 8.5 feet. The current averaged 1.6 miles per hour. This enabled us to get through or around all blown down trees. We cut through one tall pine near its top that blocked the entire river. We had a great trip.

As the water level recedes to normal many obstructions to paddling will appear. This entire river in its upper reaches needs to be cleared of these fallen tress. We hope Jones County will find a way to get this done.


Another thing that needs attention are two leaks in the water main that runs under the Rte 41 bridge, The vibrations of heavy trucks going over the bridge has probably caused this and will undoubtedly make it worse with time. These were reprorted to Jones County

We picked up a bag of trash at the bridge while waiting for the others to arrive, NCDOT must have picked that one up as it was gone. Many more bags and pails and a TV were left at the Wildlife Ramp.We have asked Jones County to pick these up for us.

80 to 90% of this trash is thrown off the bridges. We have asked NCDOT to install their signs, “!,000 $ fine etc” at these bridges. So far they have not done so. We have asked Jones County follow up and see if they would can get this done. This should reduce the volume to trash polluting our beautiful river.

We saw three deer one time and a single another time. Many ducks took off ahead of us as we rounded bends in the river.

This map shows all the twists and turns which add greatly to our enjoyment of this river.

Here is the group as we started out. Joanne Somerday from River Bend took the picture.
Scott Brown of Morehead City is on the lelft , Elmer Eddy of Trenton nexr and then Jim
Morris of Morehead City and Jim Neidermeyer of Hubert.

Notice the wide grassy shoulder on the road here. This makes for excellent safe parking.

There is also a nice grassy slope down to the water here which makes a
very good access for launcing our boats.
We are off and on our way downstream.
Scott Brown in his sit on top kayak.

Jim Morris in his home made canoe.

Jim Nierdermeyer, up front, after a piece of trash in a strainer

This is Jim again getting a five gallon discarded bucket off the shore.

Jim had to stand up to reach this peice of litter he is after.

A broadside shot by Joanne.
She got us head on this time.

Coming in for our lunch stop at 12:00.

At lunch. Where is Joanne? After lunch no more pictures. The trash lessens as you get away from bridges.

This is our planned take out. It is in the back yard of the first house down the street from Rte 41 on the west

side of the river. The gentelman who lives here very kindly gave us permission to use it.
Jim Morris , Joanne, and Scott ended their trip here. Jim Niedermeyer and Elmer continued on to the Wildlife Ramp
1.1 miles down the river with Doug Toltzman and Rob. Picture and those that follow taken by Rob.

This is Jim trying to get a TV set into our canoe. We had to go the land to get in in the boat.

We are off draging the TV to land.

Now we have it onboard!

Away we go dowmstream.
We are now at the ramp.

We paddled 12.6 miles on the Trent River to get seven bags of trash and a TV.

This is what Larry Ausley and Stan Stutts of the Carolina Canoe Club picked up
on 300 yards along the Haw River west of Raleigh.

Here is what they said:

Stan Stutts and I gave 300 yards of the Haw River a special X-mas gift today by relieving it of part of its human-contributed burden. Which half of the equation are each of you?

We’re trying hard to live up to your role-model Elmer!


Why do we Americans treat our rivers and highways with such disdain?

Are we going to let this horrible pratice go on forever? Our leaders need to take firm action to get it stopped.

Doug Toltzman and Rob met us by coming up from the Wildlife Ramp below Trenton.
They came in a canoe powered by an electric motor. Doug operated the motor and
Rob set up front with a video camera mounted on a tripod.

This is the beginning of an attempt to make a video of the paddles of The Stewards of the
White Oak River Basin, (operating as Waterway Stewards outside of the White Oak River Basin).
Rob and Doug want to interview all Stewards they can to record why they do what they do.

We hope we can then make copies of this video to be sent to all canoe and kayak clubs throughout

America with the help of The American Canoe Associaton. This video will encourage like minded
paddlers to start a small group within their club to do what the White Oak Stewards have done that
earned us the coveted Green Paddle Award for 2009.

In the year 2000, the entire National Park Service was the recipient of this award. We are in good Company!

Thanks Larry and Stan for your Christmas present to the Haw River. May it be duplicated thousands of times across America!

Merry Christmas to all, Elmer

Elmer Eddy
Elmer, The White Oak River Trashman

Waterway Stewards

207 Spann Road, Trenton, NC, 28585
910-389-4588 e-mail:
Please visit our website: http://www.whiteoakstewards.org/
“If no one litters, there will be no litter!”