2009-11-24 Trent River Compfort to Chinguapin Chapel Road

2009-11-24 Trent River
Comfort to Chinquapin Chapel Road

This picture is of Jim Morris taking out ot the White Oak River at Gibson Bridge Road.

Yes we paddled down the yellow line from the bridge to the dirt road to get here!

Those are “road closed” signs in the background.

The reason the picture is here is because of my inept computer abilities.

Now, here we are at the end of River Road in Comfort which is the beginning of today’s paddle.

River Road is a public road. This is now our access to the Trent river here. It is a dirt unimproved road between fields as you approach the river.

It is a natural access with a gently sloping grade into the Trent River. (Formerly we have been accessing the Trent here one road west, Woodrow Battle Lane, at a private ramp which is gated off.)

This is Franky Howard, Jones County Manager, who joined us today. As you can see he is right at home in Elmer’s single 12 1/2 foot Mohawk Canoe.

I tried to get the whole group in this picture and failed. From top to bottom,
Jim Morris from Morehead City in his home made canoe, Harry Patterson from Jacksonville in the long yellow kayak, Tom Fineco from River Bend, Franky Howard, and Steve Willy from Vanceboro.

Got Scott Brown in this time in red sit-on-top kayak on left. Jim Niedermeyer and
Elmer were in Elmer’s Trash Barge. Picture taken from shore.

As usual we counted all boats so we know we don’t leave anyone behind.
When we got Kenny Mett’s Trent River Camp Ground we had eight boats!

This one was found full of water and leaves and with an open drain hole.
We bailed and pumped the water and leaves out and towed it in. It is
at The Trent River Camp Ground on Rouote 41 for the owner to pick up.

Here we are at our lunch stop. We did not know it when we chose this spot.
When we got out we saw the Trent river flowing the other way! After lunch
we launched over there so we missed what was at the point of this river bend!

Wrong! This is our take out. Notice the gentle slope of the land and the easy disembarking!

This is on Jones County owned land off of State Road. #1131 which is just around the corner off of Chinquapin Chapel Road Bridge, our normal takeout spot. It was a very difficult take out with steep banks. Thank you Franky Howard for making this

So, now we have a a very good natural access here on the Trent River on public land open to the pubic with safe off road parking. The entrance will not be closed by a cable in the future.

Thank you Jones County!

We had a pile of trash! It was all loaded on to a Jones County pick up truck.

Thank you again, Franky.
A clearer picture of the gentle sloping natural take out. We intend to continue our paddles down the Trent. We need access points and disembarking points up and down the entire river to do this.

Both pubic and private access points are needed every six to eight miles. This is the limit we can paddle in a day with stopping to pick up trash along the way.

We look forward to working with Jones County officials and Jones County
citizens to develop and designate these access points. We will keep them clean when we use them and we hope all others will do the same.

The Trent River is a wonderful natural asset of Jones County. A usable Canoe Trail kept open and free from blown down trees will draw visiting tourists to Jones County.

The horrible trash condition along Chinquapin Road where the river runs along the road is a definite turn off. This continues around the corner and up #1125 too.

We hope this conditon will be corrected through Adopt-a-Highway and Big Sweep and others and kept clean in the future.

Blown down trees gave problems of varying degrees on this paddle. These need to be removed for good paddling. When the water level drops down some of them may close passage. The water level was at 8.7 the time of our paddle. It is down to 8.4 today. The gauge is right here at Chinquapin Chapel Road. It can be accessed by clicking on http://waterdata.usgs.gov/nc/nwis/uv?02092500

We will have the GPS points for the worst of these blown down trees and we understand Jones County will see what they can do about clearing them out for good paddling and many other reasons. Thanks,

Elmer Eddy

Elmer, The White Oak River Trashman

Waterway Stewards

207 Spann Road, Trenton, NC, 28585
910-389-4588 e-mail:
Please visit our website: http://www.whiteoakstewards.org/

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“If no one litters, there will be no litter!”


2009-11-20 Deep Creek off Newport River

Pictures and story by Ed Gruca. Comments added by Elmer Eddy on 11-23-09.

2009-11-20 Deep Creek off Newport River, NC

Ed Gruca and Bill Murray re-visited Deep Creek to see if the recent high waters would enablea better paddle upstream and an exploration of Little Deep Creek.

Congratulations to Ed Gruca and Bill Murray for revisiting this lovely creek. When we did it the water level did not allow us to go this far with the existing fallen tree debris in the river.

This same situation exists on all our creeks in Eastern North Carolina. Unfortunately our elected officials ignore this and consequently some of our best paddling waters are never opened for paddling. This report is a perfect example demonstrating this fact and we hope our leaders will take note when requesting Grants to remove blown down trees in these upper reaches of our streams.

Put in at Wildlife Ramp in Newport.High tide at put in estimated at noon.

The Newport River was high and had an outgoing current with an incoming tide.
The railroad bridge at Newport. Note the deterioration of the brick work. We have reported this to Norfolk and Southern on previous paddles. Apparently they do not think this hurts the bridge supports. It sure looks bad and we think this is reason enough to repair this damage.
This bridge has a set of wheels at the center indicating that it was designed to rotate.
Part of the mechanism
Appears to be a “deadbolt” to lock the bridge in place
Mill Creek road bridge going upstream.
At higher tide on the return, we barely made it under.
The mild current and incoming tide made this a pleasant paddle.
Water levels at the grapevines today.
Water level in December 2006
1137 road Bridge. This bridge and the 1133 bridge are sadly providing the source of large objects of litter as well as
the usual trash.

We are reporting this to NCDOT and requesting they install their $1,000 “Don’t Litter” signs at each bridge.

This appears to be a beaver dam. The current has washed out the bank and made a vertical bank.

Apparently Ed and Bill stopped at this beaver dam. They were paddling up stream. This made it a 12 mile paddle which is a
about the limit for a paddle on these short days.

We hope someone can tell us where we can put in way upstream. It is obvious from this picture that there is plenty of good paddling and exploring to enjoy up there and on Little Deep Creek too. We would love to do it.

Tunnel vision!

The heron is the largest I have seen. From a distance, I thought it was one of those large cranes
seen at this time of year.
Entrance to Little Deep Creek
Resident of Little Deep Creek. Ed: That is a decoy! Elmer
Bill Murray looking for way past a blown down tree.
We could only paddle about one half mile up Little Deep Creek.
We need to establish funds in each County to be used to remove these obstructing fallen trees as soon as they are reported.
We don’t leave th
em across our roads, do we!
Reflection on Deep Creek. Double Beauty!
Mill Creek bridge on the return. Higher tide almost stopped us.
Thanks Ed and Bill for a great report and discovering another Canoe Trail.

We hope this creek will be soon be developed to its full potential. You have done us all a great service.

We also hope others will follow your example and send us reports on their trips for the benefit of all.

Elmer Eddy

Elmer, The White Oak River Trashman

Waterway Stewards

207 Spann Road, Trenton, NC, 28585
910-389-4588 e-mail:
Please visit our website: http://www.whiteoakstewards.org/
“If no one litters, there will be no litter!”


2009-11-18, Trent River from Pleasant HIl Rd to Comfort., NC

We met at Trent River Campgrounds on Rte 41 as planned. It is a beautiful setting
on the Trent River

We put our boats in the water at Pleaant Hill Rd, SR # 1130, at a little after 10:00.
The water level gauge at Chinquapin Bridge, (Free Bridge) Road was at 8.93 feet this morning at 7:3o so we had good water with a fast flow. It had been up to 12 feet!

We noticed water bubbling up beside the road pavement on the S/W shoulder at the bridge. We reported this to Jones County Water Dept and to NCDOT road maintenance

We almost imediately, as we paddled down stream, picked up a large black plastic bag tied up and full of bottles and cans. It had sprung a leak and was partially full of water. It almost tipped our canoe over trying to get it into the boat we had to go to shore to drain the water and then load it into the canoe. .

This is an example of the very worst kind of litterer. How can we stop them from trashing this lovely river with their household trash? Whoever is doing this is obviously using this bridge as their personal trash disposal area!

We have asked NCDOT to erect their “Don’t Litter”, $1000 fine signs at both Trent River Bridges and White Oak River bridges listed here:

Trent River on Pleasant Hill Road, SR # 1130, Chinquapin Chapel Road, # 1129, NC Rte 58, Middle Road, #1300, Oak Grove Road, #1121

White Oak River, Rd #1117 in Jones County being also Rd # 1333 in Onsl0w County and Gibson Bridge Rd. # 1118 in Jones and 1332 in Onslow.

We understand they will rotate these signs every 90 days. We hope this will curtail some ot this horrible littering.

We came upon a small tree completely blocking the river. Hugh Passingham picked up the light end and some of us paddled under. Others had already portaged around. it.

The water was flowing fast. We were making two to three miles per hour even with stoppping to pick up trash!

Then we came upon a huge massive blow down of two very large trees completely blocking the entrie river. We portaged to the right and got around it without too much trouble.

The GPS coordinates are: N 35-01-158, W077-32-656. We hope Jones County can get these removed.

We had another portage at the iron bridge as we got down toward Comfort. This is the same bridge where the mighty Trent River was reduced to a mere trickle
during the drought. Today the water was about one foot below the underside of the bridge.

On still another occassion there was no bridge to be seen as the water was so high!

Further on the limestone ledges and overhangs showed up but we could not paddle under them with the high water.

We came to our take-out about 2:30. This was at the end of River Road about one block down from the end of Woodrow Battle Lane which w e have always used as our access in Comfort but it was cabled off.

We and the public need and should have a good designated public access in Comfort. It is sorely needed to get on the Trent River.

Our next trip on the Trent will probably be from Comfort to Chinquapin Chapel Bridge. Kenny Metts of Trent River Campgrounds off Rte 41 is scouting the river for us for blown down trees. Check his web site: Trent River Campgrounds. A wonderful asset and additon to the entire Trent River!

Sorry, no pictures this trip. Forgot my camera. our participants were: Hugh Passingham from Maplehirst, Jim Niedermeyer from Hubert, Jm Morris and Scott Brown from Morehead City, Tom Fineco from River Bend and Elmer Eddy from Trenton.

Hope to see you with us next trip. Elmer