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2009-07-11, Brock Mill Pond, Trenton, NC

2009-07-11 Brock Mill Pond Trenton, NC

This is Jones County Heritage Day celebration. We joined the parade at the Fairgrounds and then paddled Brock Mill Pone and Crooked Run.

This is the story of our trip on this most unusual and very enjoyable paddle. Anyone can drop the canoes and kayaks in at the parking area at the dam and experience what we saw today.

Our put-in was at the Fairgrounds in Trenton. NC. Anyone can put-in here too.

Thats me paddling away frm our put-in.

The west end of the Pond.
Approaching the dam
That is the old mill house.
Again closer up.

Here is a view of the old mill house. Original was built here in 1735 .

The west side in front of the dam. The lake sureface is about 8 inches below
the top of the dam.
Ed Gruca in his long green kayak with alligator jaws painted on front.
A beautiful pond. You can put in right of Rte 58 at the Mill House.
Same shot closer up.
How’s this for beauty!
Heading upstream on Crooked Run.
How’s this for a Bell Bottom Cypress!
That’s Elmer
We think there is a nut inside them.
Further up Crooked Run
Tall trees, mostly cypress.
Duck weed on the water surface.
A beaver stick.
Duck weed completly covers the surface.
Wen the water rises this duck weed will be washed over t
he dam.
I is duck weed not snow!
Somebodys nest.
Crooked Run is getting narrower.
Young cypress.
Lunch stop.
Narower and narrower but plenty deep.
Which way to go?

It is as veritible maze!
This was the end of the road for us today. We had to turn around and go back.
Please notice there is no duck weed here.
We are upstream far enough to get out of it.
Now we are turned around and going back downstream
We obviously did not cme by this on the way up.
So we must be going back by another route.
We were here going up.
And here.

This was an amazing trip. We participated in the Heritage Day Celebration
of Jones County. We joined the parade which lasted about one hour and then
paddled the Brocks Mill Pond and the creek which is Crooked Run.

Trenton and Jones County should clear out Crooked Run as far as possible upstream.
It would make an excellent paddle trail.

We have no idea what the blown down trees obstructing paddling are. We believe we
can have several more miles of upstream paddling if they were cut out.

Anyone want to help us do this?

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