2009-03-05 Southwest Creek Camp Lejeune NC

2009-03-05 Southwest Creek, Camp Lejeune, NC
Looking downstream from the bridge. Its all clear now! It was loaded all the way down to
salt water on both sides of the river with large masses.

Mass of alligator weed piled against the bridge on the upstream side. It is held up here
by the old pilings which were left in the water between the new bridge pilings where they
obstruct the passage of floating alligatorweed. These old pilings must be removed or cut
off two to three feet below the water level if we are ever to eradicate alligator weed in this
creek. The natural current of the river will transport it down to salt water for us.
Jim and Elmer freeing a mass. This alligator weed was held up here by wrapping
itself around these protruding branches of an old fallen tree way out in the middle of the
stream. We have done this many times right here. These branches should be cut off below
the surface to prevent future hang ups here.
There it goes downstream only to be hung up at the bridge again!
Another mass upstream. There area a great many masses upstream. We hope to have them all
downstream soon. Yes, they will all be hung up at the bridge too. On our first day back in
December we had the bridge area completely cleared of all alligator weed. Since then we also
got it all down to salt water where it was killed.

So when we get it all downstream to the bridge from Rte 17 on down we know we can then get
it down to salt water to die.

Some ice on Southwest Creek. It will be gone on Saturday!
Elmer with his yearly pass to MCAS! We are very pleased with this pass. This will save us
time which can be better used on the river!

We are making excellent progress in eliminating alligatorweed in the Southwest Creek

More people to join would greatly speed up the operation. Thanks, Elmer

Elmer Eddy
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