2008-09-10, Sharks Tooth Island, Cedar Point, NC

2008-09-30 Sharks Tooth Island

This is the large island at the junction of The Intra Coastal Waterway and White Oak River.
It is largely made up of sand dredged from both to make navigable channels. It is among the highest point of land along our coast line. It is on the east side of the White kOak Rive where it leaves the waterway to go out Bogue Inlet into the Atlantic Ocean. It is on the southside of the waterway across from Cedar Point. It is a favorite spot for picnicking.

Maria Russell all set to go. This was Maria’s first trip with us. She is a real eager beaver about getting that trash out. She is from Jacksonville, NC

Jim, Annie, Sally and Dave getting ready. Annie, Sally and Dave Yocum are from Boalsburg, Pa. They are visiting Jim Morris from Morehead City and here they are picking up our trash for us!

The first ones in the water at Tommy Drive, our Canoe & Kayak launching access

area in Cedar Point, soon to be part f the expanded Wildlife Access here on Rte. 24.

Getting under way heading for Sharks Tooth Island. Nine boats and twelve peoole.

Elmer in his single canoe.

The island across from the Wildlife ramp in the background. The Boy Scouts , Troop 742, cleaned it up a few weeks ago. That is Bill Murray from Pine Knoll Shores foreground.
A biggie coming down the water way.
Getting bigger and closer.
Fortunately he did slow down!

Jim Morris getting out some trash.

A dead fish hung up to dry at a campground on an island on the way to Sharks Tooth

Island. We cleaned up this shore line of this island too.

Left behind at this campground. They are still there.
Some more of the same.
A view of the Point on Emerald Island as seen from the top of Sharks Tooth Island. Probably the highest piece
of land along the coast.

A view of Huggins Island across the White Oak River from the same spot.

A view looking toward Swansboro along the ICW from the same spot.
A view of Cedar Point from the top of Sharks Tooth. The White Oak River comes in

here from Bogue Inlet and tuns left with the Inland Waterway toward

Swansboro.Looking down on some of our kayakers from the top of the island

Another view of Cedar Point shoreline opposite Sharks Tooth Island.

The Emerald Isle bridge in the background.

This is the top of Sharks Tooth Island. Almost a desert.

The group picking up litter on the Inland Waterway shore line of Sharks Tooth Island.

Lunch stop at the Eastern end of the island.

This is our new sign Thanks to The American Canoe Association and LLBean
Elmer with
the new sign at Tommy Drive launching area. We will be using this sign
to identify the existance of Canoe Trails and, hopefully, it will help to curatail

We scared off an egret. We saw lots of birds, fish and several pods of dolphins which every body
enjoyed with exclamations of surprise and joyful laughter as we got very close to some.
Dale Weston and Maria Russell paddling thrugh the marsh grass to get that blue plastic mat.
A Close up of the trash collected. 16 bags, a tire, a crab pot, a NO FISHING SIGN, 5 gallon

pails, a chair, a duck decoy, a tennis ball, a beach ball, a tire, corrugated pipe, tub, and

more. All this will be reported to Big Sweep. We hope the public will join Big Sweep right

now and pick up all trash and litter where ever they are on our waterways and roads. Best of all,

we hope they will just plain stop litteriing so we can paddle without stopping to do this. We

cannot paddle past it and leave it. It spoils the beauty of our shorelines that we are out to enjoy.

It is just plain ugly.

Todays group. L/R front, Ed Gruca of Emerald Isle, Sally, Annie and Dave

Yocum, Dave behind Sally, all from Boalsburg, Pa., Maria Russell of

Jacksonville. Rear is Karen and Don Sykes of Clayton, Jackie Foster of

Emerald Isle, Jim Morris of Morehead City and Dale Weston of

Jacksonville. Bill Murray of Pine Knolls Shores had to leave for work.

It was a great day for paddling.All had fun and really enjoyed it.and

the scenery. The visiting tourists from Pa. never had so much fun picking

up trash.

Elmer Eddy
Elmer, The White Oak River Trashman
Stewards of The White Oak River Basin
101 River Reach Drive West,
Swansboro, NC. 28584
910-389-4588 e-mail:
Please visit our website: http://www.whiteoakstewards.org/
“If no one litters, there will be no litter!”