2008-07-30 Courthouse Bay on the New River, Camp Lejeune, NC

2008-07-30 Courthouse Bay. An angry mother osprey. There are two huge nests close to the marina
where we launched our boats.
Two smiling young ladies who joined us today.
Mama took off.
Amber trashing in the marsh grasses where high tide and winds leave the litter discarded by WHO?
Kaira up the creek off a little bay off Court House Bay. Yes, she is in her kayak!

Scott Brown a recent arrival from California. He came here to dive off our coast.
Kira from Swansboro moving on for more trash.
You tell us what it is. There was a big tank on it. They launched it and the sides of the tank opened up!
The girls didn’t miss a piece of litter.
This huge light bulb is the find of the day. Amber found it. Maybe she will get the prize for the most
unusual find.
I have it at home with me added to our collection.
Here is a very difficult fellow to catch with the camera. Ed has been trying for a long time. He is a
green heron.
Elmer and Jim trashing up in the marshes.
You could have used one of these and been with us.
The happy crew for the day. It was a lovely day on the water and we all had fun.
Amber with her prize find.
Look what someone left behind.

Jim and I made a special trip back after we unloaded to get this baby. We think it was a fender on a
dock that came loose.

Kira and Amber cruising along playing leap frog past where others of us have picked up the litter..
Scott has found something interesting. He also came up with an ammo case.
Amber cruising by a beautiful shore line.
Kira after that can you see on the beach.
Live oaks along the shores are amazing, gorgeous and grotesque.
The entrance to a smaller cove off Court House Bay.
The group at play.
Look what Ed Gruca cam up with.
Jim and Elmer relieved Ed of his tow after they had unloaded their other trash at the Marina.
Ready for action.

Is he resting or waiting to dive on a fish?

The group, L/R, Amber, Kaira, Ed Gruca for whom we have to thank for these lovely pictures, Elmer
Eddy, Scott Brown from Morehead City, and Jim Niedermeyer, our River Watcher for Queens Creek.

Come join us on our weekly paddles.We have a lot of fun and keep our waterways clean too. We will
probably paddle down to Trapps Bay next week. These young ladies are now Stewards of the White
Oak River Basin. Amber used Sparky, one of our kayaks, and loved it. We have no dues.

Please don,t litter! Elmer

Elmer Eddy
Elmer, The White Oak River Trashman
Stewards of The White Oak River Basin
101 River Reach Drive West,
Swansboro, NC. 28584
910-389-4588 e-mail:
Please visit our website: http://www.whiteoakstewards.org/
“If no one litters, there will be no litter!”