2008-07-02 New River on Camp Lejeune, NC

Weil Pt on Frenchs Creek to Rt 172 Sneads Ferry Bridge

Come with us by these pictures and enjoy this great river as we did today.

This is a wide open section of the New River. It makes for very difficult paddling in strong winds. We were very fortunate today. We started out with calm waters and had light winds on a off with sunshine all day. We also had the pleasure of two young couples, twin brothers, and their wives on vacation from Minneapolis. They are the sons of Maria Russell of Jacksonville. They are identified in the following photo taken at the amphibious ramp at Weil Point on Frenchs Creek.

L/R, Ed Gruca from Emerald Isle, Liz and Richard Russell from Minneapolis, Dale Weston from Jacksonville, Elmer Eddy from Swansboro, Jack Cleaves from Cedar Point, Jim Niedermeyer from Hubert and Tina and Robert Russell from Minneapolis.

This is our launching area at the mouth of Frenchs Creek where it joins the New River in the background.
A great blue heron perched on a dead limb at Weil Point.
A Green heron. He had just swallowed a flapping fish he dove and caught as we paddled up.
Jim Niedermeyer picking up trash from a picturesque spot along the shore.
Entering the mouth of Duck Creek.
We wonder if this is an alligator nest on Duck Creek.

A white egret Ed sneaked up on.
We did not go to the end of Duck Creek. It has numerous blockages and we didn’t have the time to cut our way through. We wish Camp Lejeune would open up all their creeks in the upper reaches like the rest of Onslow County is doing. Ed got over this log and shot the group turning around. We did not see the big alligator we heard splash on our last trip up Duck Creek just above here.
Remnant of a large cypress. Must be over a 1,000 years old. Did the shoreline really extend out this far then? Imagine what a glorious sight it must have been then.

A giant squid! We gave him a wide birth!
We are getting loaded down with trash and abandoned crab pots.
Notice the shoreline is natural here. No concrete rip-rap.
Our visiting girls from Minneapolis found some crab pots too. Look at that high solid wall behind them.
Robert, from Minneapolis, cleared our beautiful New River of his share of ghost crab pots too!
The girls were happy and joking and laughing all the way.
Kudzu Is much prettier than the concrete rip-rap.
Liz and Tina hugging the shore where the trash is. The even found some we had passed up. We need more girls like this!
We have left the shore line and are out in the middle. We had to do this as we were loaded as you can see. Also our time was running out. Dale Weston had to make a meeting of the New River Foundation. They are interviewing candidates to replace Brian Wheat who has had to resign reluctantly due to health reasons.
We have been paddling from point to point. This is a rugged one we went around.

Elmer and Jim going by a stretch of natural shoreline.

The water became so shallow that Robert and Richard decided to get out and walk the sandy bottom. We surmise the receding shoreline has caused the shallow waters.
Our approach to the Rte 172 bridge. Note the osprey nest in the dead tree on the left.

Ed and Robert on their way in to our take-out.

The end our day’s journey. That is a helicopter under the first span. We saw flounder being caught here and clammers getting clams.

This is one pile of trash. We left another up around the point.
What would we have done without our vacationing friends from Minneapolis.

Other fine pictures by Ed Gruca. A blue heron taking flight.

An egret taking off.

This osprey was watching us carefully.

She is very unhappy!

Pelicans out in the middle of the New River. Ed went out to take this photo and went absent for over an hour. Somehow we managed to cross paths on a wide open river. Looking back on it, Ed went along the shore as planned. We went point to point. It is big water. Eddi go out to get this picture.
Ed was waiting for us near the shore where he was attracted by this yellow oyster bed buoy and when we did not show up he headed for the take-out paddling backwards for a half mile. We met around one of the points down river when he caught up to us.
This photo was published in the Carteret County News Times
New River egret
A paddle of 8.5 miles. http://www.gmap-pedometer.com/?r=2030300

We probably will paddle next week from where we took out today to Court House Bay or beyond if we can find an access. Maybe in front of the barracks where the old pier was. If anyone knows, please let us know.

Join us if you can and enjoy the great and beautiful and historical New River with us. Elmer

Elmer Eddy Elmer, The White Oak River Trashman Stewards of The White Oak River Basin 101 River Reach Drive West, Swansboro, NC. 28584 910-389-4588 e-mail: elmer@whiteoakstewards.org Please visit our website: http://www.whiteoakstewards.org/ “If no one litters, there will be no litter!”