2008-06-17 Bogue Sound

A paddle of about 7.5 miles. We put-in at Langston Bridge on Route 58 going over to Emerald Isle.

This is where the new motorboat access ramps were to be constructed. NCDOT nixed the idea and

they will now be built at Tommy Drive in Cedar Point which we are now using as a Canoe and Kayak


Fortunately for us they removed the fence to the water and this is now an excellent natural access

to Bogue Sound for canoes and kayaks off of 58 just before the bridge on the right

Our take-out was at Park Dr about mile 15 opposite the large parking area for beach access on Rte 58

in Emerald Isle. We paddled by the beautiful waterfront homes in Cape Carteret and went around the

south shore of Hunting Island where we crossed the ICW to cruise along the shores of the chain of islands

with sandy beaches along the ICW.

When we got to opposite Cedar Street in Emerald Isle we were so loaded with trash we had to paddle across
and unload our trash there. A couple on the pier called Town Hall for us to ask them to pick up the trash for us.

We were heavily loaded with the usual trash and about 15 ghost crab pots which had been thrown over into

the marsh. We left some more trash at our take-out at Park Drive.

We had a most enjoyable trip. Very profitable for Hugh Passingham who picked up a five dollar bill!

I feel I did better than Hugh as I got about 30 clams with some help from the others.

It was an ideal day to be on the water and we had the entire Bogue Sound mostly to ourselves.

Come an enjoy it with us. This is an ibis in its private little pond on a little island near the Island Marina.
Saltwater wild flowers
Harvesting ghost crab pots

We are only halfway into the trip and here we are pretty near fully
loaded. The abandoned crab pots are doing it.
About one dozen crab pots were tossed up onto the island across from the Cedar St Public Access
Someone went out of their way to do this. Obviously, they had a large boat to help do the job.
It might have occurred to them to haul them ashore and dispose of them properly. We pick up
hundreds of these ghost pots every year.
Any number of wild animals can trap themselves in these cages. We once rescued a hawk from one.
Lunch on ICW island

Ed Gruca does not need a kayak to paddle.
Elmer cooling off.

2008-06-17 Bogue Sound, Cedar Point to Mile 15 in Emerald Isle 007.jpg
R/L, Jim Niedermeyer from Hubert, Mary K Gardner from Swansboro, Hugh
Passingham from Maplehurst, Jim Morris from Morehead City and Ed Gruca.
Elmer Eddy from Swansboro took the picture.
Hugh checks out a duck blind near Archers Point.

This one has a old pew about 8 feet long.

Ed tries out the seating arrangements

Another duck blind. This one had an aluminum ladder. Post Hurricane Ophelia duck blinds are looking good.
That is Wood Island in the distance.
Approaching Wood Island

These pictures were by Ed Gruca. More will be added soon. We meet tomorrow at 9:00 at Tommy Drive in Cedar Point to
paddle over to Bear Island. Come and join us if you can.

Elmer Eddy
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