2006-03-03, Monday,Trent River From Quaker Knoll to Tar Landing in River Bend

Date Correction! Original posting had a February posting date already gone by!
We are paddling on Monday, March 3rd. Our long range weather forecast says,
“Sunny, 71 degrees” . We can’t pass that up. Come join us. Elmer


The Trent River has water! The Neuse River is running out of water at Raleigh due to the drought! How fortunate we are.

Two rain events in the Trent River watershed raised it by three to four feet each time. The USGS gauge near Trenton was above 8 feet for today’s paddle. Come paddle it now!

The Trent is being cleared by a Grant Jones County Commissioners obtained from North Carolina Department of Natural Resources.

It is now clear and unobstructed by fallen trees from Chinquapin Chapel Road bridge, SR 1129,
to New Bern. See Section 3, on page 306 of Paul Ferguson’s “Paddling Eastern NC”. A new unimproved, natural, County access is right there upstream right of the bridge off of SR #1131.
We used it and it is a fine access to the river and a sorely needed one.

We hope this clearing will continue all the way upstream past Pleasant Hill to the Lenoir County line.

Stewards of The White Oak River Basin have paddled the river and cleared it of all trash and litter. Four pick up truck full loads of trash have been removed. They will paddle the river to the Jones County Line as fast as it is cleared for paddling. This will be through Comfort and Pleasant Hill.

The actual clearing was done by J & J Construction & Environmental under the direction and supervision of Larry Meadows, retired Jones County Manager.

February 26th paddle began at Quaker Neck Country Club on Oak Grove Road and ended at Quaker Knoll off Oak Grove Road. This is about 2 and 1/2 miles by road but via the twisting, winding Trent River it is 7.3 miles! And, yes, we removed another pick up truck load of trash as we paddled along.

This trashing of this lovely river has got to stop. Some few are deliberately dumping their discards off the bridges over the river. This practice must be stopped. It is a shame and a disgrace. It is illegal. It is polluting the Trent River!

We are asking Jones County and NCDOT to get together and erect signs at each bridge to stop this evil practice. And also to provide extra surveillance by patrol and by cameras. And then to prosecute by assigning the culprits to 100 hours of trash pick up along our highways.

The important thing to do then is to publicize the conviction widely across the entire State. This it what will curtail these folks with this bad habit of doing it again and deter others also.

Today all involved in this clearing and cleansing were treated to an excellent luncheon at Quaker Knoll on the Trent River. This was an expression of thanks by Jones County . The J ones County Commissioners were there and Jeff Bruton of NCDNR who worked with them to bring the Grant into being attended.

Tommy Moore of Moores Olde Tyme Barbeque prepared the food which was excellent and Jimmy Droze added a special touch by adding frog legs he prepared on the porch.

Some different from our usual lunches! We thank you all!

The setting was Tommy Moore’s beautiful lodge on the Trent River above Pollocksville. To the thousand or more members of the Carolina Canoe Club who live upstate and have no water in your rivers due to the drought here is your chance to get some excellent winter paddling in. Tommy’s lodge can be rented. It sleeps several and is right on the river. His cell phone # is 252-670-3040.

To all, if you wish to read more about this trip and see pictures of the clearing and cleansing of The Trent River and the elegant luncheon at the lodge, please visit our web site: whiteoakstewards.org again as soon as we can get it all on there.

We meet Monday, March 3rd at 9:30 AM at Quaker Knoll on Oak Grove Road, #1121, which is half way between the Marine OLF Air Staion and Rte 17 and is where we took out on our last paddle. If the gate should be please locked wait for me.

For those of you who can please leave shuttle vehicles at our take out at Tar landing in River Bend. Thanks, Elmer