2008-01-01 Pettiford Creek (upper)

Photos and comments by Douglas Toltzman

These first few photos were taken at the put in. The first one is of Elmer Eddy and his grandson Jack Eddy. They are joined by Jim in the next frame. We were joined by Jen and her husband (the next 2 photos), and the last photo from the put-in features Elmer and the great Brian Wheat.

Embarking on our journey, we had a light tail wind that helped us along. We were all overdressed, as the temperature rose rapidly in the morning and the sun was shining on us all day. Our trip up Pettiford creek was really very pleasant. I’ll get to the return trip further down.

Jack Eddy (above)

It was really difficult to get all of these boaters in one photo. I’d have everyone in this photo (above), if Brian Wheat hadn’t been in such a hurry to paddle out of my frame (lower left of photo).
The next 8 frames were taken at our lunch stop, atop of an old, earthen dam that was breached long ago. In spite of the low water temperature, some of our party decided to take a quick swim here. I was going to swim across myself, but I opted to stay dry this time. As a rule, I never pass up an opportunity to go swimming.

Elmer Eddy (above) — our fearless leader

A view from the top of the earthen dam (above)

Having finished lunch, we paddled the last leg of our trip, up to the beaver dam. Given that the wind had been gaining strength and would be against us most of the way back, we opted to turn around here (about 3.5 miles up from where we started). The following pictures are of the beaver dam (mostly obscured by the rising tide and probably some wind tide), and some final shots of our fearless group, turning their boats around to head back down the creek, against the incoming tide and a strong, gusty wind.

Brian Wheat (above photo, front left)

Here is the GPS plot of our trip (total of 7.1 miles). The put-in (just off of HW 58) is on the left end of the yellow line. The first blue flag is the actual location of the HW 58 bridge. The next blue flag marks a split in the creek where we went left (river right*). Where you see the triangle of blue flags, the one on the upper left is a clearing to which we hiked. The line leading up to it follows the top of the old dam. The blue flag (of the 3 flags) on the top right is where we stopped for lunch. The bottom blue flag (of the 3 flags) marks the point where a road enters on river right*. Where the yellow line ends at the upper right is where we turned around at the beaver dam.

*right side, facing downstream