2007-01-22 Trent River, from Rte 58 to Wilcox Bridge on Middle Road

This is the group who met at the Jones County Offices on Rte 58 north of Trenton. L/R, Joanne Somerday from New Bern, Julia Miner from Arapahoe, Jim Neidermeyer from Hubert, Jim Dunn from Maple Hill, Scott Brown from Morehead City and Dale Weston from Jacksonville.

These are part of the men with J & J Construction &

Environmental LLC who we ran into at the Rte 58 bridge

and who helped us launch our boats on the steep banks.

They are the folks who opened up the river to navigation
and made this trip possible.
That is Jim Dunn on the left, Dale Weston is taking the picture and Jim Niedermeyer is looking for me to come and get in the canoe which one of the gentlemen clearing the river of blown down trees is holding for us for a safe launch. We all are very much indebted to them for assisting us to get off to a safe start. It is not an easy access due to the high steep banks, but well worth it.

That is beautiful heavy, thick green moss. The picture does not do it justice.

Yes, those are icicles. We have never seen any thing like this before.

A beaver dam along a side creek.
More icicles, and look at the precipitous high banks.

Who lives there?

One of the trees they removed.

We questioned why they left this one. At
higher water levels it could be a problem.
Fascinating, isn’t it? The icicles are formed by water dripping out of the beautiful, heavy green moss over hanging the rock ledges.

A closer view. This river is full of surprises around every bend and it is always bending and twisting
and turning. The trip was 5.5 miles long but as the crow flies only 2 miles.

Joanne getting a closer look. Joanne and Terri Rich are having their christening’s of their homemade kayaks January 26 in New Bern.
Julia going by some more.

How do you like this for a shore line? It is fascinating!

And this too.

Another shot further down the river. Something different around every bend. We even saw a deer.

The above pictures by Dale Weston and Elmer Eddy and arranged by Ed Gruca.

It was 65 degrees and sunny when we reached Wilcox Bridge on Middle Road. This is one of the best paddles we ever had.
Thanks to Jones County for making it possible.

Next Wednesday, the 30th, we will meet again at 9:30 at The Jones County offices on Rte 58 North of Trenton and paddle the next section down stream from Wilcox Bridge. Join us if you can. All are welcome.

The trash we picked up on this trip was about one third of what we encountered on the 7 miles below Trenton. It should be zero!
Please do not litter!

Reserve February 5 for Southwest Creek in Jacksonville. More later. Elmer

Elmer Eddy
Elmer, The White Oak River Trashman
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Swansboro, NC. 28584
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“If no one litters, there will be no litter!”