2008-01-15 Trent River

2008-01-15 Trent River Trenton to Quaker Neck Country Club

Trent river guage at Trenton 3.15 feet and falling.This is very low and the river at the put in has almost no perceptible flow. You may be fooled and paddle to the right in the direction of the sun, since the paddle trail is ESE but you will soon realize after a mile or so that you have paddled to Trenton. Our wonderful Joanne Somerday,(aka Swifty) did just this.

While we were messing around like the above, Swifty put her boat in the water and headed back up
stream to Trenton. She became a real wrong way Carrigan! Tom Fineco had to paddle after her.

The high banks were beautiful even in winter.

Elmer, rear, and Jim Niedermeyer up front.
Some of the Jones County folks who came upstream to check on our progress after only 3 miles.

They are Larry Meadows up front and Steve Ward in the rear.

Elmer and Jim again.
Example of river cleaning below.

This shows the 15 foot clearance the Grant specifies. We all feel it would be best to cut all the way to the bank without disturbing the bank in any way. As the water rises and falls what is left here can become a hazard. Also the 15 foot clearance can become obstructed by floating debris of all lenghts which will quickly close up these narrow openings and become a major obstruction to navigation. Larry Meadows indicated that maintenance provision may be included in the Grant. We hope so as even thunderstorms bring down trees and block the river. Waterways need maintenance just like highways.
Hugh Passingham up front and Dale Weston in the rear, below.

Lunch Stop.

Another example of river cleaning.
And another.
Beavers do eat red cedar.

Joanne. She captured a hen and a duck later. What a hunter!

Lovely palmettos along the way.
Below: A beaver dam near the golf course. Even in the severe drought, these beavers has managed to retain water behind the dam.

We suggested to Larry that Jones County install signs on each bridge. Some people are trashing this lovely river at the bridges. The fines for this illegal littering are severe. The judge usually assigns litterers to 100 hours of community service picking up litter. We must stop this illegal littering at the source. Please, everybody, do what the letters on the canoe says. The total picked up by the 11 of us today filled Steve Ward’s pick-up truck. That is Jim Morris of Morehad City on the left , Steve Ward and Larry Meadows on the right.

Today’s participants were: Brian Wheat, our New River Keeper from Jacksonville, Dale Weston and Hugh Passingham from Jacksonville, Jim Dunn from Mapleville, Tom Fineco and Joanne Somerday from New Bern, Jim Morris and Scott Brown from Morehead City, Jim Neidermeyer from Hubert and Elmer Eddy from Swansboro.

Larry Meadows asked us to make this paddle to review the removal of obstructions to navigation. We are pleased to report that The Trent River is now navigable from the Wildife Ramp in Trenton to our take out at the Quaker Neck Country Club Ramp. We had clear sailing! We had an excellent paddle which all can now enjoy.

We thank Jones County for making this possible and look forward to paddling each section as it is cleared by the professionals working in accordance with the Grant.

The water level gauge at Chinquapin Bridge and two aborted trips of our own and Larry Meadows own observations and the reports of the men clearing the river all indicate we need a long soaking rain for the riv
er to become navigable. But, this is an excellent time for the men removing the fallen trees to do their work.

We Stewards of The White Oak River Basin always pick up all litter as we paddle. So this section of the Trent is free of all litter for all to enjoy as well as being navigable again. These paddlers today also are members of Twin Rivers Paddle Club, Crystal Coast Canoe and Kayak Club, Coastal Carolina Kayakers, Carolina Canoe Club and The New River Foundation.

Missing from all these wonderful pictures is Ed Gruca, our photographer, from Richmond and Emerald Isle, who took them. He usually also gets the whole group together sets lhis canera ad then runs around to get in them. This what we should have done at the Country Club.

Please call on us again Larry when the next Section of the Trent is opened to paddling and Mother Nature has provided ample water for and we will come a paddling. Thanks, Elmer

We will be paddling the next section up stream on Tuesday, January 22nd. Come join us. We meet at the Jones County Offices on Rte 58 north in Trenton.

Elmer Eddy
Elmer, The White Oak River Trashman
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“If no one litters, there will be no litter!”