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> Today I shuttled three paddlers to their first leg of this year's Salt
> Water Adventure Trail from The Quarry Lakes in Maysville to New Bern. I
> picked them up at Cedar Point ramp in Croatan Forest on Boathouse Creek
> and delivered them to their put in at the Quarry Lakes in Maysville. I
> had planned to paddled with them to Dixon Filed but no one showed up
> for the shuttle so I went home to Mama and am now writing up this weeks
> paddle plans.
> On Wednesday the 31st we will join them at 10:00 AM at the home of Dr.
> Hargis. Red Barn Road turns south off Rte 24 in Ocean. Go to the end
> bearing right toward the water. His home is on the water on Goose Point.
> This is where they all camped over night. Cal Hansen says you can
> recognize it as the one with lots of pampas grass.
> We will meet at our take out at the foot of lst Street in Emerald Isle
> on Route 58 at 9:00. We will leave a shuttle vehicle there and drive to
> Dr Hargis' home. All are welcome to join us or you can go all the way
> with them to the Aquarium where they will spend the night.
> On Friday, Nov. 2nd we will meet them at Oyster Point. Turn south off
> Mill Creek Road opposite the trash convenience place near Mill
> Creek.They will leave Oyster Point at 10:00 AM. We will meet at their
> camp ground at 9:00 and drive to North Harlowe to set up our shuttle on
> Blades Creek Bridge Road, # 1715 at the bridge a very short way up. For
> those coming from the north we will be there at 9:30.
> All are welcome to join us or you can go all the way to Siddie Fields on
> the Neuse River with them. Elmer
> ________________________________
> 910-389-4588


2007-10-20, White Oak River at Stella

2007-10-20 White Oak River at

Stella/Freemans Creek/Hunters Creek to Old Saw Dust Pile

We paddled 12.7 miles today. It was an excellent and very enjoyable paddle. We started out going north upstream on the left side of the White Oak River picking up all trash and litter along the shore in the marsh grasses where the wind and high tides leave it.

Our put in at Boondocks at the Stella bridge on the White Oak River. The river makes an abrupt turn here back to the new bridge where we formerly had easy access to the river for several
hundred feet. There were always fishermen and their families picnicking and enjoying the river.
NCDOT could have preserved this public access here but they refused to do it.
Scott Grafton has built a new boat ramp here just in time for trout season.The cost is $5 to the public for motor boats and $2 for canoes and kayaks.

We were able to launch for free as White Oak Stewards. Thank you Scott.

As we rounded the the next bend we came upon this girl keeping the grass mowed.

This is a beautiful high bank in front of one the the houses. A small but deep creek goes to the west just beyond this house. We explored it too.

This property at the end of the creek has a bridge to some high ground on the other side for the horses.
The tallest palms we have seen in this area. A large, tall house too!
Looks tropical. Just north of Stella at the end of the first creek to the left. This is across from the big house. Just beyond this house we were blocked by blown down trees. We hope the new grant money can clear this or Jr Bacthelor can do it for mosquito control. It should have all obstructions removed.
Elmer and Ed cruising along by the tall White Oak River marshes
A view of the White Oak with the banks covered with the blooming plants.

Scott Brown recently from California and now living in Morehead City.

Jim Stevens from New Bern and Scott Brown

Tide line clearly visible on the marsh grass. We were approaching low tide.

The flowering shrubs bordered Freeman creek as well. When the wind blew it was like snow.
Close up of the blooms.
End of the line on Freeman Creek. A Class 2 blowdown. We could not limbo under this one at low tide.

Plenty of deep water left. We hope JR of mosquito control can clear this out and if not, then the
professionals with the grant money.

It was time for lunch and we still have a long way to go.

No place to get out for lunch. Jim and Scott stayed in their boats.

Ed did too after he had dragged the canoe up on land.

Elmer found his own little island high and dry.

Jim stayed in his boat.

One of a pair of birds we saw on the White Oak and later again on Hunters Creek. Some think he is a Grebe , some an Ibis. It has been determined to be a juvenile night heron.

Finally we reach the huge sawdust pile on Hunters Creek. This pile is reputed to be over one hundred years old and is probably mostly cyress. It will last a long time. Today it is used for target practice on the other side.

Elmer atop the sawdust pile. It is a man-made mountain! One could ski down this mountain year round.

Ed is now King of the Mountain!

It was a beautiful day. We paddled a total of 12.7 miles. We got one bag of trash and can now
declare The White Oak River to be clear of
all trash up to and including Freemans Creek and
Hunters Creek up to the saw dust pile.

Elmer Eddy
Elmer, The White Oak River Trashman
Stewards of The White Oak River Basin
101 River Reach Drive West,
Swansboro, NC. 28584
910-389-4588 e-mail:
Please visit our website: http://www.whiteoakstewards.org/
“If no one litters, there will be no litter!”


2007-10-17 Webb Creek at Silverdale, NC.

The following is the beautiful sight that greeted us at Stella where we launched our canoes and kayaks

for today’s paddle up Webb Creek. The water was calm as could be and stayed that way all day.

We met here at 9:00 AM. This is Scott Grafton’s, Boondocks, in Stella
next to the Post Office and at the Stella Bridge over the White Oak
River. This is the first bridge above Swansboro on the White Oak and is
about 8 miles upstream from Swansboro.

He has made a nice ramp and dock and sodded the shore line to the water
for canoes and kayaks. It is $5.00 for motor boats and $2.00 for canoes
and kayaks. He does not charge Stewards of The White Oak River Basin as
we pick up all trash and litter on all trips.
Here is today’s crew at the put-in. Jim Niedermeyer, from Hubert, Tom
Fineco from New Bern, Julia Miner from Arapahoe, and Jim Morris from
Morehead City.


These are pigeons who have found an excellent roosting and nesting place
under the new bridge.

A telescopic view of the pigeons.

The wide calm White Oak River heading downstream to Webb Creek.
We are now paddling up Webb Creek.That is a lone sentry, a Great Blue Heron.
We came up to the Camp Lejeune to Cherry Point railroad bridge.
Further up the creek.
A very pretty white flowering bush along the river.
A close up of another one. They are very pretty with the sun shining on
These are pussy willows past their prime.
A private ramp on Webb’s Creek. Maybe Wildlife could lease this for an
access. to replace what we lost at Stella.
Reflections. Which side is up? Beautiful isn’t it? In taking this picture I missed four
deer swimming across Webb Creek. A buck a doe a small deer and a very small deer.


More lovely reflections.
This is inside the duck impoundment just downstream of where Webb creek
joins the White Oak River. It must be a mile around this impoundment on this water trail. .

There is a pump here that keeps the water level constant and above that
of the river so floods don’t wash away the duck’s eggs.
Julia and Tom eating lunch at the pump house on the White Oak River.
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The road to the pump house and the impoundment. It is from The
Belgrade-Swansboro Road but it is gated. There is a concrete ramp a
short way up this road. We understand Wildlife is negotiating with the
owner to own or lease it. We hope it goes through to replace what we
lost with the construction of the new bridge at Stella. There is is now
no public access to the White Oak River between Swansboro and Gibson
Bridge which is miles above Maysville. This is wrong!
Approaching White Oak Shores RV camp ground. Robin Comer let’s us tent
camp for $3:00 because we pick up litter along the river. He does not
charge us for launching our boats. His e-mail is:
whiteoakshores@comerresorts.com Phone is: 252-393-3244.
A closer view of the resort. But, you do not go straight here. You turn
immediately left up Collins Creek to the access point at the left pole
with light. On leaving and going north, you will come to a T. Take a
left here through this narrow canal back to the White Oak.
When you get to the White Oak River turn right and go until you see
these four red cedar trees with one dead one. Just past this is the
“cut” which will save you about a mile to get to Stella . This
eliminates the huge oxbow in the White Oak River if you are late and
tired. (Sorry, this picture is missing).
Ever see a truck on a railroad bridge? You have now. These three men
were repairing the Camp Lejeune to Cherry Point railroad bridge.
This ends our wonderful trip on Webb Creek and the White Oak River. It
was most enjoyable. We never before had such a calm day all day.
And there was very little trash. All we filled was 1/2 half a bag!
We can also now declare the White Oak River to be clear of all trash and
litter from Swansboro to Stella. It will stay that way if everyone
simply stops littering! Won’t you all please do this simple little
thing. Thanks, Elmer
Elmer Eddy
Elmer, The White Oak River Trashman
Stewards of The White Oak River Basin
101 River Reach Drive West,
Swansboro, NC. 28584
910-389-4588 e-mail:
Please visit our website: http://www.whiteoakstewards.org/
“If no one litters, there will be no litter!”


2007-10-13 Swansboro Mullet Festival Parade

The Eddy family participated 100% as Stewards of The White Oak River Basin. It was a great day. The miniature horses stole the show! Elmer

Grammie, Florence Eddy, riding shot gun.

Nick Eddy with Galahad. These pictures were taken between 9:00 and 10:00 while the
Parade was being made up. Because of the miniature horses we had to go last.

The Swansboro High School Band warming up.

Sam Eddy and his friend Danielle with Twinkle and Thunder.

Swansboro Port Realty ready to roll.

Up in the prow of their boat.

The Swansboro Percussion Section. Sorry I missed the player on the left.

Jack Eddy, The Captain of the Percussion Section.

John Eddy and Susan with Twinkle.

Everyone loved the miniature horses.

Susan with Thunder and Snow White, the trash and litter truck.

Danielle, Nick and Galahad carrying the trash bags.

John with Twinkle.

Nick and Susan.

We thank everyone for the fine reception and for not littering.

Elmer Eddy
Elmer, The White Oak River Trashman
Stewards of The White Oak River Basin
101 River Reach Drive West,
Swansboro, NC. 28584
910-389-4588 e-mail:
Please visit our website: http://www.whiteoakstewards.org/
“If no one litters, there will be no litter!”


2007-10-11 White Oak River, Stella to Swansboro, NC

Sub -caption: The need for public Canoe and Kayak access to The White Oak River in Swansboro.

Last week we paddled from Cedar Point to Stella on the Carteret County side of the White Oak

River. This week we paddled from Stella to Swansboro. We had a strong N/W wind at our backs

and an outgoing tide helping us along too. We were really sailing!

The above picture was taken from our canoe at the foot of North Webb Street in Swansboro.

The contractor for the Dock Walk had a road down to the water here to build the Dock Walk.
Too bad it was not preserved as it was perfect for an access from the parking lot to the river for
canoes and kayaks.

It is overgrown with brush now but it could be restored as a canoe and kayak access at very little

This is looking up toward the east side of the parking lot. A canoe and kayak access is possible
here too

This shot is from further east. All kinds of possibilities for an access.

That is First Citizen’s brick wall across Route 24. All kinds of possibilities here too. North Walnut
Street must be at the left and an access could be established here.

This is North Elm Street. A canoe and kayak access here would be a natural.

This is North Water Street. An excellent access could be made here at very low cost.

This is North Front Street. The access is excellent but the parking is congested.

Jim Morris from Morehead City on the left, Juila Miner from Arapahoe, center and Jim Niedermeyer
on the right.

This is all the trash we picked up for Big Sweep in our two days of paddling the White Oak River
north of Swansboro. Back in 2002-3 we got this much in a mile in some places. We covered over
20 miles of paddling in these two days. We thank all those who made this possible.

Next time we do these paddles we hope there will not be any trash and litter for us to pick up.
If everyone would be considerate and obey our anti-litter laws this dream could come true!

This picture is just below Stella at the Wildlife Duck impoundment. They pump water out of the
White Oak River into this impoundment so floods do not wash out their eggs.

South of this is a huge bay with huge marshes. We paddled and paddled through them and came
back into the bay again. To get out of the bay the shoreline took us north east. The wind
was strong and we had some tough paddling for this short stretch.

The next bay had less marshes and a more easterly shore line to get out of it. After that we had
very easy paddling to below River Reach subdivision where we cut across to Jones Island to get
the picture of the marsh grass planting.

Rather than heading back into the wind we headed east around Jones Island and over to Swansboro.
We encountered strong winds off our starboard side all the way to the Dock Walk.

We are sending copy of this report to The Commissioners of Swansboro, The Friendly City by The Sea,
and asking them to please give us some more accesses to the “Sea” with as much parking as possible.
In doing so please do not close any out access by the Dock Walk’s next phase. Please give us room to get
under it. This whole area could be a pretty waterfront city park.

We are also sending copy to WAMI, Waterfront Access and Marine Industry Fund, c/o tricia.smith@ncmail.net.
They will get the biggest bang for their bucks on these accesses. None should be expensive. Swansboro
could be an excellent local government partner. The need is over whelming and will rapidly get more so.

Elmer Eddy
Elmer, The White Oak River Trashman
Stewards of The White Oak River Basin
101 River Reach Drive West,
Swansboro, NC. 28584
910-389-4588 e-mail:
Please visit our website: http://www.whiteoakstewards.org/
“If no one litters, there will be no litter!”


2007-10-10 Jones Island Marsh Grass Planting

Swansboro High School students on the ferry of Hammocks Beach State Park. But they area not
going to Bear Island. They are headed for Jones Island in the middle of the White Oak River above
the Swansboro Bridge to plant three different kinds of marsh grass.

This is needed to halt erosion of the shore line. This was organized by North Carolina Coastal
Federation. They acquired part of this island so it will forever be public land. Audubon Society
already owned part of the island. Both of them are turning what they own over to Hammocks
Beach State Park. So 70 percent of the island will become part of Hammocks Beach State Park.

Dedication will be on the 29th of October.

Someone didn’t want their picture taken!
Approaching the Swansboro Bridge.
It is high tide! Are we going to make it under the bridge?
We did. That is Jones Island ahead of us.
Getting closer.
Frank Tursi addressing the group on what and why we are doing this and giving us some history
of the island

Another view of Frank and the group.

Paul Connelly, Director of Hammocks Beach State Park and his assistants.

Jessica. She and I planted a lot of marsh grass. The group planted 4,500 already rooted plants.

Danielle. The last one off the ferry back at Hammocks Beach Park headquarters.

It was a fun day. The students did a great job. They are to be thanked and congratulated for this
excellent environmental endeavor.

Elmer Eddy
Elmer, The White Oak River Trashman
Stewards of The White Oak River Basin
101 River Reach Drive West,
Swansboro, NC. 28584
910-389-4588 e-mail:
Please visit our website: http://www.whiteoakstewards.org/
“If no one litters, there will be no litter!”


2007-10-06 White Oak River,”BIG SWEEP” From Cedar Point To Stella 8 and 3/4 miles

We met at 9:00 AM at Croatan Forest boat ramp in Croatan National
Forest. To get there one turns off Rte 58 east on the first road above
Rte 24 in Cedar Point, NC. This is VFW Road. A short way down you will
see signs directing you to Croatan National Recreational Area. Turn
left but do not enter the Camp Ground. Go to the end of the road to
the boat ramp on Boathouse Creek. There is a Nature Trail here and
bathroom facilities and a picnic area and the boat ramp where we
launched our boats. Everything except the Camp Ground is free. All is
open to the Public.
We met earlier at 8:00 with a large group of Flat Water Kayakers who
were camping. Must have been thirty of them. Most elected to go to Bear
Island. We Stewards stayed with our original plans and put-in here and
paddled 8 and 3/4 miles to Stella. It is only 7.7 miles if you go
straight up the river and use the cut-off below the railroad bridge. If
you go around the big oxbow over to Webb Creek you add about another mile.
Our mileage was longer because we hug the shoreline which goes into bays
and around points. We also stop to pick up all litter we encounter.
“Hazardous weather outlook” was the prediction. There was a gentle rain
at 8:00 AM in the campground. By the time we launched our boats and got
underway at 9:30 all rain had stopped and we had a very pleasant
east-southeast wind at our back not over 10 miles per hour at anytime and
one long stretch was almost calm.
Come join us below for a paddle trip up the eastern shore of the White
Oak River from Cedar Point to Stella, all in Carteret County, with pictures. .
8 of our Stewards of the White Oak River Basin elected to go up the
White Oak River as planned. We quickly came upon 5 ghost crab pots.
In earlier years we removed over 100. These are abandoned crab pots
and are a hazard in the water to boaters and to all the creatures who
get caught in them and die. They are bulky and heavy. We certainly
could not paddle with them all the way to Stella. We hope some one
with a motor boat will remove them.
As we approached the entrance to Boling Creek, Larry Jones of Swansboro
and his daughter Sarah left us to head for Jones Island. They circled
Jones Island and picked up 90% of the trash and litter. They report there
were many large items they were unable to get in their canoe. One was a
16 foot fiber glass skiff filled with sand. The hull registration # is visible.
They took a tire,a folding chair and two grills and three bags of trash off
the island.

Jones Island is soon to become a part of Hammocks Beach State Park.

This picture is of some of the Flat water Kayakers in the camp ground
where plans were made for the days paddle most elected to go to Bear
Island. (There must have been thirty of them.)
This picture is where Boling Creek becomes the Croatan Marshes. White
stakes installed by Elmer Eddy and Ed Gruca guide you through them and
bring you back to the White Oak just before Pettiford Creek. These
marshes can be paddled only at the top two hours of the high tide cycle.
This beautiful wild fuchsia marsh plant is (name?). It is reputed to be
edible and we understand it is great in salads. Behind it is the White Oak
River which we soon re-entered. When we entered the marshes the tide was
against us. Here the tide is with us as we re-enter the White Oak. In the
middle is where the silt settles out at low tide and blocks the creeks.
We humans made these channels back in the depression days for WPA
workers to have income and to control mosquitoes. We wish this short
middle section could be dredged to make this beautiful canoe trail open
again at low tide too so all could paddled it at any tide. .
Hazardous weather? Beautiful clouds as we approach Hancock Point.
This is on the other side of Hancock Point on Croatan National Forest
land. This land is not accessible by land except by walking through the
woods. The sandy beach is loaded with fire wood for camping which is
provided by trees dropped by erosion undermining the very high
precipitous bank. Gary calls this “structure”, Elmer’s beach house!
This is the sign at the new Stella ramp at the Post Office.
This is the end our journey today at Stella at Boondocks. Scott Grafton

has made a good access and planted sod down to the river.

L/R Julia Miner from Arapahoe, Dr. Earl Gross from
Morehead City. Earl is also President of the Crystal Coast Canoe & Kayak
Club. Gary Scruggs from Newport, Dale Weston from Jacksonville, and
Jim Stevens from New Bern.
This is our trash haul for the day over 8 and 3/4 miles on The White Oak
River. Only three bags of litter! We can remember when we could stay in
one little area all day long and not get it clean! Larry and Sarah took 3 more
bags off Jones Island.

This is a vast improvement over what existed in 2002 and 2003. Thanks to all
who helped make this possible.

This was advertised as a “Big Sweep” paddle. Only our regulars showed up. Doesn’t anybody care
about our lovely White Oak River being trashed. All but three of the eight don’t even live in the
White Oak River watershed. Where are all the local residents? We covered 8 and 3/4 miles plus
Jones Island today. Big Sweep goes on the entire month of October. Please clean up a mile near
you on a road or along the shoreline. You can get to every bridge by car. Bridges is where trash
seems to collect.

We are trying to restore America to be truly, “America The Beautiful” instead of “America the

We need you Mr. and Mrs. Anonymous! We have never met anyone who litters! You do not have
to join us, but please just stop littering! What is thrown out of cars or blown out of open pick up
trucks gets washed into our waters.

Elmer Eddy
Elmer, The White Oak River Trashman
Stewards of The White Oak River Basin
101 River Reach Drive West,
Swansboro, NC. 28584
910-389-4588 e-mail:
Please visit our website: http://www.whiteoakstewards.org/
“If no one litters, there will be no litter!”


2007-10-02 Scales Creek to Camp Johnson Camp Lejeune, Jacksonville, NC

This is Scales Creek near its mouth where it enters Northeast Creek. That is the access area in the rear. This is an excellent access for canoes and kayaks.

This is Charlene Collins and her poodle Indy. Charlene is from Greensboro.

This is a picnic table at the mouth of Scales Creek. We presume it was washed down here from the park
by high water.
This is on the north shore of Northeast Creek. There are many sandy beaches like this.
Northeast Creek looking toward the New River.
A lone sentinel still standing.

Another one on a point.

Charlene and Indy again out in big water.
He is a pretty puppy and he entertained all day.
That is Kim Brophy from Greensboro on the left and Elmer Eddy from Swansboro, center, and Jim Niedermeyer
from Hubert up on this precipitous bank. Elmer is lifting five heavily loaded trash bags up to Jim who is taking
them up to a very pretty grassy area behind the Motor Transport area at the end of Montford Point Road.
There are picnic tables here. It is so pretty and with such a lovely view of Northeast Creek the girls wanted
to camp here instead of going on to Cedar Point camp ground in Croatan National Forest.

It is a party area too as hundreds of beer cans were in the heavy brush on this very steep bank and along the beach.
When we had picked it all up it was obvious we had to unload it all here.

This unusual piece of trash felt like it was sail cloth.
Kim out on the big water as we approached the New River.
Jim in his canoe riding the waves. Fortunately we were paddling with the wind.
Kim coming in for lunch.
An osprey. The mate was circling around. Ospreys from the Marine Corp Air Station were over head too.
Here he is taking off. A spectacular shot, Ed.
Truly a magnificent bird.
Here we are at the end of today’s journey. L/R, Elmer, Ed Gruca from Emerald Isle, Jim, Kim and Charlene.
Ed is our photographer whom we have to thank for these wonderful pictures.

On this second half of today’s paddle we picked up six large bags of trash plus a roof of a dog house and a
silt fence which didn’t do its job as it got washed away into the New River and all tangled up the the shoreline
brush and several five gallon cans.

This is at the boat ramp in Camp Jonson behind the bachelor officers quarters.

This is the trash from the first half of our journey today. The Marine in charge of the motor pool said he
would pick up this trash for us. We suggest trash cans be added here and signs to stop those who are throwing
their trash down this very high steep bank into Northeast Creek
The girls want to camp here it is so nice.
Elmer and Charlene with Northeast Creek in the background.
Ed and I stopped at The Beirut Memorial on our way home.

The four day trips we made from Northeast Creek Park in Jacksonville down the north, northwest shore of
Northeast Creek, and up the unnamed creek in Tarawa Terrace II and up Scales Creek to Route 24 and
ending at the boat ramp in Camp Johnson have left these shores clean.

We hope all these cleanup trips will count toward Big Sweep. Keep Onslow Beautiful and The New River Foundation
and all others participating in Big Sweep please note so as not to waste your time going over these same areas.

There are large volumes of trash scattered through the woods on Scales Creek below Route 24. These can be better picked up by land. Section AB has dirt roads coming close to the river and Section AD can be accessed by going straight
across Knox Road from the western terminus of Bougainville Dr. into the cleared area for new housing to the low lands along the creek where high water has left this trash.

It would be wonderful if any group would walk in and get this stuff before high water picks it up again and washes it down Scales Creek into Northeast Creek and the New River.

We had a great and enjoyable day on the water in spite of the heavy volume of trash. It gives us a good sense of accomplishment knowing it is clean now and restored to its natural state of beauty.

This coming Saturday the 6th of October we will meet at 9:00AM to clean up the White Oak River in connection with Big Sweep.

We will meet at Cedar Point boat ramp on Boathouse Creek in Croatan National Forest at the end of Road 153A past the camp ground. Turn west off Route 58 above Route 24 where the Croatan signs are. Join us if you can. If you can’t join us please clean up somewhere where ever you are during the month of October to make Big Sweep a success this year.

Elmer Eddy
Elmer, The White Oak River Trashman
Stewards of The White Oak River Basin
101 River Reach Drive West,
Swansboro, NC. 28584
910-389-4588 e-mail:
Please visit our website: http://www.whiteoakstewards.org/
“If no one litters, there will be no litter!”