2007-07-24 Around Bogue Sound, Carteret County, NC

Hoop Pole Creek, Atlantic Beach to Mile Marker 15, Emerald Isle at the foot of Park Street.

We hope you will enjoy this paddle with us as we did paddling it.

We met and left our shuttle vehicles in the huge parking lot for Beach Access at Mile 15 on Route 58 in Emerald Isle. We drove to our put-in in Atlantic Beach which is behind the New Food Lion at the stop light. We past the new walkway entrance to North Carolina Federation’s Hoop Hole Creek Public area, a very pretty wilderness like area, right here in the middle of bustling Atlantic Beach.

We have been parking on the right at the end of this street where the path leads to the water where we launch our boats. We now find that this is a turning area for the 18 wheelers delivering supplies for the shopping center. We unloaded our boats here and then parked our vehicles in designated parking areas adjacent.

The litter and trash was bad here and along the path to the water. We could not take the time to pick it up as we usually do as we had 13 miles to paddle ahead of us. We hope some good citizens of Atlantic Beach can take it upon themselves to clean up this small area and keep it clean.

As we approached Hoop Hole Creek itself we came upon two commercial clam diggers. They were the only people on the water besides us.

We turned east into Hoop Hole Creek and immediately came upon this huge gazebo at the end of a very long dock walk over the marshes behind a huge new housing development.
These dogs wanted off this boat.
Golf ball gathering. This trip is unique in that the only litter and trash we picked up is two beer cans and about 60 golf balls as we paddled by.
It’s finger mullet season. The egrets were very tame.

Jim Crownover and Elmer Eddy clamming during lunch. Jim had 16 clams for a chowder.

Some of our boats tied up at the aquarium dock.

The marsh at the aquarium. One of the few natural areas on Emerald Isle.

Aquarium boats they use for field trips.

Lunch stop at the North Carolina Aquarium dock.

A controlled burn in Croatan Forest. Sometimes mistaken for military practice.

The group at the foot of Park Street at Mile 15 on Emerald Isle. Public parking for many vehicles across Rt58 on the ocean side. L/R Elmer Eddy from Swansboro, Al Morris from Smyrna, Joanne Somerday from New Bern, Jack Cleaves from Cedar Point, Carl Calandra from Beaufort, Jim Stevens from New Bern, Jim Crownover from Pennsylvania, Ed Gruca, Emerald Isle, Jim Morris from Morehead City, Julia Miner from Arapahoe escaped the picture.

Some of our boats at the foot of Park Street. It is easy to miss this take-out from the water as some of our paddlers did. It is just east of the electric power substation which can be used as a good marker from the water.

This was a most unusual and different kind of trip. Bogue Sound is very shallow in places. You must watch for sand bars. Except for the Hoop Hole Creek and the Aquarium areas the shoreline is solidly built up with very long docks reaching for deeper water.

The usual trash was absent. Golf balls constituted our litter haul. We must have had over sixty just paddling by. Al Morris got frisky. We had a S/E wind pushing us along. He was watching his GPS and got up to 5.9 miles per hour. He had his head down and paddling full blast when he looked up and there was a pole directly in front of him. His abrupt maneuver to avoid the pole tipped him over. Al was all right but he lost all of his 16 golf balls!

Hope you all enjoyed the trip as we did. Elmer

Elmer Eddy
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“If no one litters, there will be no litter!”