2007-04-25 Cape Carteret to Broad Creek

Every paddle trip is different. This one turned out to be more so than
We launched at the foot of Bayshore Drive. There is no public access here
and we parked on private property.
Due to the strong southwest winds we did not explore Hunting Island
Creek. The winds would have been head on coming back. We wanted to
search for a possible public launch site as this creek goes up to
and under Route 24. It would make a an excellent place for a badly
needed public access for canoes and kayaks to get on Bogue Sound.

Very shallow sand bars near shore and even far out caused us to cross
the dredged ICW channel and paddle along the dredged spoil islands.
We ate lunch on one of them. This is where we noticed heavy treated
wood timbers and boards from destroyed docks and other hurricane debris.
We guess this stuff will stay there until the next hurricane picks it up
and moves it again.
In our opinion it is a hazard and should be removed from all these
islands. We cannot do it with our canoes and kayaks. Can some authority
please step in and remove this hazard before the next hurricane? They can
become battering rams destroying property in the next hurricane.

We went by Cannons Gate where Governor Easely purchased his waterfront
lot.We had wanted to check it out. Also Sanders Creek and Goose Creek.
Both have possible sites for a canoe and kayak access to Bogue sound.
The wind was so strong it moved us down the waterway without paddling
at 2 miles per our.
We arrived at our takeout at The Osprey Oaks Marina on Broad Creek about
2:00. We wanted to look for a possible public access on both prongs of
Broad Creek. Maybe that will be next weeks paddle from here to Gales Creek.
This access could be on Croatan Forest Land.

The public needs canoe and kayak access points all around Bogue Sound and we
don’t need expensive ramps. All we need is a place to park and drop our
boats in the water!
This is a grounded large sailboat in the harbor at the foot of Bayshore
Drive in Cape Carteret. This is where the ferry to Emerald Isle docked.
This boat is sunk all the way.
This is the beautiful Harbor Light Bed and Breakfast overlooking
Hunting Island and Bogue Sound.
Our lunch stop. L/R Ken Jobe from Beaufort, Cal Hansen from New Bern,
Julia Miner from Arapahoe, Elmer Eddy from Swansboro, and Dale Weston
from Jacksonville. Thanks to Tom Hill of Jacksonville for the picture.
Another view of this very inviting sandy beach for our lunch stop.

Picture by Tom Hill. Wouldn’t our tourists with children and canoes
and kayaks love to be able to get here with a short paddle from
the mainland. If we, who know these waters, cannot find public
accesses how can they?

These islands are breeding grounds for our water foul. Picture by
Dale Weston.
Not bright enough! Try these! Ed is playing his “Bear” tricks!

Ed went too far! Mother nature knows best, Ed!

Next week, Wednesday, May 2, 2007, to be confirmed later,
Broad Creek to Gales Creek. All are welcome to join us. We will be
picking up all litter and looking for possible public access points.

Elmer Eddy
Elmer, The White Oak River Trashman
Stewards of The White Oak River Basin
101 River Reach Drive West,
Swansboro, NC. 28584
910-389-4588 e-mail:
Please visit our website: http://www.whiteoakstewards.org/
“If no one litters, there will be no litter!”


2007-04-21 Cedar Point to Cape Carteret

(We also paddle tomorrow. See below. Come and join us.)

We had planned to put-in at Tommy Drive Parking area in Cedar Point and
paddle to the foot of Bayshore Drive in
Cape Carteret. We reversed the direction due to a Northeast Wind
predicted to change to the East. It was a good decision.
Jim and Carole Brown came down to see us off. They are Crystal Coast Canoe & Kayak members.
Jim is recovering from an operation and can’t paddle yet. He hopes to be on the water soon.
That is Julia Minor of Arapahoe tidying up the area.
We paddled up every creek and canal along the way. The docked boats and
lovely homes were a sight to see.
Julia wants a small, low to the ground, windmill palm like this one. If
you know where she can get one please let her know.

This friendly tiger came down to see us while taking the above picture.

The following four pictures are under the Langston high rise bridge to

Emerald Isle on Route 58 where the Wildlife proposed boat ramp will be
constructed. We are forwarding these pictures to Mr. Gordon Miles of
Wildlife who has stated he thinks we could have our separate natural
access here on this sandy beach for canoes and kayaks with a very slight change in the plans.
We sure hope this works out as we cannot find places to drop our canoes
and kayaks in the water all around Bogue Sound.
We are planning to paddle completely around Bogue Sound.
On our very next paddle from Cape Carteret to Broad Creek we are having
to use private access points to get on or off the water.
As we paddled along we noticed street endings that looked like very good
natural places to drop a canoe or kayak in the water. We do not need
expensive ramps. By copy of this trip report we asking the authorities
of both Cedar Point and Cape Carteret if some of these can be designated
as “Canoe & Kayak Access Only”.

An excellent place to launch canoes and kayaks! That flamingo was in the litter we picked up along the way.

By the time we left the Langston Bridge we realized we had to paddle
straight to Tommy Drive to be off the water by three. We got in at 3:10.
After we passed the White Oak River turning to the sea we had a strong out
going tide against us.The wind had picked up and changed all the way
around to the South.

This wireless internet is marvelous. Ed Gruca was able to come my rescue and get the pictures in with the story of the trip even though he is in Pennsylvania. Thanks Ed.

Tomorrow we continue our trip AROUND BOGUE SOUND by canoe and kayak. We are exploring every foot of shore line looking for possible access points to launch our boats.

We also pick up all litter and trash as we go. This is Spring Clean Up Time by our Governor for our State and by Keep America Beautiful.

We asked everyone to clean up wherever you are and tell us what you did. Only two have replied so far.

If you are not cleaning up where you are, please join us tomorrow at 9:00. We launch our boats at the foot of Bay Shore Drive in Cape Carteret. Turn at the Fish Trap Restaurant. We take out at The Osprey Marina on Broad Creek about 3:00. Elmer

Elmer Eddy
Elmer, The White Oak River Trashman
Stewards of The White Oak River Basin
101 River Reach Drive West,
Swansboro, NC. 28584
910-389-4588 e-mail: elmer@whiteoakstewards.org
Please visit our website: http://www.whiteoakstewards.org
“If no one litters, there will be no litter!”



This Wednesday we will continue our paddles AROUND BOUGE SOUND. We will hug the shoreline all the way
picking up all trash as we go paddling up all creeks. We got only a small bag and a flamingo last trip!

As wind is indicated to be from the Southwest we will take out at Osprey Marina at the bridge over Broad Creek on Route 24 about 3:00 PM. . If some coming from the east could set the shuttle up here on the way in that would be great.

We will put-in at 9:00 at the foot of Bayshore Drive off Route 24, (by the new Fish Trap Restaurant).

All are welcome to join us. Elmer








2007-04-19 Chaney Creek, Jacksonville, NC

As pretty a creek as you will find anywhere and it is right here in the very middle of Jacksonville, NC.

But, this is not very pretty, is it?

Nor this! This is behind Big Lots in the New River Shopping Center on Burnt House Branch. This

can be more easily picked up by land. Hargett St.bridge is just a short distance further upstream.

Instead of being a dump this should be an access point to launch canoes and kayaks.

Returnig only to find this.

This was easy. We went under it.

We have no idea what this is. Maybe someone can tell us. This was on Sandy Run Branch.

We were stopped shortly afterwards by blown down trees. This branch should and could be opened

to Onlsow Drive and probably Bell Fork Road.

One home owner along the way enjoys the river.

Another beautiful sight! This is downstream left at the Route 17 bridge.

This is the shore line of Phillips Park, a Jacksonville City Park!

We ate our lunch here. It makes an excellent access

to Chaney Creek just as it is for Canoes and Kayaks with no cost what-so-ever!

We picked this up after The Keep Onlsow Beautiful meeting and before going to The Round Table Meeting.

Here is all we could pick up today back at the Wildlife Ramp at the Jacksonville Waterfront today.

We estimate we could go back and pick up three times this much again.

That is Dale Weston of Jacksonville on the left, Elmer Eddy of Swansboro, center and Ed Gruca of Emerald Isle, right.

Elmer is holding the “Outstanding Environmental Award presented to Stewards Of The White Oak River Basin, awarded for Excellence in Promoting a Clean Community By Establishing High Environment Standards and Demonstrating Quality Leadership and Support For the Efforts of Keep Onlsow Beautiful, 2006 by Keep Onslow Beautiful.”

We took our trash collected today on these three creeks to the Onslow

County Multi Purpose Complex and displayed it for all to see at the
State of The New River Round Table Meeting. That is Lisa Grant, Director
of Keep Onslow Beautiful who joined us in the picture.

Our rivers are Jacksonville’s most valuable asset. We have got to stop abusing them like this. Chaney Creek, Burnt House Branch and Sandy Run Branch could all be lovely Canoe Trails as extensions of Philips Park and maintained just like the park.

We hope next year this Environmental Award can be presented to the City of Jacksonville for making these Canoe Trails come into existence and become a truly valuable asset for the enjoyment of all. We are asking them to do just that now.

In April of 2004 The New River Foundation had 150 people doing just what we did today. To see those pictures please click on 2004-04-11 on our web site on the Home Page on the left. We volunteers should never have to do this again!

Elmer Eddy
Elmer, The White Oak River Trashman
Stewards of The White Oak River Basin
101 River Reach Drive West,
Swansboro, NC. 28584
910-389-4588 e-mail: elmer@whiteoakstewards.org
Please visit our website: http://www.whiteoakstewards.org/
“If no one litters, there will be no litter!”


2007-04-13 Southwest Creek Rt 17 to the Marina on MCAS New River 6.6 Miles


Ed Gruca of Emerald Isle and Elmer Eddy of Swansboro put-in on the north west shoulder

of US Route 17 south of Jacksonville. We had to leave our truck on the narrow shoulder of

the road between the guard rail and the highway pavement because the gate here is locked.

Fishermen have to do the same thing. There is a road to the river and we had the help of
the MCAS personnel who put-in on the base and paddled up to meet us. They helped us carry
our canoe and gear to the river which was difficult to say the least.

A County Access is needed badly here so the public who put-in up at Route 53 west of
Jacksonville can take out here. The present situation here for the public is miserable.

All of the MCAS personnel joined us on the water here at the bridge. We were very happy to
observe the huge, dense growth of alligator weed here at the bridge has been reduced to very
small patches. This is the most successful area we have seen of last years control efforts.

Here are Ed’s pictures of our most enjoyable clean up of this lovely river made possible by
the personnel of the Marine Corp Air Station of Camp Lejeune.

The water level was very low. We had to twist around and work our way through many
fallen trees. They acted as strainers and collected trash and other debris. One new one
in particular will completely block the river at higher water levels. A trip through with chain
saws could open the river for unobstructed paddling very easily.

We will let Bianca Klein of MCAS tell you the rest of the story. We saw her taking pictures
of two 55 gallon drums we could not handle.

See the splash in the water. That was from the first alligator that Ed was trying to get a

picture of. He got the head of the second one that he didn’t even know was there and before

he could get another shot the second one was gone tool We estimate they were 12 to 13 feet

long. We saw some baby alligators too.

Lunch stop at the Alligator Railroad bridge. Trash was heavy here. We need a couple of

“Please Don’t Litter” signs here.

Look who was watching over us. We also saw another osprey with chicks in her nest.

A C-130 coming home.

The group could spread out and paddle together on the open lower reaches.

The Trashman and the loaded trash barge Ed and Elmer paddled. Each kayaker had

more trash too. When they had more than they could carry they unloaded into the barge.

MCAS gave us the very best shuttle service we have ever had. They loaded our canoe into

a large truck and drove us back to our truck parked on the shoulder of Route 17 near the


This was a great ending to a pleasurable day on Southwest Creek and we can say this

section of this beautiful creek no longer has any ugly man made litter destroying its natural


Thank you MCAS personnel for making this possible. Elmer

Click on Paddle Trail to see map for this paddle. When it opens, then click on “open in new window”. The Zoom in or out to get what you want to see.

Paddle Trail

Elmer Eddy
Elmer, The White Oak River Trashman
Stewards of The White Oak River Basin
101 River Reach Drive West,
Swansboro, NC. 28584
910-389-4588 e-mail: elmer@whiteoakstewards.org
Please visit our website: http://www.whiteoakstewards.org/
“If no one litters, there will be no litter!”


2007-04-07 Northeast Creek Piney Green to Northeast Park in Jacksonville, NC

The water was low. Gum Branch Gage just 2.35 inches. This
is our usual put-in spot in the woods on the northeast shoulder
of the bridge. Notice the steep high bank all out of the water.
We explored downstream toward the bridge and found this
sandy, sligthly sloping bar which made an excellent put-in.
Looking back toward Snow White. Notice the much easier
slope to the bank.
This is where the Eagle Scouts put in on the southwest shoulder.
This is the rip rap they had to contend with. How would you like to walk
over that carrying your boat and gear?
Looking down across the rip rap. When we drove up the Eagle Scouts
cars were lined up on the shoulder of the road here. This is not good
for a new access on this new bridge.
As we paddled downstream toward the bridge we ran into this
blown down tree blocking our way. We got out our electric saw
given to us by Swansboro United Methodist Church in Swansboro.
This is too large a tree for our saw and it took Ed Gruca a long
time to cut through this tree.
Here is what it looked like after Ed cut through it. .
These are two of the Scouts cleaning up a severe strainer just
below the bridge.
This is another picture of the same strainer which was huge and very
difficult to clear out.
That is Ed sitting on the base for the bust of the naked Lady of
the Woods. The high water had knocked her over. She is one
of the more unique and unusual finds in our clean ups.
A view of Northeast Creek
Lunch spot take out
A twisted dock at the lunch spot.
Wild azaleas over 10 feet high
Nearing the end of the paddle. We paddled quietly hoping to spot an alligator, but we did not see any.
We have some missed pictures and some missed communications. We Stewards were
supposed to have paddled up stream to Route 17 while the Eagle Scouts paddled down
stream. This way we would have had Northeast Creek cleared as a Canoe & Kayak Paddle
Trail all the way from Route 17 north and all the way down to Northeast Creek Park in
Jacksonville. This would be a beautiful new Canoe & Kayak Trail. It really should exist
and be developed all the way up into Hofmann Forest.

We have paddled it in Hofmann Forest and from Kellum Loop Road down. The section
above Kellum Loop Road had one huge tree across it just below Hofmann Forest.

At this writing we do not know how the Eagle Scouts made out. We hope to have their
report soon.

We also hope our County and Jacksonville will get together and make this a designated
paddle trail. We hope they will acquire or lease the property where Ed Gruca and I
put-in. This area was used by NCDOT as a staging area to build the new bridge.
They may even own it.

If this could be preserved as a public park it would be an excellent adjunct to Northeast
Creek Park.

Elmer Eddy
Elmer, The White Oak River Trashman
Stewards of The White Oak River Basin
101 River Reach Drive West,
Swansboro, NC. 28584
910-389-4588 e-mail: elmer@whiteoakstewards.org
Please visit our website: http://www.whiteoakstewards.org/
“If no one litters, there will be no litter!”


2007-04-05 White Oak River Quarry Lakes to Haywood Landing

Here we are ready to launch our boats at the fishing concession ramps on
the Rock Quarry Lakes in Maysvile, NC. The White Oak River runs through
eight of these lakes. Lake #3 is connected off of #2.
Rear L/R are Bill Murray of Pine Knoll Shores, Paul Ferguson of Raleigh,
KenCourt of Jacksonville, Jim Morris of Morehead City, and Joanne Somerday of
New Bern. Front L/R, Paul Dunn of Beaufort, and Paul Petroski of

Same picture with Elmer Eddy of Swansboro added. (They insisted).
It was beautiful as we paddled through the lakes . Spring was busting
out allover with every thing greening up.

This was our first obstruction. Some went under it on the left and
others wentover it on the right.

This is amazing! This is at the confluence Black Swamp Creek and the White
Oak River. A huge beaver dam exists here. Last time the water level was six
feet higher than today and we were able to paddle upstream on Black Swamp
Creek right over the beaver dam.

This is how it looked today above the beaver dam where we paddled before.

See previous paddle
2007-03-05 Quarry Lakes/Dixon Field

This is a very unusual plant which seems to exist in profusion right
here only. Maybe Jeannie Kraus can tell us what it is.

Here it is again. This is reputed to be an old Indian Camping ground where
the Indians came every sping to catch the spring run of fish.

This is a very large tree covered in white blooms. Wild azaleas?

Balls of pink blooms which are very pretty in the sunshine.
Another shot of the same.
They must be wild azaleas
We took this picture under the bridge in the White Oak Family Camp Ground
at Route 17. The gauge read 10 inches. When the water is this low you will
bottom out on the ledges before you get to the lakes. This is why we
used the ramps at the fishing concession on the lakes.

We arrived at Haywood Landing before three. It was a most enjoyable trip
with a great group of folks. David Mooney of Burnsville drove up to
launch his canoe as we were leaving.
Elmer Eddy
Elmer, The White Oak River Trashman
Stewards of The White Oak River Basin
101 River Reach Drive West,
Swansboro, NC. 28584
910-389-4588 e-mail: elmer@whiteoakstewards.org
Please visit our website: http://www.whiteoakstewards.org/
“If no one litters, there will be no litter!”