2006-11-30, Slocum and Anderson Creeks

This will take you with us on this very nice and very interesting and enjoyable paddle. We return to this area this week Wednesday at 9: 00 and paddle Tucker Creek, a new adventure for us. Join us if you can. Elmer


The participants were Ed Gruca of Emerald Isle who made up the above, Julia Miner of Araphoe and Elmer Eddy of Swansboro.


2006-12-06, Newport River, Deep Creek by Ed Gruca


The above will take you on this nice short trip at Newport. He calls the ramp “at River Rat”. River Rat is right there but it is the Wildlife Ramp on Old Route 70 in Newport.

Gary Scruggs has sung his praises of Deep Creek many times. I have not paddled it. Sounds like some blowdowns need to be removed to make it navigable for its entire lenght. If volunteers of the Newport River want to do this sometime, let us know and we will try to help them.