2006-08-29 Rhodes Point to MCAS on the New River

2006-08-29, Rhodes Point to MCAS on the New River

This is a paddle trip to pick up trash and have fun doing it.
We met at the Food Lion parking lot across from the Marine Core Air
Station main gate on Rte 17 south of Jacksonville. We headed south on 17
to the northern entrance of Verona Loop Road. This took us to Rhodes
Point Road at the apex of the loop. We turned left here on Rhodes Point
Road which took us to Rhodes Point and our put-in.
We unloaded our boats here and Jim Morris stayed with our boats while we
returned to the air base to leave our cars at the marina on the base
which is our take-out. We obtained a temporary pass for Cal Hansen’s car
at the Game Warden’s office by the gate.
We all drove back to Rhodes Point with Brian Wheat where he dropped us
off. Brian went back to Verona Loop Road and down Old Town Point Road.
This was necessary as POV (privately owned vehicles) could not be left
on Rhodes Point Road according to a sign a long way from the water.
Brian put-in at Town Point where vehicles can be left and paddled down
to meet us stopping to catch shrimp with a throw net along the way. (He
got enough shrimp for him and his cat!)
If you are going to paddle this area we suggest you use Town Point as
your access rather than Rhodes Point.
This is a rusted out bomb on the beach. Nevertheless we left it
alone. There were remains of several others here too.
This is an historic monument which is self explanatory.
Here is our lunch stop at Town Point. That is Cal Hansen of New
Bern on the left, then Dale Weston of Jacksonville, and Jim Morris of
Morehead City and Brian Wheat of Jacksonville on the right. The whole
river along all of this trip is lined with beautiful sandy beaches like
this with high ground behind them.
This is Brian’s pickup loaded with the trash and litter we had
picked up to this point. We had to leave the bombs, two or three crab
pots and two or three tires.
After we rounded Spring Point we heard a very loud explosion on shore.
Later we saw a bright flash followed immediately by a loud bang. This is
when we stopped going along the shore and stayed way out in the river
and headed straight for Town Point.
After lunch at Town Point we realized time had run out on us and we
stopped picking up trash and headed for the marina. Four boats of the
Riverines went by us and headed up Northeast Creek. As we paddled along
they came out of Northeast Creek and headed back down the New River.
Later as we approached the marina they came up Southwest Creek and
before we left they were again heading back to the New River.
All this added to a most enjoyable paddle day on the New River. We had
excellent weather and the wind at our back except for the short trip to
the marina up Southwest Creek.
Coming in September and October are Big Sweep, International Coastal
Cleanup and Governor Easley’s proclamation for Sept 16 -30 as Litter
Sweep time in North Carolina. Please participate in these events in
your area. Let’s stop this TRASHING OF AMERICA!
Elmer, The White Oak River Trashman
Stewards of The White Oak River Basin
101 River Reach Drive West,
Swansboro, NC. 28584
910-389-4588 e-mail:
Please visit our website: www.whiteoakstewards.org


2006-08-18, Kings Creek

We put in at the Wildlife ramp on Turkey Creek at the end of State Road 1530, Turkey Point Road.

On this paddle we sighted 31 ghost crab pots and gave their GPS coordinates to Lynn T. Henry, Marine Biologist, NC Division of Marine Fisheries, and Jim Kelley, N.C. Marine Patrol, . We understand that they will see that these pots are picked up. Otherwise we picked up all trash and litter along the shore but it was minimal.

We had a very interesting and enjoyable paddle on Turkey Creek, the ICW and Kings Creek. We went through Stump Sound and Spicer Bay. Dale Weston’s pictures tell the story. The Summerhouse Development is huge.
(See 9317EF04-959E-44A7-8EC0-D7CEE6FB99DE) It runs along Kings Creek on the east side all the way to Holly Ridge Road. The white tent was enormous and it appeared to be used as a sales convention. A helicopter was overhead constantly apparently taking prospective buyers on a sight seeing tour of the site.

We were able to paddle up to the first bridge which is Holly Ridge Road. One could drop a canoe or kayak in here.
The huge house, (the Kings Palace?) was startling as we round a bend and came upon it. A more modern one is under construction on the other side of Kings Creek behind that large and beautiful old live oak tree.

Several osprey nests and birds were sighted, one carrying a fish in his claws. We ate our lunch at a ramp on the west side of the river. That is Elmer Eddy and Jim Morris at their sign.

We passed a UNCW Research Station on the ICW at Stump Sound. On the way back two people were working there. We were welcomed ashore and and found Jim and Bonnie Swartzenberg, dba J & B Aqua Food, Stump Sound Farm Raised Oysters. They were separating small oysters by size to move them up to other growing areas. I remembered The Stump Sound Oysters NC Coastal Federation served on their front porch in Ocean, NC. Jim treated us to one. That did it! I bought a bag to take home and they are delicious.


2006-08-24, this Thursday, Batts Mill Creek

This creek is also called Beasleys Creek. It forms the border line of Pender County and Onslow County. It is about 1 mile east of Morris Landing where we will put in and take out.

Turn south off Route 17 in Holly Ridge on Morris Landing Road which is State Road # 1538 and go to the end. We meet there at 9:30. Come join us if you can. We will be exploring new waters for us. We will pick up all trash and litter as we paddle.

What will we find Thursday as we explore The ICW to the County line and then up Batts Mill Creek or is it Beasleys Creek? Come join us and find out. Elmer


2006-08-03, this Thursday,Browns Inlet

We meet at 9:00 AM this Thursday at Willis Landing on Bear Creek. It is about 1 mile to the ICW and about 4 miles down the ICW to Browns Inlet. We will play around at the inlet accdording to the tide conditions we find. We expect it to be at the low tide phase.

We can cool off anytime along the way with a quick dip at a sandy beach. We pick up all trash as we go including ghost crab pots if we have room for them.

All are welcome to join us.

“If no one litters, there will be no litter”.