2006-06-23, Cape Lookout

This is a Crystal Coast Canoe & Kayak Club trip that we joined.

Our hats are off to Bill Heffler. He planned this trip to perfection even including the weather and winds. We paddled over on the outgoing tide and came back on the incoming tide with the S/S/E wind at our back.

The participants were Jim Morris of Smyrna, Al Morris, Russ Guthrie, and our leader, Bill Heffler all of Morehead City, Dale Weston of Jacksonville, Julia Miner of Araphoe, and Elmer Eddy of Swansboro.

We paddled over there in a little over an hour. We went down Lighthouse Channel keeping out of the channel on the left and continued that through Barden Inlet into Cape Lookout Bight. Coming back we headed off to the left through the Ditch into Blinds Hammock Bay and the marshes and behind Great Marsh Island Island into Sheep Island Slue. This brought us up to Morgan Island which was covered with thousands of noisy water birds. It is a sanctuary. We stopped for clamming along the way without success. We found a dead red drum in a gill net.We could see the buildings of Morehead City in the distance. We arrived back at the dock at 3:06.

While at the lighthouse everyone was on his own to do as he or she pleased. Jim Morris, Dale and Elmer hiked over to the ocean and went swimming in the Atlantic. It was very beautiful and the water was invigorating being cooler than in the bight.

It was an excellent and most enjoyable day both on and in the water. Sorry you missed this fine trip and hope you enjoy the pictures. Elmer

Pictures: #1, Cape Lookout Lighthouse approaching from Bardens Inlet #2,LR, Russ Guthrie, Dale Weston, Jim Moris, Al Morris, Julia Miner, Bill Heffler, (that is Bill’s hand made kayak center front, it is a beauty).
#3, Al and Dale where we ate lunch over looking the beach and the Atlantic Ocean.
#4, Dale and Jim swimming. The water was very refreshing being cooler than that in the bight.
#5, The light house as seen coming back from the ocean. That is Dale on the left and Jim on the right.
#6, Wild horses on the eastern tip of Shackleford Banks as we were returning.