2006-03-22 White oak River Emmett Lane to Gibson Bridge

Above is the large cypress with the Great Blue Heron nests.
Picture 002: This large cypress is home to a rookery of Great Blue Herons. As we approached each nest had two Great Blues at it. They all few off and soared over us for a while and flew off with a single one or two coming back. In about one month the young ones will hatch and then will soon be flying themselves. It was a sight to behold
Picture 003: There is supposed to be a soaring Great Blue up there. Maybe you can find him
Picture 004: Lunch Stop at the first very high ground on the left. We climbed to the top and a vast field appeared and the wind was blowing so we returned to the shore of the river to eat in the sun and out of the wind. Very pleasant spot. Lot’s of good stories
Picture #5: The ditch. Someone is obviously clearing out an old canal. If you will look closely in the top of the large cypress in the distance to the right you will see white spots.. These are egrets gathering to set up there own rookery. These beautiful birds were everywhere and kept us company a large part of the way. So were ducks of many varieties and Canada geese and song birds singing away. Animals were out too. Jim Crownover saw a coyote. We saw two otters, a squirrel and a racoon. We know beavers are everywhere but one does not see them in the daytime very often
Picture #6: The trees, bushes and grasses know it is spring too. This lush, lovely, green grass along with the red maples demonstrate spring is here. We hope that green grass is not a noxious weed.
Pictures #s 7 and 8 show Dale Weston of Jacksonville opening up a beaver dam for others to paddle through

Picture Below #9 is very important if you plan to paddle the upper White Oak River. It is taken under Route 17 Bridge at the White Oak Family Camp Ground. As you can see the water level is low in spite of the rains of the last two days.