2006-03-01 Halfmoon Creek & Salters Creek to Oyster Creek

Subject: 2006-03-01, Half Moon Creek.jpg, plus Saturdays plans by CCCKC
This will serve as our report on Half Moon Creek and as notice of paddle trip on this Saturday. The Half Moon participants were Dale Weston of Jacksonville, Jim Morris of Morehead City and Elmer Eddy of Swansboro.

As you can see we need Pee Vees, usually called a Peavey and named after a Mr. Peavey in Maine who invented them and also called a Cant Hook. If any ones want to donate theirs we sure can put them to good use.
Halfmoon is like all our creeks. It is a lovely creek completly unused and instead trashed and made into what resembles an open sewer. Instead of nurturing our creeks and making them beautiful we ignore them and use them to dispose of our trash.

We must stop this horrible practice.

The following is our report as sent to Ben Ball, TV Channel FM 107.3. I’ll be on there at 8:15 tomorrow morning, Friday.


We put-in at Gum Branch Road at 10:00 and paddled up stream clearing obstructions as we went.

At 2:00 PM we came upon what is shown in the picture.

We turned around and went back in 50 minutes and met our take-out time of 3:00.

We have to go back and tackle this mess. Half Moon Creek should be a clean, clear creek to paddle. Right now it is badly trashed and blocked by tangles of blown down trees and trash as you can see.

We need Peaveys, (Cant Hooks), to do this. I’m sure some people have these laying around not doing anything. They are not used much anymore in modern logging operations. You can tell the peoole I will pick them up if they will call me at 910-389-4588 or e-mail me. I live at 101 River Reach Drive West in Swansboro NC if they want to drop them off.

Do you think you and Big John can get some folks to donate some for us? With enough Peaveys and people we can move most any log and disentangle these blockages on our streams and make them usable again as paddle trails and clear and clean and free flowing. They create huge strainers trapping all the trash and blocking some rivers completely.

Will call you Friday morning according to Ken at 8:15. We are going back this Saturday, weather permitting, to Core Sound. The plan is to leave from Oyster Point at Davis and paddle over to Salters Lump Island and then up Nelson Bay to Salters Creek. Looks like winds will be from North so we probably will reverse the trip.This is a Crystal Coast Canoe & Kayak Club trip we are joining.

We meet at 9:30 at Oyster Creek Wildlife Ramp on the East end of Davis. Elmer”

Elmer, The White Oak River TrashmanStewards of the White Oak River BasinPlease visit: http://www.whiteoakstewards.org/Cell Phone 910-389-4588’If no one litters, there will be no litter”