2006-03-22 White oak River Emmett Lane to Gibson Bridge

Above is the large cypress with the Great Blue Heron nests.
Picture 002: This large cypress is home to a rookery of Great Blue Herons. As we approached each nest had two Great Blues at it. They all few off and soared over us for a while and flew off with a single one or two coming back. In about one month the young ones will hatch and then will soon be flying themselves. It was a sight to behold
Picture 003: There is supposed to be a soaring Great Blue up there. Maybe you can find him
Picture 004: Lunch Stop at the first very high ground on the left. We climbed to the top and a vast field appeared and the wind was blowing so we returned to the shore of the river to eat in the sun and out of the wind. Very pleasant spot. Lot’s of good stories
Picture #5: The ditch. Someone is obviously clearing out an old canal. If you will look closely in the top of the large cypress in the distance to the right you will see white spots.. These are egrets gathering to set up there own rookery. These beautiful birds were everywhere and kept us company a large part of the way. So were ducks of many varieties and Canada geese and song birds singing away. Animals were out too. Jim Crownover saw a coyote. We saw two otters, a squirrel and a racoon. We know beavers are everywhere but one does not see them in the daytime very often
Picture #6: The trees, bushes and grasses know it is spring too. This lush, lovely, green grass along with the red maples demonstrate spring is here. We hope that green grass is not a noxious weed.
Pictures #s 7 and 8 show Dale Weston of Jacksonville opening up a beaver dam for others to paddle through

Picture Below #9 is very important if you plan to paddle the upper White Oak River. It is taken under Route 17 Bridge at the White Oak Family Camp Ground. As you can see the water level is low in spite of the rains of the last two days.


2006-03-13, Broad Creek to Spooners Creek on Bogue Sound

Subject: 2006-03-13, Broad Creek to Spooners Creek trip report
We put-in at Broad Creek at Osprey Oaks Marina at 10:00 AM. Marie Justen had arranged permission for us to take-out at Spooners Creek. She elected not to paddle with us. The participants were Dale Weston from Jacksonville, Julia Miner from Arapahoe, Jim Morris from Morehead City and Elmer Eddy from Swansboro.

It was sunny and predicted to be 82 degrees. A steady moderate breeze was blowing from the s/w. We crossed over Broad Creek to the eastern shore and headed along the shoreline to Bogue Sound. As we turned down the Sound the wind
was almost directly behind us and made for fast paddling.

The water along here was very shallow and clear showing a nice sandy bottom. We went under and around the numerous piers depending on their height. There was hardly a bit of shoreline without houses.

We passed up exploring Gales Creek and paddled up to Jumping Run Creek and turned in there. It is a very small creek lined with nice houses with boats tied up in front. A huge stainless steel culvert took us under a road and there were no more house after that.

We were stopped from further upstream progress by a small Red Cedar tree which had fallen across the stream. We were very close to Rte 24. We feel sure this creek can be cleared to Route 24 and perhaps we can have good public access there. If anyone has any information on this please let us know. We will be checking this out as we badly need free Public Access along Bogue Sound.

We ate lunch up in the woods out of the wind. It was very pleasant. When we came back out to Bogue Sound it was very evident the wind had picked up and came more out the the s/s/w. This made paddling more difficult but still moved us very fast down the Sound.

It was also pushing us toward the shore and the tide was dropping and the water became more shallow. This created breaking waves and we had to make sure they were not breaking over our boats. Sloughs appeared with sand bars alternating. By paddling hard you could stay outside all breaking waves.

If you found yourself in a slough it was nice as long as it lasted and then you had to get out and walk. Jim and Julia got around the jetty protecting the harbor at Brandyine Bay. Dale and Elmer did not and climbed over the jetty into the calm waters of the harbor.

Jim came back and decided to walk to Spooners Creek. Dale and I went after Julia and found her comng back too. As we were getting ready to take off after Jim he drove up in his pick up with Don Layno, President of Branywine Bay Harbor following him. Don had seen us out on the water and came down to the ramp to assist us. Needless to say we thanked him profusely for this kind deed.

We enjoyed seeing Brandyine Bay and also all the lovely waterffont homes along Bogue Sound.

We have no trip planned as yet for next week.Where do you want to paddle? This Saturday Joanne Somerday is leading a CCCKC paddle on Contentnea Creek. She would love to have you join her. It is a lovely trip we have done several times before. If you want to join her: Joanne Somerday somerday@bluefrog.com 252-523-0012 Mobile: 252-560-0474 Elmer.

Fishing boats in harbor off Bogue Sound
A beach cottage along the way. One of many.
A Red Cedar blown down across Jumping Run Creek thus blocking our further progress upstream. We were very close to Route 24 and hope we can find a public access up there. We sorely need public access points to Bogue Sound.
Jim Morris of Morehead City on the left, Julia Miner of Arapahoe, NC in the middle and Dale Weston of Jacksonville, NC on the right coming through a stainless steel culvert on Jumping Run Creek. We ate lunch up in the woods on hill shown above Dale’s shoulder. It was very pleasant and out of the wind.
The Brandywine Harbor, bulk head and jetty and the waves of Bogue Sound.
Dale Weston sitting in his canoe. We lifted our canoes over the bulkhead into the calm waters of the harbor.


2006-03-08, Half Moon Creek

Subject: 2006-03-08, Half Moon Creek.jpg

The participants were Julia Miner of Araphoe, Dale Weston of Jacksonville and Elmer Eddy of Swansboro.

Copy of this report is being sent to The Editors of The Daily News, The Tideland News, The Carteret News Times, The Jones Post and The Gam under the title, “Hate Litter? Here is your chance to stop it”, as this same situation exists on many of our streams throughout the entire area.

The North Carolina Department of Transportation, Adopt-A-Highway, annual Spring Litter Sweep road side cleanup is April 17-30.

Governor Easley has issued a proclomation naming April 17 – 30, 2006, LITTER SWEEP time in North Carolina.

Keep Onslow Beautiful and Keep America Beautiful are sponsoring The Great American Cleanup which is on going now from March 1 through May 31. Please consider volunteering now. (Swansboro High School Students will be cleaning up Swansboro Harbor on April 29. Participating students will get SAT credit).

Among the National Sponsors for the Great American Cleanup are Pepsi, Scotts Miracle Gro, Sparkle-Georgia-Pacific, Firestone, Honda, Wrigley, Sams, Glad, Force Flex-Troy Bilt, Waste Management, Rubber Manufacturers Association.

These one time clean ups are great but they are not the answer to this problem. We must stop littering at the source. The source is the Amercan Public who continue to litter indiscriminately.

Onslow County Commissioners issued a Resolution to have laws passed last year to accomplish this. Representative Robert Grady introduced these proposed laws. They never came out of The Transportation Committee due to lack of public support.

We are asking Representative Grady to introduce these bills again slightly modified to improve chances of passage. When this happens we hope the public will respond to assure passage.

Unless you the public do this we will forever live, swim, fish, hunt, hike and drive with litter everywhere.

You, the public, must stop littering! “If no one litters, there will be no litter”. It is that easy. Law enforcement will get those who continue to litter.

Please join and help all of the above efforts to make them an outstanding success this year.

The following is an example of what you might find anywhere if you attempt to canoe or kayak down one of our rivers.

2006-03-08, Half Moon Creek paddle trip reoort. An aborted paddle adventure.

This is the saddest report we have ever had to write up on any trip. The trash was thick along Ramsey Road at the river and the power line. We could not get it all. This is the personal free disposal area of some people who regularly travel Ramsey Road. By allowing this to continue we are in reality paying these folks to dump here. It costs them nothng to do this, whereas the rest of us are paying to dispose of our trash.

The cost and effort to then have to remove it from the shoulders of Ramsey Road and also clean it out ot the river and off the river banks is stupendous and very difficult. Stewards of The White Oak River Basin will not do this anymore on Half Moon Creek above Gum Branch Road. We will leave this up to Onlsow County.

But this is not why we had to abort the trip. After hours of cutting through blown down trees we found ourselves just a short distance below the bend in the power line. The one picture is indicative of what we encountered. We realized we would never make it to Gum Branch Road where we had left our shuttle vehicles.

We dragged our boats through the woods to the power line and back up the power line to the road. We got everything out about 3:30 and then drove to the shuttle on Gum Branch Road to retrieve our vehicles and returned for our boats on Ramsey Road. .

We Stewards also will not do this again on this section of Half Moon Creek. We will have to leave this to the County too. We paddle for fun and believe it, this was no fun!.

With these blown down trees blocking the river canoeing and kayaking is impossible. Half Moon Creek could be and should be an excellent open Canoe Trail for all of us and our visiting tourists to enjoy. In other words. it should be a very usable attractive asset intead of an open, ugly sewer dammed up with fallen logs of tree trunks acting as strainers collecting all the trash thrown off the bridge at Ramsey Road.

Also, a clean open free flowing river would assist in flood control and reduction of the mosquitoe population and help in eradicating noxious weeds.

And think of how pretty our country side would be without trash everywhere. Please volunteer to help this year whereever you are. Elmer

Elmer, The White Oak River TrashmanStewards of the White Oak River BasinPlease visit: http://www.whiteoakstewards.org/Cell Phone 910-389-4588’If no one litters, there will be no litter”


2006-03-01 Halfmoon Creek & Salters Creek to Oyster Creek

Subject: 2006-03-01, Half Moon Creek.jpg, plus Saturdays plans by CCCKC
This will serve as our report on Half Moon Creek and as notice of paddle trip on this Saturday. The Half Moon participants were Dale Weston of Jacksonville, Jim Morris of Morehead City and Elmer Eddy of Swansboro.

As you can see we need Pee Vees, usually called a Peavey and named after a Mr. Peavey in Maine who invented them and also called a Cant Hook. If any ones want to donate theirs we sure can put them to good use.
Halfmoon is like all our creeks. It is a lovely creek completly unused and instead trashed and made into what resembles an open sewer. Instead of nurturing our creeks and making them beautiful we ignore them and use them to dispose of our trash.

We must stop this horrible practice.

The following is our report as sent to Ben Ball, TV Channel FM 107.3. I’ll be on there at 8:15 tomorrow morning, Friday.


We put-in at Gum Branch Road at 10:00 and paddled up stream clearing obstructions as we went.

At 2:00 PM we came upon what is shown in the picture.

We turned around and went back in 50 minutes and met our take-out time of 3:00.

We have to go back and tackle this mess. Half Moon Creek should be a clean, clear creek to paddle. Right now it is badly trashed and blocked by tangles of blown down trees and trash as you can see.

We need Peaveys, (Cant Hooks), to do this. I’m sure some people have these laying around not doing anything. They are not used much anymore in modern logging operations. You can tell the peoole I will pick them up if they will call me at 910-389-4588 or e-mail me. I live at 101 River Reach Drive West in Swansboro NC if they want to drop them off.

Do you think you and Big John can get some folks to donate some for us? With enough Peaveys and people we can move most any log and disentangle these blockages on our streams and make them usable again as paddle trails and clear and clean and free flowing. They create huge strainers trapping all the trash and blocking some rivers completely.

Will call you Friday morning according to Ken at 8:15. We are going back this Saturday, weather permitting, to Core Sound. The plan is to leave from Oyster Point at Davis and paddle over to Salters Lump Island and then up Nelson Bay to Salters Creek. Looks like winds will be from North so we probably will reverse the trip.This is a Crystal Coast Canoe & Kayak Club trip we are joining.

We meet at 9:30 at Oyster Creek Wildlife Ramp on the East end of Davis. Elmer”

Elmer, The White Oak River TrashmanStewards of the White Oak River BasinPlease visit: http://www.whiteoakstewards.org/Cell Phone 910-389-4588’If no one litters, there will be no litter”