2006-01-21, New River Clean

2006-01-21, New River Cleanup

Dear Commisssioners:

Desperate means are now urgently necessary to stop the illegal disposal of trash into our waters from our bridges. All present and past efforts have failed.

Please take immediate steps to enforce our anti litter laws with a vengence until this despicable practice is brought to a halt.

Thank you, Elmer Eddy

The story is by Brian Wheat of Jacksonville, the pictures are courtesy of Marie Justen of Spooners Creek. All pictures may be seen on our web site. This entire e-mail is also being sent to Stewards of The White Oak River Basin and Coastal Carolina Kayakers

Elmer, The White Oak River TrashmanStewards of the White Oak River BasinPlease visit: www.whiteoakstewards.orgCell Phone 910-389-4588
If no one litters, there will be no litter.
“13 paddlers & 2 power boats participated in the Jan 21st cleanup. The power boaters were Robert Finn & the New River keeper Mike Sanderford (shown in the 3rd photo)

Photos 1 & 2 show the efforts being expended to remove a 40 gallon water heater from the river. In the first photo Theresa Ellerman, Jim Wheeler, Dale Weston & various body parts can be seen hauling mightily on ropes. The second photo adds Jim VanRipper & Tom Roggenbauer to the mix.

The paddlers were Marie Justen, Carolyn Bates, Mona & Devone Padrick, Tom Roggembauer, Jim Wheeler, Jim VanRipper, Jim Brewster, Bianca Klein, Scarlett Fielding, Heather DeGrasse, Dale Weston, Theresa Ellerman & yours truly.

We removed a total of 31 bags of trash, a refrigerator, the water heater, chairs, and pallets. Unfortunately there is still plenty more trash to be removed as we were not able to pickup trash the last few miles of the trip.

Mike Sanderford made it possible to remove as much trash as we did by providing his HUGE jon boat.

Brian Wheat”


2006-01-16, Grants Creek

To Our Onslow County Commissioners:
2006-01-16, Grants Creek, a work and play paddle trip by Brian Wheat of Jacksonville and Elmer Eddy of Swansboro.
We did the work of cutting through blown down trees blocking this river so that we and others to follow can enjoy a canoe or kayak trip down this lovely stream from Belgrade-Swansboro Road to its confluence with The White Oak River .
From there one can paddle downstream to a ramp in Croatan Forest in Jones County at Long Point or upstream to a ramp at Haywood Landing.
This is very important as it gives us public access to The White Oak River in Onslow County.
JR Batchelor and his crew had cleared this stream of all obstructions from Jones Galloway Road downstream in 2003. We paddled it then on March 20, 2003 and had an excellent experience. We hope you can empower JR or others to do this again as it makes a wonderful Paddle Trail at very little cost. Barring further hurricanes we should be able to keep it open on our regular paddles.
The pictures are what we encountered today as we attempted to paddle up stream from the bridge.
We would have a exciting white water rapid coming down the chute thru that beaver dam.
Please do all you can to make all our streams clean and clear and free running and navigable and usable. They all can become a great tourist attraction and asset for Onslow County.
Thank you, Elmer, The White Oak River Trashman.
Copies of this e-mail are being sent to Stewards of The White Oak River Basin and Coastal Carolina Kayakers as our trip report and to Lisa Grant and Pamela Watkins. Lisa and Pam, we picked up a large bag of trash and a large old cooler. All of this was thrown out at the bridge. This is the source point of all of this trash. We must find a way to stop this dumping at our bridges polluting our waters.
2006-01-21, this Saturday, The New River on Onslow County Canoe Trail. This is a cleanup trip lead by Brian Wheat and the New River Foundation. Let’s give him all the support we can. He has done wonders for us.
The First New River Clean Up of 2006
When? Saturday. January 21st (Rain date Jan 28th)
Where? The New River from Rhodestown Road
to Hwy 17 (Marina Café).
What do I need to do? Call or e-mail Brian Wheat (455-7755 or bwheat@ec.rr.com) to let us know you plan to come (so we can plan for enough food, etc). As usual, canoes, paddles, lifejackets will be provided if needed. Or bring your own canoe or kayak.
Plan of the Day: Sign in, safety briefing, and organize to depart for McAllister Landing on Rhodestown Road at the New River Bridge. Launch boats and collect all trash on the way back to Marina Café. Lunch will be provided.
Schedule: Meet at Marina Café at 8:30 a.m., depart McAllister Landing by 9:30, Clean up River 3 – 4 hours, Marina Café hot dogs and hamburgers 1:00 – 2:00.
(Elmer is going to bring a heavy snack just in case.) Elmer

—————————————————————-Elmer, The White Oak River TrashmanStewards of the White Oak River BasinPlease visit: www.whiteoakstewards.orgCell Phone 910-389-4588——————————————————————————————————————————–


2006-01-16, this Monday, Grants Creek

Dear Comissioners:

We are trying to make our streams free running and usable. This also helps in mosquitoe control. Here are our plans for this Monday. Elmer Eddy

“Elmer,does anyone get any video on these trips? John” This is from Big John of Talk Station Public Service.

If anyone can do this please join us so we can provide Big John with a video account.

This is the creek forming part of the south boundary of The Quartenary Tract recently acquired by N. C. Coastal Federation. The White Oak River is the eastern boundary and Starkys Creek forms a large part of the northern boundary.

We will meet at 9:00 at the bridge where Grants Creek crosses the Belgrade-Swansboro Road.
This is just south of Palo Alto and about 7.2 miles north of Route 24 and 4.8 miles south of Route 17.

This will be a work and play trip. We need chain saws and cutters or clippers and hand saws. We have worked here before and there is a very short distance to be cleared of obstructions.

If successful here we will move up to Starkys creek and do the same. Even less work here.

This will create a clear canoe trail down Starkys to the White Oak and down the White Oak to Grants Creek and up Grants Creek to the Belgrade-Swansboro. It also give us two pubic access points to the White Oak River which are badly needed!

We plan to be off the water by three. Click on this to see Ed Gruca’s pics and story on our last paddle on Mill Creek and Alligator Bay. 060110alligatorbaymillcreek Elmer
—————————————————————-Elmer, The White Oak River TrashmanStewards of the White Oak River BasinPlease visit: www.whiteoakstewards.orgCell Phone 910-389-4588——————————————————————————————————————————–


06/01/05, Cartwheel Creek, A Success Story

To The Commissioners of Onslow County:
Dear Commissioners:

The following depicts what we did yesterday on Cartwheel Creek. This is what we have been doing on several trips on Northeast Creek that we wrote you about. We cannot do this alone. We need your help to make Onslow streams clear and free running as nature made them. This will add tremendous value to them for Onslow County.

JR Batchelor has been doing this in past years. We need him and his crew to do his usual good job on this Cartwheel Creek and finish clearing the creek. We cut through just enough to get our canoe thru. We did this with one man on a chain saw and the three of us also had hand brush cutters.

Also, Jones and Carteret Counties have received Grant money to do this. Onslow should be able to do the same.
Barring more hurricanes we and the local residents can keep it clean for the occasional trees which may fall across the creek.

Please find a way for JR Batchelor and his crew to make all Onlsow County Streams free running and navigable by canoe and kayaks. He does do an excellent job as we have enjoyed paddling after him on many of our rivers.

Here is yesterdays story: (Copies sent our group and Rhonda and Wayne May and Douglas Best who are adjacent property owners and appreciate what we have done here very much.)

We launched our boats in Cartwheel Creek at Walnut Landing in Walnut Landing Sudivision off Swansboro Loop Road at 11:00 AM. We worked our way upstream and arrived at Swansboro Loop Road at 3:00PM.

Our return trip downstream took 25 minutes!

This was a labor of love and an expression of thanks and appreciation for the use of their access to this lovely creek which enabled us in previous trips to paddle downstream to Mill Holland Creek and on to the White Oak River. Now they can paddle upstream too. We hope they can improve on what we did today as they do this.

We can now launch our canoes and kayaks at Swansboro Loop Road thus giving paddlers a public access to The White Oak River. The new Stella Bridge has closed off our public access there so this is now the only public access in Onslow County to The White Oak River from Swansboro to Gibson Bridge which is the first bridge above Maysville.

More work needs to be done. What we did today shows it will be an excellent canoe trail when fully cleared of all snaggs. Onslow County could do this at very little cost as they have done on many other streams in the past for mosquitoe control to make a clear flowing creek. This also makes a usable creek for paddlers to navigate.

Grants Creek and Starkys Creek are two creeks that can also be cleared to provide paddlers with public access to the White Oak. Many more creeks in Onslow County could be usable if cleared this way.

Tha participants were Ed Gruca of Emerald Isle, Dale Weston of Jacksonville and Elmer Eddy of Swansboro. Pictures are by Ed Gruca. They tell the story. Dale and I had the good luck to see a pileated woodpecker but Ed was not there to get a picture. Elmer Eddy, The White Oak River Trashman

Stewards of The White Oak River Basin
101 River Reach Drive West, Swansboro, NC. 28584
Mobile Phone: 910-389-4588, E-mail: eeddy@ec.rr.com
Web site: http://www.whiteoakstewards.org/


Cartwheel CreekSwansboro, NCJanuary 5, 2006

A wilderness adventure paddle in an urban creek!We launched our boats in Walnut Creek subdivision with the permission of the homeowners and worked our way upstream to Swansboro Loop Road fours hours later.
At the launch site 11:00 AM. Left to right: Ed Gruca, Elmer Eddy, Dale Weston
Dale cutting our way through
Elmer in the water wearing his new chest waders!
The elusive creek hides its true course well!
Beaver Dams
Home Stretch