2005-09, recent trips on the White Oak River

We paddled three sections up stream on the White Oak River since Ophelia. We encountered new blowdowns and strainers blocking the river. We got through them or over them or around them. On some we used a chain saw to get through.

Mike Banks says there is some left over Grant money and he is having the crew return to open up the river. We had good high water after Ophelia but the water is dropping now and canoeing will become more difficult until these blockages are cleared.

Here are some selected pictures:


2005-09-01, Huggins Island

Subject: 2005-09-01, Huggins Island
This was to be a Freeman Creek paddle but the Marines were busy there. Also, I had canceled the trip due to the gas predicament.

These five people did not open their computers and showed up looking for me. They are L to R, Julia Miner from Arapahoe, Dale Weston from Jacksonville. Jim Morris from Morehead City and Kathy Geer and her daughter Natalie from Pittsburgh. They picked up these five bags of trash on the sandy point across from the Wildlife Ramp on Route 24 in Cedar Point while waiting for me to join the them.

We then took a tour around Huggins Island our new addition to Hammocks Beach State Park. We past commercial clammers gathering clams by their hands. After lunch we tried clamming on our own. Dale was the first to hit pay dirt followed by Natalie who caught on quickly. They enjoyed their clams for dinner and had a good time finding them.

The weather was excellent. It was a very enjoyable trip.


2005-09-3, Smyrna to Harkers Isand

CCCKC Paddle Yesterday was a perfect day to paddle from Smyrna to the Harkers Island Bridge. People started arriving at the put-in at 9AM, seven total were here by 9:30. Set up a shuttle and were on the water a 9:55. We paddled out of Middens Creek, making a slight SE turn, out into Jarrett Bay. No current to speak of but we had a slight NE wind of about 5 KTS at out backs. Paddling through Great Marsh Creek and west of Bells Island we passed Tusk Creek. Old rustic working Fish House on the right as we passed. Osprey nest in a tree and one on the end of an old dock, the middle of the dock was washed away in a long ago storm. Shore birds of all kinds were seen along the way as well as the whirl of Jumping Mullets. Around 11:30 we entered Core Sound and rounded the point of the community of Marshallburg. Making a sharp right, we were now headed into the Straits. A little side trip up Sleepy Creek, we visited the disputed Marshallburg Harbor. Ownership of the Harbor is beings argued and has been in the papers. On to Browns Island were we stopped for lunch and chance to stretch our legs. After a short break, back on the water with a good current flow with us, we were on our way to the Bridge. What a nice paddle, beautiful day with wind and current with us, we arrived at the Bridge at approximately 1:30. Paddles were as follows: Julia Miner, Cal Hansen, Bob Bardeaux, Carol Traxel, Elmer Eddy, Kate Jackson and trip leader, Al Morris.