Paddling Feb 2, 2005, Newport River, Nine Mile Road to Old Rte. 70

More good news. A new paddle trail has been opened up for us by Carteret County. Thank you Commissioners!

Just talked to Todd Kelly who is doing the removal of blown down trees. He will be through by Wednesday and may join us by riding up front with me.

We will meet at 11:30 at Nine Foot Road and unload our boats. Do not park here. Park back at corner of Roberts Road. We will take cars to our take out at The Wildlife Ramp on Old 70 in Newport. This is right near the other end of Roberts Road. Four hours should complete the trip.

This is club meeting night at 7:00. This is the reason for the late start to reduce the time between getting off the river and the going to the meeting. Brian suggests all getting together for dinner.

The temperature is to be 54 and light north winds should not bother us in the dense woods along this river. Marie and Gary and Matt climbed over all these trees and then turned around and did it again going back downstream. Marie is recovering nicely from her knee replacement. Gary goes in on February 10th for his right knee. No connection for having climbed over all those blown down trees twice together. Elmer