White Oak River, 8 miles of new paddling, Jan. 26th, Wednesday

Here is a new adventure for us never before paddled since Floyd closed it and Jamie wrote his Extreme Canoeing, a new sport, climbing over stacked up blown down trees blocking the river .

I talked to Mike yesterday. The removal of downed trees by the folks working under the grant have opened this river to the point we can canoe it at the present water level. We will have some beaver dams to go over.

The weather Wednesday is excellent, 59 degrees, so here are our plans:

We will meet at 10:00 at Emmetts Lane Bridge, the second bridge above Route 17 in Maysville-Belgrade. This Is State Road #1117 in Jones County and State Road 1333 in Onslow County. It is listed as Collins Road in the TOPO map. It connects to White Oak River Roads which are 1116 in Jones Coundy and 1331 in Onlow County. Both of these roads are off of Route 17.

We will unload our boats at Emmetts and drive to Gibson Bridge unless someone has all ready set up a shuttle. We should get off the river by 3:00. I’m excited! I can,t wait! Elmer

Cell phone: 910-389-4588 Come join us for this exploration and adventure. We will pick up all litter and trash as we go.