Paddling Sugar Loaf Island and Brandt Island January 12, 2005

Paddling January 12, 2005, Sugarloaf and Brandt Islands.

(Commentary: All this trash was blown off boats or deliberately or carelessly discarded. We did not begin to get it all. This condition will continue until this horrible practice is stopped. This would be so easy: “If no litters, there will be no litter”. Let’s treat our tourists to clean waters and beaches.)

What wonderful weather. Dale Weston pulled a Gary Scruggs and stripped to the waste. But, alas, I was not quick enough with the camera to catch it. We can’t believe it is mid winter!

We launched from both 10th Street and 11th Street in Morehead City. The natural sandy beach at 11th street is best for us. The ramp at 10th Street is difficult for launching canoes and kayaks, especially at low tide.

We went to the westerly point on Sugarloaf and immediately encountered trash which continued as we worked our way down the Cut side. We even came upon two piles of broken timbers with jagged edges and nails and screws protruding. These we piled up last year when we cleaned up this entire island. We cannot remove these with our canoes and kayaks. We will have to leave these to others to remove. We did pick up all accumulated new trash up to this point.We carried the bags back to the point and picked them up on our return from Brandt Isle and placed them at the trash containers at 10th and 11th Streets.

We will be glad to return to Sugarloaf and finish the clean up of this beautiful new Morehead City Park anytime a group and/or the authorities organize the general public to participate to get it done.

We proceeded on our planned trip across Bogue Sound to Tar Landing Bay where we left off last week where the canal to Triple S Marina meets the Sound. We paddled along the shore line of the bay crossing over the pipe line delivering sand to the ocean front beaches.

We soon came upon the signs indicating we were entering Fort Macon State Park. There were many twisting winding turns to explore through the marshes here. Bill Murray lead us through them via Fishing Creek. When we entered the creek the tide was against us. When we got to Tombstone Point the tide was rushing out into Morehead City Channel. A very fast reversal of tides!

We ate lunch on a sandy beach on Tombstone Point and watched the tide create rapids as the current increased and the receding tide exposed sand bars out toward the channel.

As we played leap frog picking up trash along the sandy beach of Brandt Island we loaded our boats with we all we could carry.

We then climbed up the steep banks of this spoils island. What we found amazed and astonished us. See picture. There in the belly of this island was a huge dredge in a large lake surrounded by perpendicular steep, very high banks. The dredge was pumping sand over to the beaches. The volume of water they were pumping made a floating whirlpool of debris on the surface of the water.

It was awesome and scary looking down into this abyss. We stayed well away from the edges. More pics on the web site.

Next week, weather permitting we will explore The Newport River, Calico Creek, Calico Bay, Crab Point Bay and Crab Point area. At this time we do not have access points to get on the water. If anyone knows places we can use to get in and off the water please drop me an e-mail.

We are following the proposed Croatan Adventures to the Sea Trail and need access points all the way up to Flanners Beach on the Neuse. Elmer

Here are some pictures: Lunch at Tomstone Point.

In the belly of Brandt Island. Huge dredge pumping sand to ocean front beaches. Awesome sight.

You are looking down into the belly of Brandt Island

Looking down as we are leaving Brandt Island

Elmer with his canoe loaded with trash with flash on.

Elmer Eddy and Robert Wendel with loaded canoe

Dale Weston and new recruit, Jim Brewster from Jacksonville, who, like the rest of us enjoyed this exploration. This trash left at 10th Street.

Left to Right: Robert Wendel, Brian Leavy, Dale Weston, Jim Stevens, Tom Fineco, Jim Brewster. Bill Murray had left and Elmer Eddy took the picture. These were today’s participants. This trash was left at 11th Street.