Paddling Sunday, January 2, 2005 White Oak River

Today, Sunday, January 2, 2005 we paddled The White Oak River. We put in at Gibson Bridge and paddled up stream a short ways. This is the section which is now being cleared of all blowdowns so we will have a canoeable trail from the head waters of the White Oak to the ocean. Our thanks to all who are making this possible.

The river flow was good and paddling upstream gets tiring quickly. They are doing a great job and we can’t wait till the day we can put in at Emmetts Lane Bridge and come all the way down.

We turned around and headed downstream. We left Gibson Bridge at 12:10 and arrived at the White Oak River Camp Ground on 17 at 3:00 as scheduled. It was a clean, clear paddle with no obstructions. This is what the grant money is doing for us.

There were three beaver dams under construction. The third one was over a foot high and made a good class one or two rapid which added a little thrill. See picture on web site. All dams could be paddled over without bottoming at this water level.

This was a super mid-winter paddle with sushine and 70 degree weather. One can see far off into the woods with no leaves on the trees. Wood ducks kept flying off ahead of us. Yellow bellied sap suckers entertained us at lunch.

We picked up all trash. Got a bag full. This should not be. We must stop those who are dumpng off Gibson Bridge. How can we reach them?

Thanks to Keep Onlsow Beautiful, Law Enforcement Officers the area at the bridge has been cleaned up. We erected our Izaak Walton “Don’t Litter” sign to replace the one on the tree which had faded out.

Could not read Mike’s gauge. Will get water level from him. This river is ideal for paddling right now and so is the weather. Suggest anyone who can take advantage of these excellent conditions do so now.

See you Wednesday behind Hardees at 10:00,Pine Knoll Shores to finish our Bougue Sound paddle to Fort Macon. Elmer