Paddling January 5, Wednesday, 2005 Bogue Sound continued

Bill Richardson we all missed you News Years Day. We had to drive the evil spirits away with champagne.

We had Champagne on the beach thanks to Mary and Ron Howard on New Years Day. Also, got the biggest clam I ever saw! And maybe that was a bear cub we saw in the marsh grasses off Bogue field. Glorious day in mid winter!

Taking advantage of the continued good weather we will meet at Hoop Hole Creek behind Hardees in Pine Knoll Shores at 10:00. Our destination is Fort Macon. Don’t know take out yet. Maybe the Coast Guard Station. Plan to be off water by 3:00.

Real last mintue notice. Jamie and Matt Haynes and I will be at Gibson Bridge on the White Oak today. May paddle upstream a little where cleared of blow downs and then head downstream to Mikes Campground. Will sleae note on Snow White if we are still upstream. Probably around noon time.