Paddling Feb 2, 2005, Newport River, Nine Mile Road to Old Rte. 70

More good news. A new paddle trail has been opened up for us by Carteret County. Thank you Commissioners!

Just talked to Todd Kelly who is doing the removal of blown down trees. He will be through by Wednesday and may join us by riding up front with me.

We will meet at 11:30 at Nine Foot Road and unload our boats. Do not park here. Park back at corner of Roberts Road. We will take cars to our take out at The Wildlife Ramp on Old 70 in Newport. This is right near the other end of Roberts Road. Four hours should complete the trip.

This is club meeting night at 7:00. This is the reason for the late start to reduce the time between getting off the river and the going to the meeting. Brian suggests all getting together for dinner.

The temperature is to be 54 and light north winds should not bother us in the dense woods along this river. Marie and Gary and Matt climbed over all these trees and then turned around and did it again going back downstream. Marie is recovering nicely from her knee replacement. Gary goes in on February 10th for his right knee. No connection for having climbed over all those blown down trees twice together. Elmer


White Oak River, Emmetts Lane Bridge to Gibson Bridge, January 26, 2005

This was an excellent trip. It was also the first trime we have been able to paddle this 8 mile secton of the White Oak River since Floyd. This is all due to a $40,000 grant secured by Jones County through the State Office of North Carolina Division of Water Resources Development Grant Program.

The last time I paddled this section was with Jamie Cameron of the Tideland News. We expected the river to be cleaned at that time and wanted to to have “Before and After” experiences. He wrote “Extreme Canoeing A Big Challenge” then on June 21, 2001and now, finally, three years later he will be able to write the “after” version.

I will leave the story of the trip up to him. It will appear in The Tideland News next Wednesday, February 2nd.

We never had to get out of our boats. The water level was 4″ below zero if I read Mike Bank’s gauge right. The picture was taken under the bridge over the river at Route 17.. If you see the river like this you can paddle this section and in fact the entire river.

Beaver dams can make a liar out of me. I have no control over them. We did encounter several beaver dams and beaver lodges. After all, they have had the river all to themselves all these years. If the first boat will take the time to remove a few of the sticks at the lowest part at the surface of the dam, this will cause all the river flow to go thru this opening and create an nice rapid through the chute and give you a thrill as you shoot through the opening and down the rapid. White water on the White Oak! Thanks to the beavers!

We were all concerned about the heavy concentration of noxious weeds we encountered. We believe these will completely block the river to paddling this summer if they are not eradicated. The first concentration was about 1/2 hour below Emmett’s Lane Bridge. Later we encountered another already bright green weed with a knife like blade. This did not appear invasive. When we hit the power line area a third type of weed almost blocked the river. We feel sure this summer it will close it down.

This would be a shame after all these efforts to get the river cleared of blown down trees blocking the river. I am sending copy of this e-mail to J. R. Batchelor of Onslow County and Rob Emens, of NC State Plant Pest Control and hope they can prevent this from happening.

Again we thank Larry Meadows, Jones County Manager and the Jones County Commissioners and Jeff Bruton of NC Water Resources and Connie Asero who wrote the Grant, and Mike Banks who is supervising the work in progress. We also thank all those who voluntered to remove trees obstructing the river thus making the Grant money go further.

Today’s participants were Jamie Cameron of Stella, Dale Weston of Jacksonville, Brian Leavy of Pine Knoll Shores, Jim Stevens and Tom Fineco of New Bern and Joanne Somerday of Kinston. Elmer


White Oak River, 8 miles of new paddling, Jan. 26th, Wednesday

Here is a new adventure for us never before paddled since Floyd closed it and Jamie wrote his Extreme Canoeing, a new sport, climbing over stacked up blown down trees blocking the river .

I talked to Mike yesterday. The removal of downed trees by the folks working under the grant have opened this river to the point we can canoe it at the present water level. We will have some beaver dams to go over.

The weather Wednesday is excellent, 59 degrees, so here are our plans:

We will meet at 10:00 at Emmetts Lane Bridge, the second bridge above Route 17 in Maysville-Belgrade. This Is State Road #1117 in Jones County and State Road 1333 in Onslow County. It is listed as Collins Road in the TOPO map. It connects to White Oak River Roads which are 1116 in Jones Coundy and 1331 in Onlow County. Both of these roads are off of Route 17.

We will unload our boats at Emmetts and drive to Gibson Bridge unless someone has all ready set up a shuttle. We should get off the river by 3:00. I’m excited! I can,t wait! Elmer

Cell phone: 910-389-4588 Come join us for this exploration and adventure. We will pick up all litter and trash as we go.



Sugarloaf and Brandt Islands, January 12, 2005

These pictures are from Robert Wendel. They are excellent and show the realTrashmen Of The White Oak River Basin who were on this excursion.

We paddle for the fun of it. We love to explore new waters. The adventures are rewarding.We were constantly surprised and even amazed and astounded as the day unfolded.

Trash spoiled the beautiful scenery. It overloaded us but we cannot stand it and have to pick it up.

Folks, please stop littering. Make a pledge to yourselves not to litter and live up to it. “If no one litters, there will be no litter”.

What a wonderful world it would be. Yours, for litter free roads and waters. Elmer

The pictures: Bill is Trashman Bill Murray of Pine Knoll Shores, Bob is really Trashman Tom Fineco of New Bern, Brian is Trashman Brian Leavy of Pine Knoll Shores with Tom behind him, the crew is L to R, Elmer Eddy of Swansboro, Dale Weston of Jacksonville, Jim Stevens of New Bern and JimBrewster of Jacksonville, Dale is Trashman Dale Weston in the rear and Jim Brewster in front, both of Jacksonville, Elmer is Trashman Elmer Eddy of Swansboro, and me3 is Trashman Robert Wendel of Morehead City.

Elmer, The White Oak River Trashman, Here are the pictures by Robert Wendel.

Sugarloaf -Bill, Bill Murray————————————————————————————————————————————–

Sugarloaf -Bob –really Tom Fineco

sugarloaf-Brian Leavy

sugarloaf-crew, left to right, Elmer Eddy, Dale Weston, Jim Stevens and Jim Brewster

Sugarloaf-Dale, Jim Brewster in front and Dale Weston in rear

Sugarloaf-Elmer, Elmer Eddy

sugarloaf-me3, Robert Wendel


Paddling Sugar Loaf Island and Brandt Island January 12, 2005

Paddling January 12, 2005, Sugarloaf and Brandt Islands.

(Commentary: All this trash was blown off boats or deliberately or carelessly discarded. We did not begin to get it all. This condition will continue until this horrible practice is stopped. This would be so easy: “If no litters, there will be no litter”. Let’s treat our tourists to clean waters and beaches.)

What wonderful weather. Dale Weston pulled a Gary Scruggs and stripped to the waste. But, alas, I was not quick enough with the camera to catch it. We can’t believe it is mid winter!

We launched from both 10th Street and 11th Street in Morehead City. The natural sandy beach at 11th street is best for us. The ramp at 10th Street is difficult for launching canoes and kayaks, especially at low tide.

We went to the westerly point on Sugarloaf and immediately encountered trash which continued as we worked our way down the Cut side. We even came upon two piles of broken timbers with jagged edges and nails and screws protruding. These we piled up last year when we cleaned up this entire island. We cannot remove these with our canoes and kayaks. We will have to leave these to others to remove. We did pick up all accumulated new trash up to this point.We carried the bags back to the point and picked them up on our return from Brandt Isle and placed them at the trash containers at 10th and 11th Streets.

We will be glad to return to Sugarloaf and finish the clean up of this beautiful new Morehead City Park anytime a group and/or the authorities organize the general public to participate to get it done.

We proceeded on our planned trip across Bogue Sound to Tar Landing Bay where we left off last week where the canal to Triple S Marina meets the Sound. We paddled along the shore line of the bay crossing over the pipe line delivering sand to the ocean front beaches.

We soon came upon the signs indicating we were entering Fort Macon State Park. There were many twisting winding turns to explore through the marshes here. Bill Murray lead us through them via Fishing Creek. When we entered the creek the tide was against us. When we got to Tombstone Point the tide was rushing out into Morehead City Channel. A very fast reversal of tides!

We ate lunch on a sandy beach on Tombstone Point and watched the tide create rapids as the current increased and the receding tide exposed sand bars out toward the channel.

As we played leap frog picking up trash along the sandy beach of Brandt Island we loaded our boats with we all we could carry.

We then climbed up the steep banks of this spoils island. What we found amazed and astonished us. See picture. There in the belly of this island was a huge dredge in a large lake surrounded by perpendicular steep, very high banks. The dredge was pumping sand over to the beaches. The volume of water they were pumping made a floating whirlpool of debris on the surface of the water.

It was awesome and scary looking down into this abyss. We stayed well away from the edges. More pics on the web site.

Next week, weather permitting we will explore The Newport River, Calico Creek, Calico Bay, Crab Point Bay and Crab Point area. At this time we do not have access points to get on the water. If anyone knows places we can use to get in and off the water please drop me an e-mail.

We are following the proposed Croatan Adventures to the Sea Trail and need access points all the way up to Flanners Beach on the Neuse. Elmer

Here are some pictures: Lunch at Tomstone Point.

In the belly of Brandt Island. Huge dredge pumping sand to ocean front beaches. Awesome sight.

You are looking down into the belly of Brandt Island

Looking down as we are leaving Brandt Island

Elmer with his canoe loaded with trash with flash on.

Elmer Eddy and Robert Wendel with loaded canoe

Dale Weston and new recruit, Jim Brewster from Jacksonville, who, like the rest of us enjoyed this exploration. This trash left at 10th Street.

Left to Right: Robert Wendel, Brian Leavy, Dale Weston, Jim Stevens, Tom Fineco, Jim Brewster. Bill Murray had left and Elmer Eddy took the picture. These were today’s participants. This trash was left at 11th Street.


Paddling Wednesday, January 12, 2005-

Paddling Wednesday, January 12, 2005, Sugarloaf, Ft. Macon State Park

Everything is good and go for tomorrow at 10:00 at 10th Street in Morehead City. We will put-in and take out here.

We will revisit and explore Sugarloaf Island now as a City Park. This is the island we cleaned up last year and had to call in the Marines to get it done.

We then paddle acroos Bogue Sound to Tar Landing Bay and go through Fishing Creek to the Morehead Channel and turn down to the beach north of the Coast Guard Station. Lunch here?

We will come back up the channel past Brandt Island and check it out and then return to 10th Street on the Cut side of Sugarloaf.

Should be an interesting trip with excellent weather. All are welcome. Elmer



Paddling Wednesday, January 5, 2005 and January 12, 2005

Paddling Wednesday, January 5, 2005 and Wednesday, January 12, 2005, Bogue Sound

On the 5th we put-in at Hoop Hole Creek. Turn off 24 at Hardees in Pine Knoll Shores. Go past Hardees and The Dry Cleaner and past the dumpsters on the right you will find a short trail leading to the water. This trail was badly trashed. We cleaned up most of it and erected Izaak Walton League “Don’t Litter” signs.

We followed the shoreline out into the Sound and turned right toward Fort Macon. The weather was perfect and the wind was at our back. We passed sandy beaches and marsh grasses and oyster beds. We went past Cedar Hammock Island. There were many oppportunities to turn into canals to explore but we went on to the Morehead bridge before turning in on the last canal before the bridge to see the public access here thanks to Bill Murray who has used it. By land take the first road right coming from Morehead off the bridge. .We understand there is another access on the first canal east of the bridge too.

We continued on into Money Slough and around Money Island. There was a large beautiful home on the point here with bulkheads around it. The marshes in front were loaded with trash. We picked it all up and had to unload it up on top of the bulkhead as our kayaks and canoe could hold it. We hope those folks will understand a dispose of this for us.

We paddled by the long row of condominiums with boats tied up on one side and a bulkhead on the sound side. We ate lunch just past them on a sandy beach in Allen Slough out of the wind. Yes, the wind had come up.

We paddled on to Tar Landing Bay. On the right was a canal lined by trailer homes which is where our take out at Triple S Marina is. We could look across the Sound to Sugarloaf Island and Morehead City. Looking across Tar Landing Bay we could see the very high (19 feet per the topo map) Brandt Island. This is the spoils Island where they deposit the dredged material from keeping the channels open in the harbor.

We had time so we decided to climb it.The wind was strong now and it practically blew us over there. The large bushes were so thick we could not penitrate them and had to give up. Bill Murray had decided to explore Fishing Creek instead and he found it a successfuly got through it to Morehead City Channel.

We had a tough but short paddle back against the strong wind to the canal leading to our take-out. We could see Bill coming too from his exploration of Fishing Creek.

Today’s participants were Joanne Somerday, Kinston, Dale Weston, Jacksonville, Bob Wendel, Morehead City, Tom Fineco, New Bern and the writer, Swansboro. It was a very interesting paddle. Very different and we skipped at lot of side bays and channels and canals to be explored another time. We had all the waters to ourselves. We were literally the only boats on the water where we paddled and we only saw three people on land on the whole trip.!

The picture is from the beach on Brandt Island with Sugarloaf and Morehead City in the background.

For more pictures of excellent quality see our Web Site. Those pictures are by Bob Wendel.

The good weather is predicted to be with us next Wednesday the 12th so we plan to put-in at 11th Street in Morehead. There is a sandy beach there in lieu of the slippery concrete ramp at 10th Street. We will revisit Sugarloaf Island and then go across the Sound to Tar Landing Bay, go through Fishing Creek to Morehead City Channel and turn right down to Fort Macon.

.We will follow the Channel back past Brandt Island and visit it and then on back to Sugarloaf on the Cut side to our put-in at 11th Street.

This trip requires good weather and low winds. Confirmation of a “go” will be e-mailed Tuesday. Hope to see you all at 10:00 AM at 11th Street. Evreryone is invited. Brings your friends and yes, Missy, even your puppy dogs!. Missy has literally gone to the dogs! Elmer

—————————————————————-Elmer, The White Oak River TrashmanStewards of the White Oak River BasinPlease visit: cell phone 910-389-4588——————————————————————————————————————————–


Paddling Sunday, January 2, 2005 White Oak River

Today, Sunday, January 2, 2005 we paddled The White Oak River. We put in at Gibson Bridge and paddled up stream a short ways. This is the section which is now being cleared of all blowdowns so we will have a canoeable trail from the head waters of the White Oak to the ocean. Our thanks to all who are making this possible.

The river flow was good and paddling upstream gets tiring quickly. They are doing a great job and we can’t wait till the day we can put in at Emmetts Lane Bridge and come all the way down.

We turned around and headed downstream. We left Gibson Bridge at 12:10 and arrived at the White Oak River Camp Ground on 17 at 3:00 as scheduled. It was a clean, clear paddle with no obstructions. This is what the grant money is doing for us.

There were three beaver dams under construction. The third one was over a foot high and made a good class one or two rapid which added a little thrill. See picture on web site. All dams could be paddled over without bottoming at this water level.

This was a super mid-winter paddle with sushine and 70 degree weather. One can see far off into the woods with no leaves on the trees. Wood ducks kept flying off ahead of us. Yellow bellied sap suckers entertained us at lunch.

We picked up all trash. Got a bag full. This should not be. We must stop those who are dumpng off Gibson Bridge. How can we reach them?

Thanks to Keep Onlsow Beautiful, Law Enforcement Officers the area at the bridge has been cleaned up. We erected our Izaak Walton “Don’t Litter” sign to replace the one on the tree which had faded out.

Could not read Mike’s gauge. Will get water level from him. This river is ideal for paddling right now and so is the weather. Suggest anyone who can take advantage of these excellent conditions do so now.

See you Wednesday behind Hardees at 10:00,Pine Knoll Shores to finish our Bougue Sound paddle to Fort Macon. Elmer


Paddling January 5, Wednesday, 2005 Bogue Sound continued

Bill Richardson we all missed you News Years Day. We had to drive the evil spirits away with champagne.

We had Champagne on the beach thanks to Mary and Ron Howard on New Years Day. Also, got the biggest clam I ever saw! And maybe that was a bear cub we saw in the marsh grasses off Bogue field. Glorious day in mid winter!

Taking advantage of the continued good weather we will meet at Hoop Hole Creek behind Hardees in Pine Knoll Shores at 10:00. Our destination is Fort Macon. Don’t know take out yet. Maybe the Coast Guard Station. Plan to be off water by 3:00.

Real last mintue notice. Jamie and Matt Haynes and I will be at Gibson Bridge on the White Oak today. May paddle upstream a little where cleared of blow downs and then head downstream to Mikes Campground. Will sleae note on Snow White if we are still upstream. Probably around noon time.