Paddling Bogue Sound, December 30, 2004 and New Years Paddle

We had a wonderful paddle on a wonderful day. Never saw the sound so calm all day.A sunny and warm day. The water was crystal clear. A cormorant kept diving and coming up in front of us in the first part of the canal which is lined with beautiful homes and boats.

We found the trash on this trip. We paddled the U shaped Pine Knolls canal. Only a few items. Then we turned east down the sound and in the marsh grasses and bushes we hit heavy trash and unloaded when we came back by the park at the put-in at the east entrance to the canal. Lisa: You wanted a picture of unusual trash we pick up. Does this fill your request?

That is Joanne in the first picture and Matt in the second. We ate lunch at the nearby dock and the last picture shows the marsh grasses and bushes where high tides and winds deposited the trash.

As we past the Bogue Sound Golf course we must have seen a hundred golf balls on the bottom. Didn,t know golf was a water sport too!

Our canoe was loaded again and we had to stop picking up trash anyway as we were scheduled to get to the take out at three.

Our participants were Joanne Somerday, Kinston, Jim Stevens and Tom Fineco, New Bern, Matt Haynes, Newport, Brian Leavy, Pine Knoll Shores and the writer. Our Thanks to John Davis and Linda Cumberland for the permission to use the park.

We plan to paddle next week from Hoop Pole Creek to Fort Macon weather permitting.

Sorry, for some reason, I cannot get the pictures on here. Joanne was sitting on a potty in my canoe. It was blown off a boat I guess. Matt, well, you’ll see when I can send the pics. Look on our web site. Give me time to get them on there.

New Years Day. Ron and Mary Howard are doing their annual New Years Paddle but they are leaving at 9:00 in the morning. They have to close their house at nine to paddle and they must leave again by 12:00.They say this changed info was communicated to CCCKC. Missed communications!

Ed Garrisson: I suggest you let everyone know.

I will be at their house before 9:00. We all are invited and we can paddle as long as we want with temps in the middle 70s!

Go east from the junction of 24 and 58 through Bogue on 24. After the end of the fence for Bogue Field turn right on first road, Goose Creek Loop and go to water. We will be there on Goose Creek. Public access is also possible at next road, Taylor Road. Happy New Year.

If you come late just put -in and paddle out into the Sound. You will see us. Elmer

Elmer, The White Oak River TrashmanStewards of the White Oak River BasinPlease visit: 910-389-4588


Paddling December 7th, Emerald Isle shores

Paddling December 7, 2004 along the shores of Emerald Isle from about mile 20 Island Harbor Marina to Park Drive at about mile 15 opposite the beach access parking lot. We also began by paddling west to the 58 bridge and back

This was a virtual odyssey!

Every trip paddling excursion is different. This was very different and unusual. There was no trash for us to pick up which is baffling!

There were the longest docks we ever saw. It was the most shallow water we ever paddled all day long. We had to go under the docks to get close to the shore. After I bumped my head once. I never did it again.

Those long docks lead up to beautiful homes beyond the marshes. Mile after mile of them. And you know what? We had the eerie feeling that we were in a wilderness because we never saw another human being. There was no boat traffic and no one was on shore. We were all alone in the world! We did come across one lonesome oyster man gathering oysters.

Come lunch time we saw sandy beaches along islands over toward the ICW. They were very inviting and we broke our trip plans and headed over to one of them for lunch. We think we landed on the south shore of the island that Bill Richardson duplicated the Indian New Years ritual, cleansing and renewal of the mind with smoke from chips in a clam shell.

Today our esteemed President of Crystal Coast Canoe & Kayak Club stripped to the waste. It was a lovely warm day at the beach! Joanne said it was good our Canoeudist buddy was not with us! Pic on the web.

We came back to Archers Point and broke our trip plan again. The wind came up at this time and to paddle back up Archers Creek and canal would be directly into the wind so we turned and went with the wind along the shore.

Due to the wind our esteemed President again displayed an unusual talent. He unfolded an umbrella for a sail! See our web site. Should we impeach him? Brian, we are a canoe and kayak club, not a sailing club!

We came upon a canal and chased two male mallards all the way to the end. At the end they got out of the water up onto the shore and got behind us. The picture is what we saw at the end of this canal. Is this really Emerald Isle or somewhere along the Amazon?.

Further on we came upon another canal. This one paralled the Sound. We paddled on and on by lovely homes and, thanks to Ken Court, we were able to return to the Sound without retracing our paddle. The tide was low by this time and the exit was shallow. Ken waded in the water and pulled us over a very short very low water hazard. At mid or high tide this would not have been even noticed.

It was not long after that that we reached our take out point at mile 15. It was Park Drive. It was hard to recognize from the water. The electrical transmission station is your best identification to find it. Three houses east is Park Drive. Sorry no parking here. Park across Route 58 in the beach access parking lot.

The water was so shallow we had to get out of our boats and wade in to the sandy take out. At high tide we expect this would not be necessary.

Next week we will paddle from here to Hoophole Creek. Join us if you can. Who knows what we will encounter? Elmer

Participants were Joanne Somerday from Kinston, Jim Stevens and Tom Fineco from New Bern, Brian Leavy from Pine Knoll Shores, Ken Court from Jacksonville, Robert Wendle from Morehead and Elmer Eddy from Swansboro.

Here is Brian on the beach in December!

This is lunch stop on the beach on a island. The ICW was on the other side.

Is this Emerald Isle or are we on the Amazon?

That black spot is an unbrella being held by Brian as a sale. Will he be taking steroids next?


Paddling Wednesday, Dec. 8, 2004

Bogue Sound Paddle, Wednesday, Dec 8, 2004 (via bcc to all).

65 degrees and sunny to partly cloudy is the long range forecast. Excellent paddling weather.

We will meet at Island Harbor Marina at 9:00. For out of towners, you can join us at 10:00 as we will paddle west to bridge and back.

When you come off the bridge to Emerald Isle on Rte 58 go to third stop light and turn left. This is at CVS Pharmacy. Go past car wash and bear left on Old Ferry Road to the Marina. Enter through the arches and bear left to the sandy beach west of the marina itself.

The marina is at about mile 20. Our take out will be at about mile 15 at Park Road. This is shown on CCCKC Map, Western Carteret County by a kayak access symbol. We plan to be off the water at 3:00

We will explore every canal and creek including Archers Canal and Creek. We will, of course, pick up all litter and trash but we anticipate very little in this area.

All in all, it should be a very interesting and enjoyable exploration and fun paddle. Elmer

phone cell 910-389-4588——————————————————————————————————————————–


Roads Clean up and Paddle

Tuesday, Nov. 30, 2004, road pick up and paddle.

This e-mail is being sent seperately to IWLA, Stewards of The White Oak River Basin, Coastal Carolina Kayakers, and NCDOT.

Twelve of us showed up at the T&W; restaurant on Rte 58 and picked up State Roads 1l06 and 1109 which are Peletier Loop Road and Firetower Road and West Firetower Road. We split up in pairs and played leap-frog down the roads attacking from either end. We were off the roads and back at the T&W; by 10:00.

We left the roads clean and four of us Paddled Pettiford Creek until 3:00.We left Pettiford Creek clean too. We removed two balls, a plastic chair and ghost crab pot and the usual scattered bottles and cans and pails and plastics. Oh yes, we came upon a whole deer in the river marshes. A four point buck. Apparently he had been shot and ran off to die unfound by the hunter who shot him.

We got two bags of trash off the river and a pick up truck full off the roads. See picture. That is Tom Riggs on the left with NCDOT. He came along behind us and picked our bags. The picture shows the truck full of bags behind the group. Other pics are on the web site. They are of the deer, and a gorgeous pyracantha, and live oaks hanging over the water on a sandy beach. It was a lovely day, perfect for paddling.

For our next NCDOT pickup for IWLA we will choose other roads in the Stella area. We hope to find a sponsor who will pay the postage to contact all residents in the area too so we can invite the local residents to join us in the hope that we can thus stop littering of those roads by enlisting them in Adopt-A-Highway Program. “If no one litters there will be no litter”.

Our paddle will probably be from the Stella Bridge down to The White Oak Bluffs Subdivision on Hadnot Creek.

Thanks to all who participated. It was a most successful day. Elmer.