Paddling Pettiford Creek and Starkey Creek, November 30, Tuesday, 2004

This e-mail is being sent to members of The Stewards of The White Oak River Basin, The Izaak Walton League of America, White Oak River Chapter and Coastal Carolina Kayakers by blind carbon copy so as to avoid the long print out of names and adresses.

We meet at 8:30 at the T&W; Restaurant on Route 58. We join with The Izaak Walton League to pick up Peletier Loop Road, Fire Tower Road and West Fire Tower Road. These are State Roads being #s 1106 and 1109 making a loop from the Water Tower in Peletier back to Rte 58 south of the T & W. We will pick in the “wild”areas only, not in front of residences.

You paddlers coming in from out of town can join us along the roads. We will paddle Pettiford Creek and Starkey Creek as soon as we have finished up on the roads.

We will put in on the water at the foot of Pettiford Road which is south of the Water Tank and take out there too.

The weather is predicted to be 63 degrees and the rain is not to arrive until after midnight. We should be off the river by 3:00.

Everything is falling into place for a successful clean up. “Don’t Litter” signs have been installed along the roads. The Peletier General Store at the Water Tank is handing out flyers for the local people. The Tideland News wrote it up on their editoral page on Nov. 30th, “Tuesday is Clean Up Day”. The Carteret News Times is also running an article this weekend. Ben Ball has announced it on the radio.

We have invited the local residents in the area to help us and to sign up with NCDOT in their Adopt-A-Highway Program. We will help them to do this. The local residents are the only ones who can keep these roads clean and free of all litter. “If no one litters there will be no litter”. What is discarded on these roads is washed into the White Oak River.

Yours to Keep America Beautiful, especially our very own White Oak River.


Emerald Isle Christmas Parade November 27, 2004

The picture shows John Davis, my grandson, Sam Eddy, Marcia Leavy and Elmer Eddy. We were representing Crystal Coast Canoe & Kayak Club and were entrants 29 and 30 out of total ot 70.

We blew our horn as we inched along and shouted “Dont Litter” and “We want clean waters”.

The crowds responded waving and clapping their hands and giving us thumbs up and many shouted back they don’t litter.

It was a happy, joyful occasion.