Monday, September 20, 2004, Grants Creek

We put in at Haywood Landing on the White Oak River and went down to Grants Creek and Bob Finn and I motorboated upstream in his 14 foot Jon boat. Tom Fineco was in his kayak.

Bob brought his chain saw and we opened up one blocklage.While we were working on that Tom paddled upstream and from his

discription he got to the same tree blocking the river that Joanne and I hit coming down the other way last week.

So, except for that one tree, Grants Creek is open to canoeing from the Belgrade-Grade Swansboro Road to the White Oak River. It is a 6 to 8 inch tree so a chain saw would make quick work ot that. Grants Creek it a very pretty creek. We also motored up Calebs Creek for a short ways. It is a lovely creek too. It joins the White Oak right next to Grants Creek.

Thank you Bob and Tom for making this possible. If we could get this done on Starkys and Hadnot Creek we would have two more creeks which we could paddle from Pont A to B. We need to keep our streams open. We don’t leave fallen trees across our roads. Our rivers are our roads

It was a lovely day. The wind was strong from the Northeast but that did not bother us at all on Grants Creek in the woods.

And, we set a brand new record; not a single piece of trash did we see! This has never happened before.

Picture is of Capt. Bob Finn at the controls. Bob is from Jacksonville. Tom is from New Bern. Elmer

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Keep America Beautiful

Keep America Beautiful

From The Trashman and Stewards of The White Oak River Basin

Nobody believes it but we do have fun picking up trash (litter) on our paddle trips. We joke and talk about the various and unusual things we find and what caused them to be there and why.

Shoes, dresses, pants, bras, toilet plungers, cushions, chairs, TVs, tires, balls, tennis, baseball, soft ball, soccer, basketballs, rubber balls, refrigerators, washing machines, 5 cent return milk bottles ” North Carolina Approved”, toys, sinks, ropes, garden hoses, crab pots, and of course, beer bottles, soda bottles, Styrofoam containers of all kinds, you name it and we have found it. We even found a shot up safe!

We have been doing it for over three years now.

The rivers we have paddled are cleaner. Some have remained clean. Others are being dumped on from bridges mostly and regularly! But, a lot of it is thrown out on the shoulders of our highways by the general public. Come hurricanes or heavy rains and this is washed into our rivers.

We love to paddle. It is our sport. Do you love baseball, football, soccer? Would you like trash on your playing fields? Would you like it on your front lawn?

We don’t like trash on our rivers. We remove it on our fun paddles. The ugly stuff is not there on our next trip. So, we can enjoy the true beauty of the lovely river we may be paddling..

But, we like to explore! We do not want to paddle the same river or waterway time after time. Each paddle is a new adventure. Every paddle is different and interesting and full of surprises.

We enjoy the surprise we get around the very next bend in the river. (As long as it is not a trash dump).

Millions are dumping anywhere and everywhere. Some of this is deliberate. A lot of it is simply a very bad habit we Americans have got to overcome. And, our trucks and pick up drivers have got the secure their loads.

We have tried our best to get everyone to simply pledge, “I will not litter”. Keep Onslow Beautiful and The New River Foundation and the employees and administrators of Onslow County are the only ones who have responded fully in stating, “I will not litter”.

When our businesses and their employees, our clubs and their members, and our churches and their congregations, and our students of every school and everyone else is ready to sign this pledge let us know and we will work with you.

When this comes to pass there will be no litter anywhere because no one will be dumping and no one will be littering.

In the meantime, we will continue to paddle, all year round, every river and waterway we can reach and explore it from the headwaters to the end.

Our Governor has again proclaimed three weeks in September as Clean Sweep. Big Sweep has set up their annual clean up, a different date for each County due to conflicts with other activities in each County. October 2nd and October 9th seem to be the most used dates.

Everyone, please join Big Sweep, Keep Onslow Beautiful, New River Foundation and clean up the river or roads near you.

North Carolina Coastal Federation is cleaning up Morris Landing this year.

You can participate in these activities to clean up your road or favorite river or waterway.

Big Sweep in Onslow County is October 2nd. Call 910-455-4470.

Big Sweep in Carteret County is October 9th. Call 252-222-6359

Big Sweep in Jones County is October 2nd. Call 252-448-3911

To join NCDOT in Adopt-A-Highway Program, from September 18th to October 3rd, call Onslow County and 252-514-4716 in Carteret County and 252-527-0053 in Jones County.

Remember, the only and final answer to trash and litter is for everyone to stop it. Certainly each of us can do this simple thing for our Country.

Please keep America Beautiful!

In the meantime, Stewards of The White River Basin will be paddling for fun and picking up all trash as we go. Please join us whenever you want to have fun with us too.

Elmer, The White Oak River Trashman

Stewards of The White Oak River Basin

101 River Reach Drive West

Swansboro, NC 28584 Cell phone 910-389-4588

Please visit our web site and see what we do. Click on Current events. <>


Paddling Wednesday, September 8, 2004

Paddling Wednesday, September 8, 2004, Lower White Oak above 24 bridge.

We will meet and put-in and take out at Cedar Point, Croatan National Forest ramp off Route 58. Meet at 9:00, take out at 3:00.We will paddle south and along the shore to downtown Swansboro. We will eat in the Fish Trap Restaurant on the porch on the waterfront or you can bring your lunch and eat in Swansboro Bi-Centennial Park.

After lunch we will paddle up the west shore and then cirlce Jones Islandand go over to our Sandy Beach on the Croatan Shore and back to our take-out. If time permits we will also do Dubling Bay.If heavy wind conditons exist we will do Grants Creek or Starkeys Creekupstream in the woods. Should know by Tuesday night about wind.

Missy Tenhet says they call the beautiful flower they saw on Upper BroadCreek as Joe Pye Weed. Jamie Haynes gave it a more formal name of Swamp Milkweed (Asclepias Incarnata) and she believes the butterflies are Palmedes Swallowtails.We thank Paul /ferguson for the exquisite picture which made it possible for all of us to enjoy those lovely flowers and those beautiful butterflies feeding on them.

From our missing paddlers who we do miss very much and love to hear from:

Hey Elmer, How’s it going? I check out your website every now and then and reminisce about the good times back on the White Oak and all. Sure do missgoing out with you guys. Man, it sure looks like you’ve been cleaning up therivers out there pretty steady. Great to see it. Just wanted to drop a lineand let you know that you and the rest of the bunch are still thought of. God bless. Ed Yon (Ed is in Texas,


My goodness….this was something out of a Lewis and Clark diary. Soundedabsolutely glorious. Congratulations to both you and Brian for being the woodsmen/canoemen you are. Naturally, I wish I’d been there !!! Pat Matthews (Pat has gone back to work. She was one of our regular early paddlers.)

Come join us and have fun.

Elmer, The White Oak River Trashman

Stewards of the White Oak River Basin

Please visit: cell phone 910-389-4588——————————————————————————————————————————–


Cape Carteret to Coast Guard Station, 9-1-04

1159 picture is in front of lovely woods where Emerald Isle new city park will soon have an access point to Bogue Sound for us.

1161 is at Coast Guard dock

1162 is view from their porch in the heavy rain

1163 is Steve relaxing in comfort for lunch

1164 is pumping my canoe out of about 1/2 full canoe of rain water

1165 is Seaman Tracy Waldeck and Petty Officer Daniel Taylor

Daniel: Thanks a million to all for taking us in. You “saved” the day for us! Elmer

A Delightful Paddle–Cape Carteret to The Coast Guard Station

September 1, 2004, Doug Shumate, and his son,Steve Shumate and Elmer Eddy put in at the foot of Manatee Street in Cape Carteret and paddled over to the Coast Guard Station at Bogue Inlet.

Doug is from < /”>> in Stokesdale up in the Mountains. Steve is from Nashville, Tennessee.

The Inland Waterway was as calm as I have ever seen it. We made our way along the bridge on to the west side. When we came to the ICW we crossed under the bridge and went around the island. The map shows an opening along the bridge here but it has been closed.

We headed toward the Emerald Isle shore line and crossed under the bridge again. The tide was almost at full and still flowing in. High tide is recommended for canoeing this route.

When we got to the Emerald Isle shore we saw a very narrow opening in the marsh grass close to the shore line. Tide water was rushing at us over oysters and making a little rapid. I stood up and saw plenty of open water beyond it.

We got out of our boats and pulled them over this little rapid and continued on. We soon came to the new parkland for Emerald Isle where we will have access to launch our boats. This will be great.

Doug took a picture of a very high billboard over grown by the tree tops. It was an interesting sight close to the road before 58 bears left.

We came to beautiful homes and long docks. A brief shower came up and we took shelter under a dock with raised boats. To get out of the rain one goes under the bottom of a boat! Also this dock had a closed deck without spaces between the decking.

At this time we thought we saw a funnel cloud that looked like a tornado over toward Bogue Inlet. We now learn that it was a water spout!

We continued on to the Coast Guard Station and arrived there at lunch time together with a hard rain from a passing front from the northeast which blew us there. Petty Officer Billy Taylor invited us to the porch out of the rain. We enjoyed our lunch chatting with the coast guardsmen. This tops all paddling lunch stops! Thanks to the deluge!

They offered us a truck ride with our boats back to our put-in. When lunch was over so was the heavy rain and the front had passed by and it was almost calm again. We thanked them very much but declined the truck ride and decided to paddle back via Banks Channel.

We had a good fast paddle home against the tide which we could avoid by staying close to shore lines and also against a light breeze. On one shell beach before we got to the bridge on the north shore we hit a small concentration of litter. We only had a half bag of trash as we picked up every bit we saw along the entire trip.

As we neared the foot of Manatee Street the water again was very calm . We got back shortly after three. We highly recommend this trip to all.

The young lady in the picture #1165 is Seaman Tracy Waldeck and the gentleman is Petty Officer, Daniel McDonald.

#1159 is in front of the new Emerald Isle city park site. #1160 keeping dry in a brief hard shower, #1161 at the Coast Guard Station dock, #1162 view from the porch in the heavy rain. #1163 in comfort at lunch. #1164 pumping rain water out of my canoe. It was almost half full.

(I went under or over the Emerald Isle bridge six times. Four by canoe and two by car to our canoe club meeting that night. This must be a record!)

————————————————————–Elmer, The White Oak River TrashmanStewards of the White Oak River BasinPlease visit: cell phone 910-389-4588—————————————————————-