Newport River, Saturday, July 31, 2004


Newport River paddle, Saturday, July 31, 2004

Gary Scruggs attended a meeting at the Carteret County Commissioners recently. They approved the desnagging of this river up to Lake Road. This is great news.

Gary has planned a trip from his house on the Newport. This will not be a desnagging trip. Just a regular trip like we always do to pick up all trash. Here are his plans.

Meet at my house  at 9:00 A.M. 209 Jessica Ln in Newport and we’ll take it from there what we do will depend on how many people show up.  If there are enough we can split into two groups –one going downstream and one upstream. If only a few show up we will just do up stream. water level permitting

  directions to my house from hwy 70 go down Nine Foot rd past the Food Lion about 1/4 of a mile. You will see a yellow house for sale on the right. On the left you will see a road sign saying “Heather Ave.” turn left.. go one block turn left this will be Jessica ln. Mine is the last trailer on the left. You can’t miss it.

  From hwy 24  turn left at the closed BP station go up Nine mile rd approximately  nine miles, bear right at the produce stand  onto Nine Foot rd. go roughly 3.5 miles and look for Heather ave on the right. turn onto Heather Ave. Go one block turn left onto Jessica. go to end my trailer is the last one on the left.

  As stated above we will make clean-up plans when we see how many people show up.

Thanks again.  My cell phone # is  252-622-9024.


Don’t forget this Wednesday, tomorrow, we do the White Oak, Hargett and Webb Creeks at nine. See web site for details. Elmer

Elmer, The White Oak River Trashman

Stewards of the White Oak River Basin        cell phone  910-389-4588


White Oak at Holland Mill Creek to Boondocks including Hargett & Webb Creeks


July 28, 2004, Wednesday, The White Oak River, including Webb Creek and Hargett Creek

This picks up where we left off last week. As wind is the governing factor on this section of the White Oak we will decide after we meet. All indicatons at this time are that it will be a southerly wind. So we are planning it from south to north.

The southerly put- in is at a private home. It is a large trailer home with a red foundation and off white walls and is the one Dale and I pointed out as we came down Holland Mill Creek. It has beautiful Hibiscus plants in large tubs on the porch. Large butterflies were swarming over them. It is right on the water. This is at the confluence of  Holland Mill Creek and The White Oak River.

To get there you turn off Belgrade-Swansboro Road onto Curt Holland Road #1433. This is about 2.4 miles south of Silverdale.

#1433 will turn left at a T. Do not turn. Continue straight on Thomas Holland Road # 1450. Just before the pavement ends turn left on dirt road Nanne. About a quarter mile down you will come to two dirt roads right. Take the first one and go to the river.

We will run our shuttle vehicles back to Boondocks on the White Oak at the bridge at Stella where we will be taking out.  We meet at 9:00 at the put-in and should be off the river by 3:00. If the wind changes to northwest, north or northeast we will reverse the direction of our paddle.

It is a short shuttle. We also expect very little trash on this trip. We will hug the western shore of the White Oak.We also expect to see an alligator on this trip and it is necessary that we sneak up on him so we all can see him. He is a big one! Elmer

Elmer, The White Oak River Trashman

Stewards of the White Oak River Basin

cell phone 910-389-4588——————————————————————————————————————————–


Cartwheel, Holland Mill, Stevens Creeks & White Oak

The weather reports said southwest winds. When we arrived at Bicentennial Park at Swansboro the flags were blowing straight out by a northeast wind.  We reversed  our trip and put in upstream on Cartwheel Creek.


We were on the water at 9:45. It was a narrow creek starting out. We past a branch on the left which goes under Swansboro Loop Road. This probably could and should be opened up to that road for public access there.


The creek soon widened and we past a farm where we have seen goats in the previous paddles. No goats today. We came to Holland Mill Creek and turned up stream. This creek could and probably should be cleared all the way to the Swansboro-Belgrade Road to provide public access. The reeds were very tall and we had the sense of being in a tunnel. Picture #1.


Dale and I were paddling tandem in a Discovery 174. We had to turn around and paddle backwards it was so narrow.


As we approached the White Oak we saw more and more birds, egrets, great blue herons, kingfishers and ducks. Jumping mullets and shrimp were everywhere.Dale had a shrimp jump in his tash bag..


With the wind and tide we cruised down the Whte Oak with ease.. We past many beautiful homes along the way. We stopped at a sandy beach for lunch and a swim. As we paddled past my sons house Duke and Earl talked to us from behind their fence.


We then came to Stevens Creek and paddled up as far as we could. This creek is silted in. It used to be very deep and was a refuge for deep keeled sailboats during storms. Plantation Estates, River Reach and River Reach West border this creek. 


We sailed down the White Oak. Stopped for another swim across from Jones Island and were back at Bicentennial Park before 3:00. It was a beautiful and very pleasant day on the water.


Our haul of trash was two tires, one crab pot, two large plastic crates and the usual bottles, cans and pails. This stretch of the White is now clean and does not have to be revisited during Big Sweep this year. Pictures 2,3,and 4. All on the our web site.


Next week Wednesday we plan to put in at Holland Mill creek and paddle upstream on the White Oak and do Hargetts Creek and Web Creek and take out at Stella at Boondocks if we have a southwest wind. We will reverse it if wind is from the northwest or northeast.  We can almost guarantee you will see an aligator on this trip.


Todays participants were Marie Justen, Jim Stevens, Dale Weston and the writer. Maries’ pictures are forwarded seperately.





New River clean up July 17, 2004

Brian Wheat of The New River Foundation organized this most successful clean up of 11.5 miles of the New River north of Jacksonville. We must have had 3o participants.


We met at the Marina Cafe on Route 17 at the bridge over the New River.  We put in the river 11.5 miles upstream at the new McAllister Landing on Rhodestown Road. This is a very long stretch of river to paddle and clean up too. They not only picked up all trash but also cut out blown down trees blocking the river.


Two very active participants who were in and out of the water picking up all kinds of trach and removing the cut sections of blown down trees.





Lisa Stotesbury, Administrator of Keep Onlsow Beautiful and Grant Hill, Professor at Carolina Commuity College who also participated in the clean up.





Unamed beautiful wildflower.  The pickerel wild flower was also blooming and Queen Annes Lace.

The trashman being towed home by Bob Quinn. He had stopped to talk to Tom Pallard at his beautiful home along the river. Tom told me about his new treatment plant under construction.



Some of the people and some of the trash at the Marina Cafe ramp.




More people.



Putting up the canoes.



It was a great day on the river. This section of the New is declared to be clean.  Big Sweep will not have to revisit here. Please everybody do not continue to trash this beautiful river.  We think the upstream bridges at Rhodestown and Northwest and up Squires Run are where the trash is being discarded into this river.  What is thrown out on our roads in the watershed also gets washed into the river with heavy rains. We all must stop littering.  


Thank you one and all for your participation. We especially want to thank Bob Leclair who came from Kinston with his Jon boat to carry our trash. His wife came with him and his daughter Michele, came with her own kayak.  Joanne Somerday also came down from Kinston, and Matt and Jamie Haynes from Newport and Marie Justen from Spooners Creek. 


Brian Wheat will tell you about all the others.  Our thanks again, to Brian and The New River Foundation for making this trip possible and so successful in restoring The New River to its natural gorgeous beauty around every bend in the river.


We all are determined to clean the New all the way to the ocean. We especially need motorboats to help us on these wide open waters.  Elmer




Report on Bogue Sound Paddle on July 7, 2004

Tom Fineco, Jim Stevens and Elmer Eddy cleaned up the entire big island under

under the Emerald Isle Bridge. Last year it took us three trips to accomplish this.

Elmer’s canoe was loaded. The gun-wales were close to the water. The two kayaks were loaded too. Jim got some pictures.

Fortunately. a south wind came up and blew us home. For the most part all I had to do was to use my paddle as a rudder.

Big Sweep, please mark this island off. No need to waste precious volunteeer’s time here. Elmer


New Paddle on White Oak, July 14, 2004

Wednesday, June 14th 2004, Cartwheel Branch, Holland Mill Creek, and the White Oak River

We will meet at 9:00 at Ball Field on Swansboro Loop Road. This is almost across from River Reach Drive where I live. Ramp where we will put-in is nearby and is on private property.

Take out is at North Front Street in Swansboro at the Bicentennial Park. May reverse trip depending on wind and tide that morning. Should be off river at 3:00.

We will hug the western shore of the White Oak and pick up all trash as we paddle leap-frogging along. Trash should be at a very minimum we hope.

Our house is open to any and all who want to stop by to see Florence. Elmer


New River, July 2 report, July 7, new paddle


Three of us, Bob Quinn, Brian Wheat and Elmer Eddy put in at the Marine Air Station ramp and cleaned up the shore line from Ragged Point south for two miles. We filled 11 bags and picked up a tire mounted on rim and a very large wide, upholstered boat seat.

This shoreline is fascinating. Driftwood abounds mixed with trees under cut and dropped from the high bluffs by storms. Nature is rebuilding all with new pine trees and bushes and grass.

The shore is very sandy except for a band of exposed blue clay in places. A wide gently sloping shelf maintains shallow water way out from shore. It all makes for a fascinating, interesting and pictureresque shoreline.

This year, before and during October 2, 2004, Big Sweep Day, we hope to have visited and cleaned every foot of shore line on the New River on both sides all the way to the ocean.

We cannot have a restored and clean New River with trash like we encountered today lining the shores.

We actually have two goals: #1. Remove all trash and litter including C& D material which is pieces of lumber such 2 x 4s and plywood. This often has nails and screws protruding which is very hazardous stuff to leave on a beach.

Goal #2. Prevention of all future littering by having everyone sign up in their places of business, their churches, their clubs etc that “I will not litter”. Our County Commissioners have lead the way for us in this endeavor and all of us should follow their lead.

To accomplish these goals we need the help of the general public and all personnel on Camp Lejeune.

We need the cooperation of The New River Round Table, Keep Onslow Beautiful, The New River Foundation and all others to come on board to get this done working together. .

Camp Lejeune schedules their own clean ups to fit into their own activities as time permits.

We need all clean ups reported and highlighted on maps for all to see so that we do not duplicate our efforts and waste valuable manpower.

Marines are always welcome to join us on their own time . We usually have extra canoes and kayaks for their use.

Most of this shore area is on Camp Lejuene land. We need to know where we can go and where we cannot go and when.

We also need to know every place we can have access to the water.

We also need to have permission to get our volunteers onto the base to get to the water access points with our vehicles and canoes and kayaks. .

One of our many pleasures we enjoy on these trips is the exploration of new waters. Between The New River and the ICW waters we have over 100 miles of new waters to explore whenever we can. Every trip is a new adventure!

In the meantime, our next paddle is scheduled for July 7th, Wednesday, in Bogue Sound on the island underneath the Emerald Isle Bridge. We will meet at the foot of the street that takes off of Route 24 just east of the junction of 58. Turn off between Mc Donald’s and the Subway and go to the end. We meet at 9:00 and we plan to be off the water at 3:00 and hope to leave this big island clean. It took us several trips last year. We do not expect much this year.

Please come and join us. A motor boat or two to get the stuff to the mainland would be great.

All out of town CCCKC members are invited to our house to shower. We can go out and get Chinese food, or what ever, like you did last time. Elmer