Chaney Creek-Burnt House 5/30/04

April ’04. NRF Foundation members Dale Weston, TJ Hiehle on tractor and Brian Wheat in waders – Strainers Galore – Cleaning long abandoned shopping carts out of Burnt House/Chaney Creek area behind New River Shopping Center, Jacksonville, NC. This was some tough work for all. Over 50 shopping carts removed along with tons of other trash and debris.

Litter in these waterways washing in from adjacent parking and dumpster areas (not to mention parking lot contaminants washing into the waterway also) contribute a large a amount of trash and pollutants into the New River, down past Phillip’s Park and further downstream past Fisherman’s Wharf Restaurant.


Chaney Creek 5/30/04

Brian Wheat, volunteer Marines/Sailors from Naval Hospital, TJ Hiehle on tractor, clearing buried shopping carts out of Burnt House – Chaney Creek behind New River Shopping Center, Jacksonville, NC


Blades Creek,Clubfoot Creek, Harlowe Canal, Harlowe Creek, May 26, 2004

We finally got to paddle this Historic Route. Before railroads all commercial traffic between New Bern and Beaufort-Morehead City was transported on this waterway. It is the birthplace of our present Inland Waterway. Today, for us, it is part of the Saltwater Adventure Trail which we are paddling for its entire lenght. .

We left our shuttle vehicles at the foot of Dowty Road off Mill Creek Road. This was thanks to Nick Culpepper who owns this land and has lived here since 1948. While land access is restricted at low tide along this shore, including Oyster Point, at low tide due to extensive mud flats extending out a long way from the shore, there is still a deep water channel you can follow past this area.

We motored north on Mill Creek Road and joined Winberry Road up to Route 101 which we followed through Harlowe and North Harlowe and turned right on Blades Road to Blades Creek.

We put in here past the bridge. The shoulders were narrow but we managed to get our vehicles off the pavement. We paddled down Blades Creek to Clubfoot Creek and turned right toward the Harlowe Canal.

Along this secton of Clubfoot Creek were several large homes undef construction or completed with exellent floating docks on the river.

We soon intered the canal. The berm created from the dredging of the canal was all grown up wih large trees, both hardwoods and pines. This was a picturesque stretch with an inviting shore line .

We went under three bridges, Route 101 being the last one. We ate lunch on a berm knoll with large pines and a heavy pine straw floor.

Afer lunch we noticed a strong tide flow against us, of course. My companions had been towing me due to my carpal tunnel conditon. As we left the woods and entered Harlow Creek the wind joined the incoming tide and, of course, also against us and on the heavy side.

After a short distance of this they changed horses and doubled up too. (the only picture on the whole trip).

Nick Culpepper’s place soon came into view, Our trip was over. Hide tide took us right up to his grass. A few complaints were heard about sore muscles. Everybody remarked about how little trash was collected — two bags for the whole trip! This section of our Salt Water Adveture Trail is clean except for three tires we simply could not handle. Maybe a good samaritan motor boater will remove these and leave our historic Harlow Canal clean and unmarre by discarded tires. If you do this , please let us know.

We are Joanne Somerday from Kinston, Tom Finecoe and Jim Stevens and Maryanne and Dean Carzoo from New Bern, Dale Weston from Jacksonville, Brian Leavy from Pine Knolls Shore and the hitch hiker, The Trashman.

I am being operated on at 6:45 in the morning for my carpal tunnel in my left hand. Brian Leavy told me about a kayak that I can paddle with my legs. It is on display and demonstration before our club meeting at the visitor center in Morehead on June 2nd. I think I will check it out. Elmer (Could I take pictures and paddle at the same time?)

Sorry, I could not get the picture out of the camera. Will put it on the web site when I can.


Elmer, The White Oak River Trashman

Stewards of the White Oak River Basin

Please visit:




Harlowe Canal, May 26, 2004

This is the birth place of our present Inland Waterway. We will put in at the mouth of Harlowe Creek at the Newport River and paddle up it into the Harlowe Canal and paddle through it into the headwaters of Clubfoot Creek. We paddle up Blades Creek a short distance to our take out at the bridge near the North Harlowe Fire Dept. (All commercial boat traffic from Morehead to New Bern used this canal before railroads took over.)

Finally it looks like we will get to paddle this famous birth place of our Intra Coastal Waterway. It will be a new adventure for all of us. From what we have seen it looks very interesting. As usual we will pick up all litter along the way.

Gary and Marie found us a put-in. Follow Mill Creek Road from Newport past Oyster Point to where it makes an extreme sharp left turn. Look to your right and you will see a dirt road leading to the edge of the creek .That is our put-in. We will meet here at 9:00. (Do not turn down Winberry Road or you will miss the put-in per Gary).

Low tide is at 8:52. From Gary’s description I think this is upstream of the shoaled area which is bare at low tide. If it is not, we will leave a shuttle vehicle here and reverse our trip plans. High tide is at 2:30 so we will be fine on our return.

Cal found us a take out near the North Harlowe Fire Dept. Those coming from the north should leave a shuttle vehicle at the Fire House. We should be there be 3:00. Elmer

Elmer, The White Oak River Trashman

Stewards of the White Oak River Basin

Please visit: 910-389-4588


Shark Tooth Island, May 20, 2004

News Release. May 20, 2004

Sharks Tooth Island is to Swanbsoro and Cedar Point like Sugarloaf is to Morehead City. When we clean up Sugarloaf we found milk bottles with a 5c return. This dates them to be over fifty years old.

Today on Sharks Tooth Island Pam Bader found a Pepsi bottle with 10-02-04 on it. How old is it?

We cleaned this island in 2002 and were able to declare the entire White Oak River watershed clean of all trash. The pics will demonstrate what we found today. Again this island is ready for our summer visitors. How long will it stay that way?

Most all of the trash on SharksTooth Island was recent. We have got to stop littering like this, folks. Please everyone, join in our new Anti-Litter Campaign. All you have to do is sign the pledge “I will not litter”. When everyone does this we will no longer have litter to contend with.

Today was a special day for eight of our long time regulars. They are Joanne Kennedy from Kinston, Jim Stevens and Tom Fineco from New bern, Ken Court from Jacksonville, Brian Leavy from Pine Knoll Shores, Pam and Bob Bader from Emerald Isle.and Elmer Eddy from Swansboro.

The tears in our eyes were not only from the cloud burst that hit us as were loading our boats to leave, but because Pam and Bob Bader will be leaving us. Bob, recently back from his second assignment in Iraq, as a Marine aviator, has been transferred to Quantico.

We treated them to a gourmet luncheon on the open upper deck of the Gourmet Cafe as a send off with our best wishes.

For the rest of the pictures , please visit our web site.

Nwxt week Wednesday, weather permitting, we do the Harlowe Canal, the birth place of our present Intra Coastal Waterway. What treasures will we find there? Join us and find out. It will be an adventure into new waters for us. Elmer


Elmer, The White Oak River Trashman

Stewards of the White Oak River Basin

Please visit: 910-389-4588





“I Will Not Litter” Resolution

On May 17, 2004 at The regular Commissioners’meeting of Onslow County Lisa Stotesbury, Adminisstrator of Keep Onslow Beautiful and Elmer Eddy of Stewards of The White Oak River Basin heard the Commissioners approve this Resolution. The vote was unamimous.

Lisa and Elmer had worked up this resolution and presented it to the Commissionrs at a earlier meeting.

The Resolution is to have the above words,”I will not litter” added to all privilege licenses issued by the State. This includes drivers, hunters, fishing etc.

This Resolution will now be sent off to Raleigh and, hopefully, will be approved and appear on all privilege licenses, new and renewal,in the future.

This should go a long way toward curtailing littering. We must stop all littering. Only the public can do this.

It is easy. Just don’t litter!

A full text of the Resolution follows:

State of North Carolina

County of Onslow



WHEREAS, the protection of public welfare includes aesthetic and appearance values and protection of derivative human values related to the visual environment; and

WHEREAS, contamination and obstruction of streams, lakes, creeks, waterways, wetlands, forest land, and game-land by thoughtless or uninformed persons is as destructive, unsightly and uneconomical as is the littering of highways, roadsides, and the countryside and;

WHEREAS, certain aesthetic regulations are necessary and in the public interest in order to prevent land uses which are inharmonious or incongruent with the existing visual character of areas within the jurisdiction of the County of Onslow; and the great State of North Carolina and;

WHEREAS, promotes a healthy and clean environment free of litter, insure better game, promote tourism, at least indirectly protect public health and safety, and preserve the character and integrity of game-land, preservations, forest land, waterways, wetlands and the general community and;

WHEREAS, the protection of public welfare and aesthetic and appearance values, certain preservations, and common interests includes a non-littered character that is intact, pristine, and unspoiled and;

WHEREAS, wetlands’, game-lands’, wetlands’ and waterways’ character and appearance is impacted by careless hunters, fisherman, and others and;

WHEREAS, many caring individuals and groups in the community participate in clean up efforts to reverse the litter problem and have found evidence of such related materials; and

NOW, THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, BY THE COMMISSIONERS OF ONSLOW COUNTY that this board concurs with the findings of the above report, and fully supports the recommendations contained in that report; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED BY THE COMMISSIONERS OF ONSLOW COUNTY that this board supports the adoption of such statement “I will not litter” to appear right above the signature line of all future new and renewal hunting, fishing, and driver licenses, both individual and commercial granted by the State of North Carolina.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that a copy of this resolution be forwarded to members of the Onslow County Delegation and to the North Carolina Association of County Commissioners requesting their endorsement and support.

ADOPTED this 17th day of May 2004. (An amendment by Comissioner Fred Holt was made and seconded and approved that it also be sent to all other 99 Counties.) Elmer



______________________________ _____________________________

Letitia M. Black, Clerk to the Board Delma G. Collins, Chairman